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welcome to room 13

Kia Ora, 

Welcome to Room 13's class webpage. My name is Miss Day. I am new to Pokeno School this year and am very excited to get to know the fabulous students and Whaanau of Pokeno School.

Please feel free to contact me at k.day@pokeno.school.nz

Term 3, Week 9/10

Level 3 Lockdown, Learning from Home

Week 9 Kea Whaanau E-Letter

Kia ora Whaanau,  

Please click on the E-Letter below or this link to access the learning grid for this week and next. This is learning from today Wednesday 22nd September until Friday 1st October the end of the term.     

We are always glad to hear from you and receive any photos of activities, inside or outside you have done.  This week we are also introducing our EXPLORE slides which encourage our students with the choice to explore around the world (you can find these below our E-Letter).

Keep being creative and sending in your entry to the "Kea Whaanau Toy Photo Challenge" (see below for more information).

Keep safe in your bubbles.

Kea Whaanau Recipe Book

Prior to lockdown, we were all learning about Procedural Writing.

So, early in our lockdown journey Kea Whaanau Teachers asked our learners to share some of their favourite recipes.

We had lots of awesome recipes and photos shared by students in all classes!

Mrs Fraser has kindly put them all together as our very own Recipe Book.

Click on the link, search through the slides, and give another classmate's recipe a go! Let us know how you go!

Kea Whaanau Photo Competition

The next challenge is the 'Toys in Real Life Situations' photo challenge! Choose a toy (Lego minifigs, dolls, and action figures are perfect for this!) and place it in a real-life situation.

Things to think about:

  • The photo can take place outside, in nature, or in the kitchen, garage, etc.
  • You are not allowed to be in the photo.
  • The photo needs to be at the same level as the character or toy so that you are getting their perspective. (Don't stand above it, get down on their level)
  • The photo needs to be in landscape format. (very important for editing for a video later).
  • You may use a couple of different characters/toys and some props.
  • What story are you trying to tell? Is the camera going to be looking towards the character or behind as if you are seeing what the character is looking at?
  • Is the character the main focus, something near or in the background?

We can't wait to see your fun, creative entries for this challenge!

Here are some of the awesome entries we have received from Room 13 so far!

What is Room 13 doing to keep busy this week?

Reading Eggspress Participation Results Week 9

Thank you to the following 8 students who logged in and completed 1 or more of their Reading Eggspress assigned tasks this week!

Amelia, April, Ava, Harley, Jadyn, Kaylee, Noah, and Saranya 👏👏👏

Mathletics Participation Results Week 9

Silver CertificatesBronze Certificates

Thursday 30 September

Flynn has been enjoying researching his passions and interests and presenting them using slide shows. Have a look through his awesome project about The Earth!

Inquiry: Science Experiment 

'Floating Paper Clip'

Friday 1 October

Saranya has shared her results for the Floating Paper Clip Experiment!


Friday 1 October

Ava has shared her last recipe for the term, Berry Muffins.

Click on the photo to see her recipe.

These sound absolutely delicious Ava! What a great baker you have been over the past few weeks.

Friday 1 October

Saranya has shared her creative writing about Germy!

Click on the image to

Monday 27 September

Ava has shared her recipe for some delicious and easy to bake chocolate chip cookies.

Click on the image to take you to her recipe.

Monday 27 September

Hamza has used his Kea Photo Competition photos as inspiration for writing.

Have a read of his awesome comic strip!

Hamza has also been learning lots of computer skills to edit photos and add captions.

Super learning Hamza!

Friday 24 September

Saranya has written an interesting story about an unlimited supply of lego!

Click on the photo to take you to the full story.

Awesome writing Saranya!

Inquiry: How Electric Cars Work

Wednesday 29 September

Saranya has completed some research on Electric Cars.

Click on the image to read her full research project.

Awesome Inquiry Learning Saranya!

Tuesday 28 September

Ava has shared her research about Electric Cars, have a read of the information she found! Awesome learning Ava!

Friday 24 September

Gugu has watched the videos and used the question matrix to create these 5 awesome inquiry questions!

Great presentation and illustrations Gugu!

Research Project - The Sun

Tuesday 28 September

Flynn has experimented with creating a slide show to present his learning and what a fantastic job he has done! I really like how Flynn used bullet points to share the facts he found clearly. Great work Flynn!

Tuesday 28 September

Have a look through the interesting information Gugu has researched about the sun!

Monday 27 September

Ava has created some very interesting slides about the sun!

