Pokeno School

Please contact Mrs Leathem in the school office to get an enrolment pack and begin the enrolment process. Alternatively, you can download an enrolment form from this website. If your child is a new entrant please download the 'Getting to know me - New Entrant' form. If your child is in year one to year eight please download the 'Getting to know me - Year 1 - 8' form.
Please be aware that we do have an enrolment zone, and other than siblings of children already enrolled we are not currently accepting any out of zone enrolments.
When you enrol your child please bring their birth certificate and a copy of their immunisation record.

Pre-school visits for pre-school aged children help to provide a smooth transition between home and school life. Through regular visits children will become more familiar with their teacher, classmates and school routines before beginning at school. Children may begin pre-school visits six weeks before their fifth birthday. The teacher and parents will discuss how much time the child will spend unaccompanied by a parent. This will vary depending on the confidence of the child. As children under five are not legally enrolled until at least their fifth birthday, any cases of accident or injury to a child remain the responsibility of the parents.


As children attending pre-school visits are not yet officially enrolled at the school parents are required to stay on the school site for the duration of the visit. As pre-school children can be disruptive to class routines, parents are requested to make arrangements for other siblings if they are staying in class with their child.

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