Pokeno School

The School Council is made up of three student leadership positions.

  1. Ambassadors

  2. House Captains

  3. Student Reps


The purpose of the School Council is:

  • To provide children with authentic contexts to build leadership capability;

  • To provide a vehicle for students to have a ‘voice’ in their school;

  • To support the achievement of the school vision.

The School Council will focus on four main areas:

  • School - Collect student voice and lead school projects;

  • Community - Identify and work on a community issue/project; 

  • National - Research and support a national project or charity;

  • International - Research and support an international project or charity.

Roles and Responsibilities

All Leaders

Regardless of their position within the council all students in a leadership position will consistently display the following qualities and meet the following expectations:

  • Be a good role model and behave in a way that is consistent with the school values;

    • Manaakitanga,

    • Kotahitanga,

    • Ako,

    • Whakawhanake;

  • Carry out any duties expected of them in relation to their position;

  • Display behaviours consistent with the concept of Tuakana Teina;

  • To give up some of their personal time;

  • Attend all council meetings;

  • Actively participate in council meetings;

  • To actively engage in the activities, projects, and events organised by the School Council


Year 7 & 8 (4)

The following responsibilities are specific to the ambassadors:

  • Welcoming visitors to the school, showing them around the school if required;

  • Thanking guests/visitors at assemblies;

  • Provide leadership in the four key focus areas for the School Council;

  • Act as school representatives at community events where appropriate.

2024 AMBASSADORS (L-R) - Fletcher Smith, Lupeiala Poiala, Ava Houghton, Mila James

House Captains

Year 7 & 8 (8)

The following responsibilities are specific to the house captains:

  • Provide leadership to their house during appropriate school/sports events;

  • Organise house members for house competitions;

  • Ensure all house members are treated fairly and are given equal opportunity to participate in house events.

2024 HOUSE CAPTAINS (Back L-R - Nicole Van Loggerenberg, Amrin van Wyk, Janelle Jacobs, Chelsea Karsten.  Front L-R - Eva Shaw, Ronaldo Taljaard, Ricklynn Lovo, Hinemoa Whiunui

Student Reps

Year 6 (4), Year 7 (4) & Year 8 (2)

The following responsibilities are specific to the student reps:

  • To collect ideas and thoughts from classes in relation to the work of the School Council;

  • To report back to the classes about the work of the School Council;

  • To express the views of the classes to the School Council;

  • To liaise with the teachers about appropriate times to meet with classes to discuss School Council business.

Qualities Required of School Leaders

To be a good school leader children will need to be:

  • A good listener;

  • A sensitive speaker;

  • Trustworthy;

  • Helpful;

  • Committed;

  • Reliable;

  • Honest;

  • A good role model;

  • Able to work in a team;

  • Ability to share good ideas;

  • Ability to discuss and not argue;

  • A willingness to develop skills such as confidence, communication, and negotiation.

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