Thursday 23 September

Saranya has shared her research project about The Sun. Have a read through the interesting information she has included in her slides.


Drive Thru


Wednesday 22 September

Flynn our future filmstar and his whaanau have been busy creating an awesome video of our local McDonalds Drive Thru in Pokeno.

Flynn created a similar video last year which made it onto the TV! This year he has recreated the video using new props to suit our new Covid Lockdown rules e.g. a covid scan in sign, Big Ted, and his Mum posing as two McDonalds workers wearing two different wigs.

Be sure to watch Flynn's video. He has designed everything himself including directing his Mum as to what to say.

A very enjoyable video to watch Flynn, well done!

Art - Nature Alphabet

Thursday 23 September

Saranya has done a great job of our Kea Whaanau Arts challenge this week.

Take a look at her awesome nature alphabet using grass, sticks, and flowers.

Very creative Saranya!

Term 3, Week 8/9

Level 4 Lockdown, Learning from Home

Week 8 Kea Whaanau E-Letter

This is our E-Letter for this week (Week 8 of Term 3). This is learning from today Wednesday 15th till next Wednesday 22nd September.   

We appreciate everyone’s situation during alert Level 4 looks different and have been pleased to hear whaanau prioritising health and wellbeing into their daily schedules.  Thank you for sharing photos, we enjoy receiving these updates. Remember, these photos can be of learning and/or other things you are doing at home (e.g. baking, building, creating, learning life skills).  

Don't forget to read this weeks email as it had a link to the NZ Rugby World Kids Magazine to read and enter competitions. Below is the video completed by Mr Wiz of all the photos of you, the Kea Whanau students "Reading in Unusual Places".

Where's the Kea Whaanau Teachers?

Kea Whaanau Teachers have put together a ‘Where’s Wally’ seek and find activity for you all that features each of the Kea Whaanau Teachers hidden within the image.  See if you can find all 7 teachers, Miss Delany, Mrs Kanon, Mr Wiz, Mrs Fraser, Mrs Hemi, Miss W, and Miss Day.

Te Wiki O Te Reo Māori

This week Aotearoa celebrates Te Wiki O Te Reo Māori. 

Click on this link to take you to our school Kapa Haka Webpage Ngā Toka Tū O Põkeno Kapa Haka. Here you can find Kapa Haka resources, quizzes, books, and activities for our tamariki to enjoy.

Tuesday 21 September

In the theme of Maori Language Week. Ava has created her very own Maori Dictionary.

Click on the picture to take you to her full document.

Tino Pai Ava!

What is Room 13 doing to keep busy this week?

Reading Eggspress Participation Results Week 8

Thank you to the following 6 students who logged in and completed 1 or more of their Reading Eggspress assigned tasks this week!

Amelia, Ava, Harley, Kaylee, Saranya and Tommy 👏👏👏

Mathletics Participation Results Week 8

Well done to all of the students who logged in and completed assigned tasks on Mathletics this week.

A special congratulations to the hard workers who received Mathletics certificates.

Bronze Certificates

Saranya, Tyler H, Caitlin, Hamza, Kaylee, Harley, Liam, Teyonne.

Shadow Monster Art in The Sun!

Tuesday 21 September

Gugu has completed our Kea Whaanau Art's challenge for the week, creating a shadow monster outside.

Very creative Gugu!

Awesome to see!


Tuesday 21 September

Check out Ava's Hummus recipe!

Sounds delicious!

Why not give it a try Room 13 :)

Tuesday 21 September

Saranya has witten another creative piece.

Click on the picture to read her full story!

Monday 20 September

Saranya has shared with us two fantastic pieces of writing.

Have a read of Mega City and scroll through her slides about Lunch time!

Awesome work Saranya!

Thursday 16 September

Caitlin has been working exceptionally hard on her writing.

Have a read of her scary short story about The Haunted Theater!

I really like the descriptive language and variety of sentence starters she has used.

They make the reader feel excited to read on to find out more!

Super learning Caitlin, we are so proud of you!

Thursday 16 September

Have a read of another fantastic piece of writing written by Saranya.

She has written steps to explain how to make a superhero and be a superhero.

Awesome description and explanation Saranya!

Thursday 16 September

Harley has also put a lot of effort into his writing. He has created an awesome story about 'World Domination'.

Have a read of what he has written.

I really like his use of descriptive language! There is a lot of technical language in here too.

Outstanding learning Harley!

