Pokeno School

Term two, week one

Welcome back to school and to Term Two everyone!  What a great start we have made to our learning - the tamariki have been full of energy and eager to get to work.  This term, one of our areas of focus is Geometry.  Today we went on a 'Shape Hunt' around the school to see what shapes we could find in our environment.  Take a look below at what the clever children of Room 4 have found;

Olivia found a triangle in our playground!

Lachie also discovered circles in the climbing frame.

Georgia observed the noticeboard is a square!

Cameron said excitedly, "I've found a rectangle!"

Wattan noticed that the wheels of these bikes were circles.  Ka pai!

This lunch table is a hexagon.  Our Room 4 tamariki stood at each side to make sure , and yes 6 sides in total - definitely a hexagon!

Well done Ryan!  He discovered that the swings in our playground are circles too.

Jack discovered two shapes in one - he noticed that these large panels were rectangles and  that they also contained circles.  How clever!

Angelee said she'd found a triangle in the playground and climbed up high to show us!

As we made our way back to the classroom, the tamariki noticed that our class door was a rectangle and Jahmiah kindly volunteered to demonstrate.  Wow, shapes really are all around us!


This week we have been learning folk-dancing, specifically the 'Heal, Toe Polka'!  The tamariki have been practicing with their partners and this has been great fun!  They have had to really concentrate on mastering each of the steps and performing them in sequence.  Take a look below at some photos of the action and a few video snippets too!  During the remainder of the term, we will be learning some other types of dances too - watch this space!


During our physical education lessons, Room 4 has been working on fundamental skills.  This includes skipping, overarm throwing, and bouncing and catching large balls.  These skills utilise both gross and fine motor skills and require lots of practice.  Take a look at these photos below and see what we have been up to!

WE ARE SUPER WRITERS!  So far in Room 4 we have learnt the sounds m, s, f, a, p, t, c and i.  We are learning to use these sounds to read and write.  Take a look at the amazing words we have written today!

The Room 4 tamariki had a blast dressing in pink for 'PINK SHIRT DAY'.  We learnt all about being an 'upstander' - standing up for our friends when we see or hear someone being mean.  In Room 4 we are kind and considerate and we take care of each other.


As part of our Belonging unit we are now learning that we belong to a school community.  We had Mr Williamson, our school caretaker come to speak to us today and share with us some of his special tools that he uses.  He also spoke to us about all of the important jobs he does around the school.  Take a look below at the Room 4 tamariki having lots of fun trying out some of these interesting tools!

We were also lucky enough to have a visit from our principal, Mr J, and Mrs Smith from the office!  They both discussed the details of their jobs and how they helped all of the students at Pokeno School.  Lots of tamariki recognised Mrs Smith as being one of the lovely ladies who works in the sickbay and helps anyone who is hurt or feeling unwell.  Mr J told us that the most important part of his job is keeping everyone at Pokeno School safe.  We feel very happy to have such a caring principal!

JUNKY MONKEYS  - Thursday 26 May.  Today the Year One and Two students were incredibly lucky to have a loose parts/junk play experience with Junky Monkeys!  This centred on child-led initiatives and free play.  The tamariki had myriad opportunities to create, experiment, innovate, collaborate and most importantly, play!  Take a look below at the photos and see what the learners have accomplished simply by utilising their imagination and curiosity.


This week is Samoan Language Week and the tamariki have been enjoying lots of different activities.  Room 4 joined Room 2 to make some beautiful necklaces - lei.  The tamariki also learnt the traditional greeting - "talofa" and had fun learning a Samoan 'sasa' dance - have a look at the photos below.



THURSDAY 16TH JUNE - POKENO VILLAGE TRIP  As part of our lessons around 'Belonging' we are learning that we belong to a community.  Today we went for a very exciting trip, walking down to Pokeno Village!  We passed many places of interest including the police station, the new Countdown supermarket, 'Pokeno Bacon' and the new Pokeno Fire Station.  We talked about the reasons all of these places are valuable within our community and how different people can help us and the various jobs that they do.  Most exciting of all, we stopped to enjoy a famous Pokeno icecream on the way back to school - yum!  What an incredible time we all had!



WEDNESDAY 28 JUNE - POKENO CULTURAL DAY  The tamariki had a great day exploring all of the different cultures represented in Pokeno.  We had some brilliant cultural attire worn and then at morning tea and lunch-time the tamariki were able to try out some new and delicious foods from all around the world!  Later, we rotated around the Ruru classes to learn to dance an Irish jig, learn some words in sign language and create our own Chinese paper dragon!

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