Pokeno School

CONSTRUCTION and BLOCK PLAY has many benefits for our akonga - not only do our learners get to experience and learn about mathematical concepts such as balance, weight, depth, width and height but they also gain confidence in themselves and their ideas.  Perseverance and trial and error go hand in hand with this exploration! 

When you look at the photos of our learners involved in construction play what do you see?  

We see:

  • fine and gross motor skill development, 
  • problem solving, 
  • communication and language development, 
  • opportunities to strengthen social skills, 
  • cooperation, 
  • opportunities to practice emotional regulation,
  • opportunities to connect to their world and explore how materials can represent different objects;  
  • mathematics, physics and engineering.

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Perseverance brings success - Ma te pāuaua, ka whai hua