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Welcome back to Term 4 - the last term of the year!  We have so many exciting things planned for this term and I can't wait to get started!  It is wonderful to see all of the tamariki back rested and raring to go after their term break.

Already this week we have started on our 'Grass Heads' - one of our special project's for Gala Day.  We were careful to water them and place them somewhere sunny, and we have been making sure we keep them moist every day.  Hopefully they will sprout soon!  We have also begun learning Athletics skills - this week we focused on sprints and hurdles.  It was wonderful to see all of the learners giving their very best and having a go!  Take a look at the photos below;


It has been another busy week here in Room 4!  The tamariki have been excited to check on the grass-heads every morning, and my, look how they've grown!  Isn't it amazing what a bit of sunshine and water can do!

We have been learning about plants and how they grow and have also been talking about healthy food - this week the tamariki had an opportunity to try kale, fresh from our own Pokeno School garden!  Overwhelmingly, the tamariki really enjoyed it - isn't it great when we try new things?

This week, as part of our Athletics rotation, Room 4 tried out new skills with Javelin throwing and Long Jump.  Again, I was so impressed with everyone's 'can-do' attitude and their willingness to give it a go.  Ka pai tamariki!

Our play-based curriculum is such an important part of our learning here in Room 4 - the tamariki are always astounding me with their imagination, creativity, problem-solving and flexibility!  Take a look at what they got up to this week;


This week Room 4 had a special class party - a shared lunch to celebrate 'Milo the Monkey's Birthday'!  Milo the Monkey is the main character in the letter sound book that we have been reading since the beginning of the year.  Every week Milo invites a new friend to his birthday party and the new friends' name starts with our new letter sound!  We have waited almost all year to find out that Milo's friends had a surprise party planned for him all along!  His friends brought along lots of yummy food that started with their own letter sound - something that we wanted to do too!  The Room 4 tamariki loved celebrating Milo's birthday and having a special party and yummy food to share together, check out the photos below;


We had lots of fun raising money for this worthwhile cause!  The tamariki enjoyed games, dancing, face paint and a delicious gumboot-shaped cookie!  Take a look at the photos below;


In Room 4, and across the school, we have been so busy getting all of our creations ready for Gala Day!  We have been finishing off our winter tree art, decorating our 'Grass-heads' and weaving a flax mat.  Take a look at the below photos, and we look forward to showing them to you in person on Gala Day!


It's always wonderful when we can get together and celebrate the success of our learners.  Ruru Whanau came together this week to do just that - check out all of the proud Duffy Award recipients from Room 4 - congratulations!


We have been enjoying making some beautiful Christmas decorations this week  - a lovely native bird decoration for our tree and some very colourful, festive wreaths!  Have a look at the photos below;


Wow, what a super way to end the term and the school year - a visit from Junky Monkeys!  The sun was shining on us and we had such an incredible learning experience - we built, created, innovated, solved problems and worked collaboratively!  Not to mention, the fact that we had an absolute ball of a time playing.  Take a look at all of these photos of what we got up to;

POKENO SCHOOL FUN DAY - Tuesday 13 December.  What an amazing time the tamariki had today!  They were able to purchase delicious popcorn and candyfloss, there were Bouncy Castles galore, and refreshing Juicies to purchase when it was time to cool down.  Later in the afternoon it was time for the annual water fight. complete with fire truck hose to douse us all - a super way to spend one of the last days of the school year.... take a look at the photos below;

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