Pokeno School

Term One

   Room 8, 2022

Week One, Term One

Welcome to Room 8

Welcome Room 8 Whanau of 2022.  It's been a big week of learning. A busy week of reuniting with old friends and meeting new ones. An amazing week with loads of fun and laughter!  And I have  enjoyed every single minute of being at School with such a great bunch of learners!  Your attitude and enthusiasm this week has blown me away, and I look forward to the coming year with you all! 

Week two, Term One

Road Patrol Training

Watch out Pokeno Community, we have a new bunch of Year 7 & 8's on the beat and protecting our tamariki as they cross the busy Pokeno roads on their way to Kura every morning and afternoon.  Constable Dan come in to train our wonderful volunteers from Room 8, 9 and 10 so that we can help our community arrive and leave the school safely.  Well done guys!   I am so proud of you all. 


At Maramarua School

WOW! Room 8, what a busy week you have had this week and it's only Week 2.  Today we were lucky enough to get back to Technology at Maramarua School!  Room 8 was split into two groups Group A working on Soft Materials with Mrs Van and Group B working on Hard Materials with Mr Hunt.  What a great day with some amazing quality projects being started across both rooms in Soft and hard Materials.

Thank you Mrs Van and Mr Hunt for having us.

Week three, Term One

At Tuakau Pools


Room 8 Mindfulness

What a whirl-wind of a week we have had for Week 3 of Term 1.  On Friday the students in Room 8 had a Hauora day - we completed some amazing pieces of Art.  They chose the image they wanted to work with themselves.  They are absolutely stunning.  Well done Team!

Week Four, Term One

Swimming At Tuakau


Another beautiful morning over at the Tuakau Pools, swimming with our Year 7 & 8's this morning.  Nothing like a cold splash to wake you up in the morning.  

We have been loving coming over to Tuakau Pools and swimming in a pool that is deeper then our knees!  Lets make the most of this beautiful weather while we have it!

Getting Moving

Franklin Bulls Basketball

Franklin Bulls Basketball Fun!!  Learning some ball skills, dribbling, shooting some hoops - We had a blast in our first session with the Coach!

Week Five, Term One

Room 8, 9 and 10

Rooms 8, 9 and 10 enjoying some music, fresh air and working together outside on the deck.  What a relaxing way to spend the afternoon.

Our Last Swim

Games And Activities

For our last swim over at Tuakau Pools Miss W set up the coolest rotation of games/activities to do.  They were all based on show casing the skills that we have learnt, and how much our confidence has grown in the water this year.  Well done!  Such a fun morning filled with lots of laughter!

Week six, Term One


Some amazing poetry written by some amazing young poets in Room 8 this week.  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and marking your work this week, and I have been blown away by the high quality and the effort that has been put into producing these phenomenal pieces, well done team!

Diamante Peoms

Cinquain Peoms

Week seven, Term One

Where's Room 8???

Hey Room 8!  How are you all? Hope everyone is well!!  Below is a “Where’s Wally” style game for you.  This picture contains all of Room 8’s faces hidden within the image.  The aim of the game is to find all of your classmates (including Mrs Fraser) then see if you can correctly name each person's face within the image. Good Luck!

S.t.e.a.m challenge

Paper Plane Launcher

pyjama day

Fundraiser for Hospice

Week eight, Term One

Bubble Challenge

Week Nine, Term One

Sculpting Our Taonga

Bunny Art

Using a Range of Mediums

We created some cute Easter Bunny Rabbits using a range of different mediums.  Our bunnies were created using a variety of patters which we alternated on each line.  We did these in pencil then went over the patterns with black vivid.  We then selected a style of glasses for our Bunny.  We used colour pencil to colour in our glasses.  Lastly we created our background.  Our background resembles easter egg.  Each egg was drawn individually, then vivided in.  We then coloured select areas of our easter eggs in crayon and lastly we made some dye and dyed the easter eggs in a range of colours.  Once this was all dry, we glued down our Bunnies, their glasses and popped them through the laminators so they wouldn't fall apart once hung up!  Very effective!

Week Ten, Term One

Our Taonga

Our beautiful, hand crafted Taonga.
Hand molded and details carved, air-dired, carefully painted in colours that reflect pounamu then glossed with a varnish.  Room 8 then created their own display background so that we could mount these beauties on the wall.  They are stunning!

Holiday time

Happy Easter Everyone

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