Research Project: Amazing Animals

Biggest, Fastest, Longest, Ugliest, Deepest.

Thursday 23 September

Here is another interesting animal researched by Ava! Puffer Fish!

Wednesday 22 September

Ava has researched another very interesting animal. One I certainly wouldn't like to come across! Click through her slides to find out more!!

Tuesday 21 September

Caitlin has shared some very interesting information about Blue Whales. Have a look through her very well presented slides to learn more!

Monday 20 September

Francine has completed some very interesting research on Tardigrades. Have a look through her slides to understand this very unusual creature!

Thursday 16 September

Harley has shared his research on The Largest Blue Whale'. Have a read of his fantastically designed poster to learn information about this amazing animal.

Outstanding learning and publishing Harley!

Thursday 16 September

Ava has completed our 'est' research project from our Week 8 E-Letter. Check out her awesome informative slides about Megalodon Sharks! Fantastic researching Ava!

Hey, Room 13!

From the 4th to the 12th of September is...


What's that?

That sounds cool!

Follow the links below to see some of the many awesome activities on the Department of Conservation Website. Thank you Holly for sharing with us!

Take a moment to discover nature.
Link Here
Take a moment to celebrate nature.
Link Here

Term 3, Week 7/8

Level 4 Lockdown, Learning from Home

Week 7 Kea Whaanau E-Letter

Malo e lelei,

Welcome to the fourth week of Kea Whaanau online learning during this Level 4 Lockdown. Please click the link to visit our E-Letter for this week (Week 7 of Term 3). This is learning from today, Wednesday 8th, till next Wednesday 15th September.    

Teachers will be available from 10 am - 2 pm to respond to emails.    

Thank you to all those who have sent in pictures of your learning. Thank you also to everyone who submitted an entry for the  'Reading in an Unusual Place' competition! They look great and the video will be fun to watch.   

Remember we understand that everyone’s situation during alert level 4 looks different,  So we encourage you to do what is manageable for your whaanau.  A day outside with your family is just as valuable as time on a device - we are all putting our wellbeing first.

Kia kaha

What is Room 13 doing to keep busy this week?

Reading Eggspress Participation Results Week 7

Thank you to the following 10 students who logged in and completed 1 or more of their Reading Eggspress assigned tasks this week!

Amelia, April, Ava, Caitlin, Harley, Jadyn, Jayden (J.D), Kaylee, Noah, and Saranya 👏👏👏

Mathletics Participation Results Week 7

Well done to all of the students who logged in and completed assigned tasks on Mathletics this week.

A special congratulations to the hard workers who received Mathletics certificates.

Bronze Certificates

Tyler H, Caitlin, Hamza, April, Harley, Ava, Liam, and Mikaele.

Kiwi Kids News

The Kiwi Kids News website is a fantastic website for you to practice your reading skills, reading real-world, current, news!

There are also questions and activities at the bottom of each activity.

Why not follow this link and have a go yourself!

Ava has shared her learning below.

Tuesday 14 September

Have a look at Ava's procedure for another delicious meal she has made recently.

Who else loves stuffed baked potatoes?

These sound delicious Ava! I think I may make some myself!

Monday 13 September

Gugu has been busy learning a range of cooking skills over the last few weeks. Here are some photos of the lovely meals she has cooked for her Whaanau. Awesome to see Gugu, it looks delicious!

Monday 13 September

Tyler and his Whaanau have shared some awesome collages of what they have been up to lately.

Tyler has been doing a good mixture of learning, family time, and looking after his wellbeing! This is so great to hear!

What have you been doing to look after your whaanau and your wellbeing during this lockdown?

Send in photos to share with your classmates!

Great to hear from you Tyler!

Thursday 9 September

Kaylee has been busy this lockdown doing lots of creative and procedural writing.

Here is her recipe for Chocolate Brownie...YUM!!!!

Awesome to hear from you Kaylee!

Wednesday 8 September

Ava has been busy in the kitchen again.

Here she has shared with us her recipe for Lemon Muffins.

Thank you Ava, they look and sound delicious!

Maybe some of our classmates might like to try Ava's recipe.

Thursday 9 September

This week we celebrate Tonga Language Week.

Nariah really enjoys this special celebration and has shared some really interesting slides and photos with us. Take a look!

Research Project:


Wednesday 15 September

Check out Nariah's awesome, informative slides about the Paralympics. Outstanding research Nariah!

Friday 10 September

Have a read of Ava's interesting slides with facts about the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.


