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Play Based Learning

Written by Kiwi Whaanau

Play based learning is an approach to learning where play is the valued mode of learning. Tamariki can explore, experiment, discover, and solve problems in imaginative and playful ways.

Our New Junior Playground

Posted on 11 April 2024

Physically active play/Korikori

Physically active play supports learning across all strands of a play based learning curriculum. In particluar, it supports exploration where akonga gain confidence and control of their bodies. Our new junior playground opened this week for class and whaanau exploration and will be open for use during break times next term.

Why our new junior playground is awesome for learning!

Develops large muscles, strength and balance.

Throughout our new playground akonga are given opportunities to improve their strength and balance. Strength and balance are important so tamariki can perform every day functions such as fine motor skills (e.g. holding a pencil appropriately, cleaning teeth), gross motor skills (e.g. carrying heavy school bags, walking, running). Muscular strength also helps maintain proper posture all day long helping akonga focus on learning.

Check out some of the opportunities our akonga have to develop strength and balance on our new playground.

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