Pokeno School

Sensory & Messy Play

SENSORY and MESSY play fosters curiosity, imagination and exploration.  

Sensory play is any activity that stimulates children's senses; touch, smell, taste, movement, balance and hearing.  Sensory play activities also facilitate discovery and learning by encouraging learners to use scientific processes while they play, create and investigate.  

When you look at the photos of our learners involved in sensory play what do you see? 

We see: 

  • The development of fine and gross motor skills. 
  • The emergence of 'scientific thinking' and problem solving. 
  • Brain connections and pathways being created and reinforced. 
  • The development of language and vocabulary. 
  • The provision of mindfulness and relaxation. 
  • The nurturing of pro-social skills and group interaction.   
  • The promotion of creativity.

Would you like to know more about sensory play at Pokeno? 

If yes, email 

Jacqui Methven (j.methven@pokeno.school.nz)

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