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      Karearea Whanau - Term 4   
Welcome to our Karearea Whanau webpage.
It's nice to be settled back into our Hub and learning under way.  It's been a busy start to the term, preparation for Gala Day is well under way and some amazing visual art is being created across the whanau.  Our Year 7 & 8's have been learning a range of waiata for 
Kapa Haka so that we can perform for the school, and we are making great use of our maker space for art, and science and cooking!  We have been making some sweet treats like Hokey Pokey and Sherbert in our maker space (YUMM!) and learning about the reactions that occur in the ingrediants. 

         Pform - Drama Session       

Today we had our first Pform Drama session with Tom, what a hoot!  The kids had so much fun and what a talented man Tom is.  Cant wait for our next session.

     Hokey Pokey & Sherbert        

Yummmm, making some Hokey Pokey and Sherbert in our cool Maker Space Kitchen as part of our science lesson. 

    Hokey Gala Day Visual Arts     

Room 8 Student making a good start on their Gala Day Visual Arts projects, we have had so much fun doing these and cant wait to see their finished Visual Art Masterpieces! 

           Gumboot Friday Prep         
Gumboot Friday Prep is well under way - our student council has been working hard on making an amazing even for an incredible cause!  Make sure your order your cookie on Friday and get involved in the awesome games to be in to win the prizes.  511 Cookies baked so far!

    Zenat's Amazing Peace Poster  

                Working Bee 2023            
Had such a fun afternoon collecting flax for Gala Day Projects.  What a great way to spend a beautiful afternoon, with a great bunch of people.  Thank you to all of our teaching team who helped to cut, bag and transport Flax back to school for our learners to use for Gala Day Projects!            Gala Day 2023 Projects    
So proud of all of my Room 8 learners for their amazing Art work and projects that they produced for Gala.  I have to say, the skateboards were so much fun to do!  I hope you loved painting them as much a I loved seeing them being created!

            Ruru Comes To Visit         
We were extremely lucky to have our beautiful learners from Ruru Whanau come up to Kahikatea 1 and join us, we did come counting, alphabet, lego, reading to a buddy and writing.

      2023 Road Patrol Training        

We were super lucky to have Constable Kelly Davys come in to School and train some of our amazing Kea kids (who will be moving to Karearea next year) so that they can take over Road Patrol next year!  How exciting!  The kids did an amazing job, so proud of them for giving up their time to help keep our students safe.

             New Office Ladies??        

Some new Office Ladies in training!  Thanks Saranya and  Christian-Ly for stepping in today and helping out so we could have our whole staff in the photo!

      Important Information and      
                Dates  for Term 4               

Some important information and dates to note on the calendar for Karearea Whanau for Term 4: 

Technology @ Maramarua

Kahikatea 1 JsP (Room 9) - Technology @ Maramarua odd weeks Thursdays 

Kahikatea 1 TW (Room 10) - Technology @ Maramarua even weeks Thursdays

Kahikatea 1 SF (Room 8) - Technology @ Maramarua even weeks Fridays

Upcoming Calendar Dates:

Pform Drama Tuition - Tuesday 1st November

Pform Drama Tuition - Wednesday 2nd November

Kahikatea 1 JsP @ Tech - Thursday 3rd November

Gumboot Friday - Friday 4th November

East Group Athletics - Monday 7th November

Pform Drama Tuition - Tuesday 8th November

Pform Drama Tuition - Wednesday 9th November

Karearea Cricket Coaching - Wednesday 9th November

Kahikatea 1 TW @ Tech - Thursday 10th November

Kahikatea 1 SF @ Tech - Friday 11th November

Pform Drama Tuition - Tuesday 15th November

Rainbows End C.A.R.E Day for Road Patrol - Tuesday 15th November

Rainbows End C.A.R.E Day Student Council - Tuesday 15th November 

Pform Drama Tuition - Wednesday 16th November

Kahikatea 1 JsP @ Tech - Thursday 17th November

Gala Day @ School Prep (Project Drop Off) - Frdiay 18th November

Gala Day - Saturday 19th November

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