Thursday 9 September

Saranya has given this week's art project a go and what an outstanding job she has done!

It is amazing how simple colours and lines can stand out and look so effective.

Fantastic effort Saranya!

Have you tried this week's art activity a go yet?


Wednesday 15 September

Tyler H has been working hard on an exciting writing piece which is full of adventure. He would love for you all to read it and take part in his voting! We will share our votes with Tyler when we return to school.

Let him know what you think of his books!

Awesome work Tyler, we can see you have put a lot of effort into this writing.

Wednesday 15 September

Have a read of Nariah's creative writing about Hailee and the Lost City. Awesome writing Nariah!

Tuesday 14 September

Saranya's creative writing this week has some great messages about perseverance and determination. Have a read of what she has written!

Awesome learning Saranya!

Friday 10 September

Tommy chose his own topic to write about today.

Have a read of the awesome story he has written!

Super effort Tommy!

Inquiry Learning

Tuesday 14 September

Have a read of Saranya's Inquiry about Windmills.

I like how she has set herself some clear research questions.

She has then made her answers clear as well for the reader.

Super Inquiry Researching Saranya!

Monday 13 September

Today Ava has shared her research slides about Geothermal Energy. Lots of interesting information to read here! Super learning Ava!

Friday 10 September

Here is another set of research slides from Ava. This time on Biomass!

Thursday 9 September

Ava shares her research on Hydropower! Very interesting, well done!


Wednesday 15 September

Jadyn has also given the Wicking Water Science Experiment a try!

Have a read of his awesome notes about what happened!

Then, have a look at the fantastic photos he sent in.

Awesome learning Jadyn!

Tuesday 14 September

Yesterday Saranya completed this week's science experiment 'Raisin Raisins'! Have a look through her slides to see how she did it and what happened.

Awesome science learning Saranya!

Wednesday 8 September

Today Ava has given this week's new science experiment a go! She did it a little differently as she didn't have any raisins. Great thinking Ava!

How did everyone else's experiments go?

Term 3, Week 6/7

Level 4 Lockdown, Learning from Home

Week 6 Kea Whaanau E-Letter

Kia Ora whanau and welcome to Week 3 of learning from home.  

Please take some time to read over the new activities in the Term 3, Week 6 e-Letter. Remember these activities are today Wednesday 1st through to next Wednesday 8th September.   

It is Tongan Language Week next week, so we’re starting early. There are some fun website links to click and check out! I hope you’ve enjoyed using the Virtual Library. This week we’ve added a Writing Virtual Classroom (which is the slides underneath the E-Letter).     

Thank you to all those who have sent in pictures of your learning. I will try to put it up on our webpage for everyone to see.      

Don't forget the 'Reading in an Unusual Place' competition! This will be the last week for photos! Send your photos to me to add to the class competition and the Kea Whaanau video. We have had a lot of really neat entries already, and there may be a teacher entry or 2 also!

Parents, please note: As this competition requires visiting Facebook for the daily link, we recommend this is done with your child, not by them independently.

Every day by 9.30 am the Young Ocean Explorers team will share a link on their Facebook page Young Ocean Explorers

Each link is a "how to draw" video. 

If you would like to enter, draw your entry and get your parent or caregiver to upload the picture to the Young Ocean Explorers Facebook page - in the comments of that day's link by 5 pm. 

Each day, Explorers Riley and Steve will judge their favorite entry - and courier the winner a copy of the book -  Love our Ocean.

What is Room 13 doing to keep busy this week?

Reading Eggspress Participation Results Week 6

Thank you to the following 6 students who have completed 3 or more of their 6 Reading Eggspress assigned tasks this week!

Amelia, Ava, Caitlin, Hamza, Harley and Noah 👏👏👏

Mathletics Participation Results Week 6

Silver CertificatesBronze Certificates
Tyler H


Have a read of this week's awesome writing by the learners of Room 13.

Tuesday 9 September

The Haunted House. Written by Ava Smith.

Monday 6 September

Ava has shared with us some research slides she has completed about Tonga. Have a read-through, you might learn something new. There are lots of interesting facts!

Monday 6 September

Shayan the Builder! Shayan has been busy helping his family this lockdown. He learned how to install outdoor lights around his house with his Dad. Take a look at the photos to see his building in action! Well done Shayan!

Whaanau Family Fun!

Needing some fresh air?

Looking for something to do outside?

Why not get your family involved in a little workout!

Send me pictures of you doing the name workout challenge to share with your classmates!

