Pokeno School

Welcome to Room 2, term 2 2022

culture day!! 

We enjoyed dressing-up and celebrating the cultures within our class and school.

Where am I from?

We loved learning about the Indian, Fijian, Tongan and Samoan cultures.  You look beautiful Mrs Kaur.

"I am from South Africa".  Jaxon Lamont

We enjoyed tasting dishes from other countries.

Thank you for sharing your cultures with us Zara. You are wearing your Canadian hoodie and cuddling your black bear & moose.  You also have a Silver fern on one cheek, and a maple leaf on the other.  So proud :)

our walk to pokeno village....

We BELONG to an awesome community.  We held our buddies hand, we saw the Pokeno GAS station, Police station, Pokeno Bacon, the dairy, the new Countdown, Fire station AND the ice-cream shop!  Cf course we stopped for an ice-cream.  Special thanks to our parent/Nanna help.  

Pink shirt day 2022

Structured Literacy

We have been working so hard to form our letters correctly and create the sound of each letter, during our Structured Literacy lessons.   


You are forming some fabulous letter shapes Aarav.  Keep up the awesome work.  Ka pai :)


You are modifying your pencil grip daily, and as your fine motor skills get stronger throughout our Play-based activities - this supports your ability to write.  You are taking learning in your stride and practicing your letter formations daily.  I am so proud of you Sehaj.  Miss Fale :)  

Jaxon Lamont

You are creating some beautiful letter shapes and segmenting + blending our CVC words.  Thank you for being an amazing role model to your peers in Room 2. 

Focused on their learning

Zara, Liam and Jaxon you are learning to segment and blend  sounds into words!  I am so proud of your willingness to learn and your positive attitudes.  Miss Fale :)

Letter of the week:  Ii

This week in Room 2, we were all a little excited because we met a new friend in our favourite book, 'Milo's Birthday Surprise'.  She was an insect and her name was Izzy!  We were all intrigued because Izzy created an invitation to Milo's party and after a quick discussion about the words - invitation, indigo, igloos and ice blocks (and the word in)… we thought it would be pretty cool, if we made an invitation to a class nearby at Pokeno School to join us for a treat! 

Check out our invitation....

Thanks for joining us Room 1!

Talofa Lava!

mania le vaiaso o le gagana samoa.... 

This week in Room 2 we celebrated Samoan Language Week.  What an incredible week we shared together and alongside other classes at Pokeno School! 

Creating a Samoan Lei with Room 4

We used colourful beads, straws and flowers to create our own unique Lei.  We used our hand eye coordination and fine motor skills during our Play-based session.  Thank you Room 4 for joining us, such a fun filled morning with so much energy.

Kavnoor, Sehaj and Madden your Leis are aulelei (beautiful).

Creating a Samoan Tapa Cloth (Siapo)

Step 1:

Draw an image/pattern on brown paper with vivid and colour in using pastel colours.  Liam I love the colours you are using and how you are staying in the lines.  

Step 2:

Beautiful Zara!  Out next step in to stain the paper using tea bags.  We leave this to dry over night. 

Final steps with Millie... Scrunch up your paper in your hands, carefully unfold and press it out using your fingers.  Feel the texture under your hands (it's such an awesome feeling)...

Room 2 you all enjoyed this experience!!

And...look what we created

Happiness:  Fia fia (and a feeling that FINALLY we are finished). 

We connected all our Tapa together to create our own class Siapo.  So special and such a blessed week.  Malo lava Room 2 (well done).  Miss Fale x

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