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Welcome to Rm 17

Welcome back to 2022. I look forward to seeing you all and being your teacher this year. I hope you had a wonderful holiday and are ready to learn.

This is a great place for sharing our learning and achievements. Remember to email me any photos of your adventures or work you have completed outside the classroom and I will post it here for others to see.

Please check our school Facebook page and Hero for important updates during the year.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me via email k.kanon@pokeno.school.nz

Crazy Hair Day- 

Week 10

On Monday we had Crazy Hair Day, a chance to have fun and be wild. Look at some of the cool hair styles we had. What a fun time to let our hair down.

The Impossible Bridge- 

Week 9

Reading Group - Tundra Town read this story and created the bridge in the back of the book. They followed the instructions carefully. After they also explored they different types of bridges in the book and found bridges they recognised around the world like Auckland Harbour Bridge,Golden Gate Bridge and a suspension bridge in India.

Pyjama day

We all dressed up in our pyjamas for the day and had lots of fun. We were raising funds for Totara Hospice with Ollie. We got to have a Google Meet with him and show him our Pyjamas. It was great to be nice and warm all day.

Robot Challenge - Week 5

We watched the Video Clip about Dojo and his Growth Mind set challenges. Then we had to create our own robot. We are learning about never giving up and about failing early, failing often and failing forward.

Week 5- Friday Duffy Theatre came to school and this is what happened...

It is March 2020 in Aotearoa, which means lock-down. Duffy and Scruffy have gone off to their Auntie’s farm because both their parents are essential workers and we are with them each step of the way as they tackle online learning, hand sanitiser, and life on the farm. Duffy finds it really tough to stay with reading through this time and we see him go on an adventure that reminds him why he loves reading and why it’s so important for him to be the reading super hero that we all know he is. The show is designed to be a light hearted reflecting on a pretty trying time for Duffy kids, with reading and books at the forefront.

Week 4 - Tui Puppets

Wonderful work with Mrs Hill- Bovill. Thanks Rm17 for working so well together and creating these great Tui puppets. The way you thought about the correct colours for them is impressive.

Geometry Activities

We have been learning about Geometry and trying different activities to show this. We have created 3 D shapes with Magnetix, played Geometry bingo, used Tangram puzzles and even Made Ten -the card game.

Lego Creators

The Class Lego is being used by all to create some great pieces. Once it has been photographed it can be broken and reused by the next person. Great team work and cooperation Rm 17.  Sharing and caring is our goal.

Basketball Lessons

We have been lucky to have a coach from Franklin Basketball taking us for some lessons. Look at the great dribbling we have been doing

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