Art Challenge - Energy / Earth Drawing

Watch this video to get some ideas flowing.

Materials needed: plain paper, pencil, colouring tools (coloured pencils, crayons, paint, pastels - your choice!). 

Create an art piece that reflects our current inquiry about Energy and Sustainability.

Wednesday 1 September

Here is Saranya's Art Challenge Creation.

Have you given it a go yet?

Send me your designs!

Monday 6 September

Here is Harley's awesome design. I really like how he has shaded and kept his drawing simplistic but effective.

Great work!

Tuesday 7 September

Here is another great design created by Jadyn. Zoom in to see the detail he has added!

Great work!

Wednesday 9 September

Gugu has also created a design for our art challenge this week. I like how she has incorporated lots of ideas about energy into her design.

Super effort Gugu!

Thursday 9 September

Here is Francine's awesome design!

I really like how everyone's looks so different.

It is great to see so many of you giving this a go!


Renewable & Non-Renewable Energy Sources

Thursday 2 September

Gugu has also researched information about Renewable and Non-renewable energy sources.

Have a read of her poster to see what she found out!

Excellent learning Gugu!

Thursday 2 September

Here are Ava's research slides! Have a read about what she discovered!

Monday 6 September

Have a read of Harley's poster about renewable and non-renewable energy.

What interesting facts did you find out?

Tuesday 6 September

Take a look at Saranya's posters on Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy.

Super research and drawings Saranya!

Solar Power and Me!

Friday 3 September

Here is Ava's Short Story follow-up activity after reading the article 'Can you collect sunlight?'

Find this activity in our Week 6 E-Letter.

Room 13 - Future Scientists!

Room 13 are loving the science projects in the weekly E-Letter activities. This week's experiment is about Water Wicking! Have a look at our E-Letter at the top of the page to see what to do.

Thursday 2 September

Here is Gugu's experiment.

I wonder what will happen!

Super science Gugu!

Tuesday 9 September

Flynn has also tried the Water Wicking experiment.

Have a read of his fantastic explanation about how it went!

I love the colours Flynn!

Super learning!

Wednesday 8 September

Ava has also tried our science experiment this week. Have a read of what she did to find out more!

It looks like we have some very keen scientists in Room 13.

Keep it up!

Kea Whaanau Photo Competition

This week Kea Whaanau is challenged to a 'Read in an Unusual Place' photo competition!

Get someone to take a photo of you reading a book, magazine, newspaper or comic… in an unusual place! (or in an unusual outfit, or position) Email your photos to your class teacher for judging. (Please take your photos in landscape). A prize will be awarded to the top 3 in each class, and everyone’s photo will be added to a video by Mr Wiz!

Here are some of the awesome entries we have received from Room 13 so far!

Pokeno School's Virtual Library!

We know how much you love reading!

Flick through the slides of our very own virtual library. Explore by clicking on the book of your choice. Be sure to challenge yourself, choosing books at your level! For best use, click on the 3 dots at the bottom to open in full-screen mode.

Term 3, Week 5/6

Level 4 Lockdown, Learning from Home

Week 5 Kea Whaanau E-Letter

Wednesday 25 August

Kia ora Whaanau, 

I hope you're doing well in your "bubbles". I've really enjoyed seeing all your efforts during learning at home, including unusual places to read! Stay tuned next week when Mr Wiz's video will reveal all of our weird and wonderful reading places.

Click here to take you to the link to the E-Letter PDF shown below. From there you will be able to access a range of other links to help you with your online learning this week. Don't forget to check our class page and see what your peers have also been up to! Keep sending me your work too!

Kia Kaha

What is Room 13 doing to keep busy this week?

Reading Eggspress Participation Results Week 5

Thank you to the following 16 students who have completed 1 or more of their Reading Eggspress assigned tasks this week!

Livia, Amelia, Ava, Harley, Liam, Hamza, Noah, Saranya, Tyler H, Caitlin, Gugu, Jadyn, Jayden, Kaylee, Teyonne, Tommy 👏👏👏

Mathletics Participation Results Week 5

Gold CertificatesSilver CertificatesBronze Certificates
Tyler H
Tyler H

EPIC! Update

Check out our EPIC! Readerpillar! Room 13 you have been fantastic readers! Together we have read 297 books! Let's continue to read these awesome books and watch our Readerpillar grow!

A spotlight on:


"We can't control everything that happens, but we can change our experience of those things" - Andy Puddicombe, @Headspace.

