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Term 3, 2022

Our teacher is Mrs Karen Houghton.  If parents want to contact her, the easiest way to do this is via email - k.houghton@pokeno.school.nz

Writing, Week 3, Term 3, 2022

In week 3, we wrote about our FAVOURITE place.  We used our senses to try and help us describe it.

Here is some of the AMAZING writing we did!!

The City - by Liam

Towering skyscapers rose high above my head.  I saw cars rumbling past on the road.  The smell of delicious food trailed out from nearby restaurants.  As I sat on a metal bench, I felt the cold armrests on my hands.  The chatter of people rose and fell, like the siren of a police car.

Whanau Time - by Asher

On Saturday, I had roast chicken for dinner.  I could taste hot, cooked chicken in my mouth, it was warm and hot going down.  When I touched the fork, I could feel the cold vibe touch my fingers.  I could smell the roasty cooked chicken flowing up my nostrils.  I could hear the whistle from the rugby game and I could hear the people cheering, on the TV.

School - by Aleksander

I can see pencils working, almost like they're soldiers fighting at war.  I can hear the noise of people working.  I can feel the hard seat on my bottom.  As I spin my pencil, I can feel the hard hexagonal shape on my fingers.  I can smell the soft, gentle sharpening of the pencil.  I can taste the beautiful soft food in my lunchbox.

Mt Ruapehu - by Yuvaan

As I stand on top of the majestic mountain, I see the white, glittering snow.  I taste the snow flake on my tongue, it is cold and icy like an ice-block.  I hear the wind whistling, like an angry bird.  I smell the food in the cafe and it is so good.  I can touch the soft, icy snow.  The snow was freezing in between my fingernails.  I felt excited

Grandma's House - by Hargun

As I sit on my Grandma's comfy, squishy bed, I felt her warm, soft arms hugging me.  I hear a sizzling noise so I tiptoe down the bumpy stairs.  I see my beautiful Grandma cooking me some delicious Maggi noodles.  The smell is so good and so strong.  It tasted like I could eat it in one bite.  I love my Grandma because she is the sweetest and does everything for me.

The Beach - by Andrew

As I walked on the soft sand, it felt soft between my toes.  I could see three seagulls pecking at someone's food.  I could hear the waves crashing on the yellow, soft sand.  I can taste the salt on my tongue and I can smell salty air.

Writing Week 4

This week, we had to write about a SCARY moment.  We used detail to create TENSION for effect.  We talked about how good writers - "show" and not "tell" the reader how their characters are feeling.  Here are some examples of our awesome writing.

Eek! - by Mikkayla

My heart was pounding.  I see a dark, black shadow.  Thump, thump, thump.  I heard footsteps coming closer.  I felt like I was trapped.  I had goosebumps on me.  Heard someone say, "I'm going to get you!"  I heard the footsteps no more.  I got out of the closet and ran as fast as a cheetah.  Sweat came down.  I got my coat and tiptoed down the stairs.  I got out of the door but didn't know where to go.  Then I heard stomping but there was no where to go or hide.....until I heard a soft voice, "tag you're it!".

The Creepy House - by Ollie

My heart was pounding, when I saw the broken house.  The door screeched open.  I was shivering as I tiptoed into the house.  The wind whistled in from the window.  I heard cars zooming past.  It was overgrown.  I was shivering and shaking every single step.  Where I stepped, the ground squeaked.  I left. I ran faster and faster to the campervan.  I was safe at last and my Granny gave me a huge hug.

Term 1 - Week 7

Today Room 16 worked together to improve our reading. In buddies we shared what we were reading, practised reading aloud and helped our buddy if they were stuck.

Term 1, Week 2-3 Basketball

Over the last 2 weeks Tui Whanau have had Franklin Basketball come into school to take our classes for some Basketball sessions. Room 16 had a blast!

Term 1, Week 1- Collaboration

This week we painted individual pieces of a puzzle to create a class Te whare tapa wha. We used our problem solving and communication to work out where the pieces went and what to do when we got it wrong.

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