Pokeno School

Week 10 Term 2

This week we had Tom from PForm Drama company come in and give us a taste of what Drama could be like. We played a couple of really fun games, including movement, mime, and thinking on the spot.

Week 9 Term 2

In week 9 we had a visiting group perform a Drama show for us. It incorporated many aspects of drama and the theme was time travel and pandemics through the ages, showing how the world has dealt with many illnesses through the years. We learned about drama conventions such as freeze frame, slow motion, mime and spoken word.

Week 6 Term 2

As part of our belonging unit we have created personal shields to explain our uniqueness. Check them out below:

Week 5 Term 2

On Friday we were lucky enough to dodge the rain and walk to the Queen's Redoubt as part of our Belonging unit, looking at the history of Pokeno. It was very informative finding out about how the British Empire had such a strong force in Pokeno, and how Pokeno was an important part of NZ's history.

Week 4 Term 2

This week Room 10 has finished off their personal shields. These show our uniqueness and what is important to us. Click through the slides to see them all. (coming very soon!)

Week 3 Term 2

In week 3 Room 10 continued their learning about careers. We played a game where we had to guess the job on our forehead, with only yes or no answered questions! It was harder than it looked! We then had a great discussion about what types of jobs go together, and the differences and similarities between some trades and professions. 

We also started the background for our Belonging art piece, which will be carried on with in the coming weeks.

Week 2 Term 2

Week 2 saw a large group of Year 5, 6, 7 and 8 students head off to Eden Christian Academy in Tuakau to represent Pokeno School in Orienteering. All students had the opportunity to try orienteering at school at the end of Term 1, and our fastest competitors went to the Franklin Zone event. Well done to all those who gave it their best!

Week 1 Term 2

As a 'getting back together' task, R10 had to build a tower in small groups. The materials were 2 cardboard tubes, 30 skewers, 1m of string, 2m of tape and 3cm of blutack. Some were tall and sturdy... some were not! But the communication was good, and that was the main aim of the task!

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