Mindfulness means paying full attention to something. It means slowing down to really notice what you're doing. Being mindful is the opposite of rushing or multitasking. When you're mindful, you're taking your time. You're focusing in a relaxed, easy way.

At times like these, it is a great opportunity to practice mindfulness and there are many different ways you can do this! This week's suggestion which we all enjoy in class is mindfulness coloring and crafts!.

Let's get creative! Click on the link here to take you a variety of Glen Jones's colouring and craft pages.

You could do anything from colouring in, creating a folded dog, or even making a fantail paper plane! To name only a few! Take photos and email them to me so I can share them with our class!

Tuesday 31 August

Saranya has also been taking some time to practice her mindfulness. Take a look at her awesome colouring and 3 sizes of paper planes. Great to see Saranya!

Monday 30 August

To practice mindfulness, Tyler H loves to write and draw. Tyler has shared with us the Axolotl mask he designed last week!

Tyler has also been getting outside for lots of walks with his Whaanau.

Thank you for sharing what you have been up to Tyler. It is great to hear from you!

Ava's Paper Aquarium!

Wednesday 1 September

Check out Ava's Paper Aquarium she has created today!

Very creative!

She has shared a procedure for how she created it.

Maybe you might like to create one yourself?

Great work Ava!

Caitlin's Lockdown Adventures!

Wednesday 1 September

Here's another update from Caitlin! She has been doing some delicious baking with her Whaanau. YUM!

Monday 30 August

It was awesome to hear from Caitlin this morning. Take a look at the pictures below to see what she has been doing with her Whaanau to keep busy! Great to see you getting outside and exploring the outdoors Caitlin. It looks like fun!

Thursday 26 August

Amelia has shared with us what she has been creating on a coding program called Scratch. Have you heard of Scratch? It is a free programming language and online community where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations.

Click here to see for yourself!


Research Project


Wednesday 1 September

Gugu has also created a research poster on Wind Power.

Outstanding work Gugu!

Wednesday 1 September

Here is another OUTSTANDING Inquiry Research Project about Windmills completed by Saranya. Have a read of the facts she has discovered. Saranya has also written steps for how a windmill is made. Super work Saranya!

Wednesday 1 September

Check out another of Ava's Inquiry Research Projects! This time she is looking into Wave Energy!

Tuesday 31 August

Ava has been really enjoying our Inquiry Research Projects. She has created another awesome set of slides teaching us all about Windpower. I like how Ava has separated new information onto a new slide to make it clear for the reader to understand. Great work Ava!

2020 Tokyo Olympics

One of our Research activities this week is to Research an Olympian that has recently competed at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Wednesday 1 September

Ava has chosen to research another great New Zealand Olympian, Dylan Schmidt who competed as a Trampolinist at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Great researching Ava!

Wednesday 1 September

Caitlin has researched another famous and very special New Zealand Olympian. Check out what she found out about her!


Tuesday 31 August

Take a look at Gugu's awesome poster below. She has also researched Lisa Carrington!

Monday 30 August

Saranya has shared her research project about Lisa Carrington, a very special New Zealand Olympian. Find out her date of birth, achievements, facts, and more!

This Week's Art Challenge

This week's art challenge is to create some textured rubbings and prints!

Have a look at the pictures below to see what your classmates have sent in.

If you haven't tried it yet, give it a go, take a picture and send it to me to be shared!



Tyler H

This Week's Writing Activity!

This week's writing activity uses a story starter video about being SHRUNK inside of your classroom!

Check out the awesome writing below to see what people in our class imagined!

This first one is written by Saranya. I like how we can see she is brainstorming and proofreading her writing.

Tuesday 31 August

Ava's SHRUNK story and The Ultimate Treehouse!

Wednesday 1 September

Here is Caitlin's version of SHRUNK! I really like the descriptive language and humor she added to her writing. Have a read of her adventure!


This week's science experiment uses two items from around the house.




Take a look at our classmate's investigations below to see what they did!

Thursday 2 September

Tommy has also given the Salt and Pepper Experiment a try.

Have a read of his very well-presented experiment notes.

Outstanding work Tommy!

Wednesday 1 September

Francine has also given the Salt and Pepper Experiment a try!

Awesome to see Francine!

This set of results is written by Saranya.

I like how it is clear to read. She has drawn pictures to help the reader to understand what she is trying to explain.

Outstanding work Saranya!

Term 3, Week 4/5

Level 4 Lockdown, