Pokeno School

Welcome to Room 19

Kia ora and welcome to Room 19. We are a collaborative classroom of over 40 students and two teachers, Ms Delany and Mrs Whyte.

Our space is one of the new temporary buildings on the field, but we don't intend to be there for long as we are looking forward to moving into the new two-storey building, which is getting closer to being completed. Watch this space!

We are joined with Room 20 to complete our learning group and are part of the larger Kea Whanau of Year 5 & 6 students.

TeRM 1, Week 1

Our first week of the year was a little different. Our new learning space wasn't quite ready, so we showed how adaptable and resilient we were and set up classroom under "The Roof". 

Our timetable was just like we were in a classroom. We learned about our teachers and classmates by playing team building games, sharing about ourselves and created "All About Me" posters.

Each day we participated in activities, discussing and learning about The Pokeno Way and expectations in and around the classroom spaces, including visiting the Library and going swimming. We also practised mindfulness.

TeRM 1, Week 2

Yay we've moved into our new classroom! so nice to be inside with the luxurious air con! No we just need to wait for our new furniture to arrive. 

This week we started learning more about statistics where we learnt about stem and leaf graphs and how to find the mean, median and mode. 

"I like stem and leaf graphs, its quite easy once you get the hang of it"- Chelsie 

"Statistics is fun because I like to add all the numbers together in my head to work out the average"- Jack B

"I like doing the bar graphs and asking people questions when collecting data"- Yehen 

This week we also started talking about a time where we experienced success and failure by making pirate hats. We first had to make them just by looking at a picture of the completed product (no instructions) then we got to make it again, this time with instructions. We did some moment in time writing to reflect on our experience. Her is some of our writing. 

"I heard people say "yes I did it". But mostly  "awws" and "I give up"."- Kaylee 

" I saw kids thinking hard and trying hard to complete the challenge."- anonymous 

"I saw a lot of people already finished their pirate hats. I heard people cheering. I felt very focused but frustrated."- Yehen 

TeRM 1, Week 3

This week we had another great week at the school pool. Below you can see photos of us showing our 'torpedo' arms preparing to glide. We also practised floating on our back and some water safety among other water skills.

We did some SSR reading on our new deck for a 'mask break'. 

During "Pause, Breathe, Smile", we learned the difference between treat happiness and peace-inside happiness. We also learned about gratitude and wrote down what we are grateful for. When practising mindfulness we continued to focus on our breathing while practising 'straight back-soft belly'.

As part of our Learning to Learn unit, we watched the movie Peter Pan. The quote "Think of the happiest things, it’s the same as having wings" - Peter Pan tied in nicely with mindfulness and being grateful. We are in the process of creating an art piece to reflect what our happy thoughts are. 

TeRM 1, Week 4

This week we had our first session of Basketball with Franklin Basketball. We practised dribbling and controlling the basketball around cones, and tried to score a goal for our team. 

It was a busy Wednesday morning, as just before Basketball, we'd been in the pool. We'd been practising our floating and letting a buddy gently hold us as they walk back.

TeRM 1, Week 6

Week 5 was a quiet week in Room 19 due to so many students isolating, and even Miss Delany, but in Week 6 we were well into it!

As part of our Learning to Learn unit in which we'd used "Peter Pan" as our movie to reference learning so we ended our unit by using a STEAM Challenge of making a pirate ship.

We had two afternoons working in pairs or threes to plan, design, create and then test. 

Watch the video to see our pirate ships float or sink? Which ones me the criteria and were successful? 

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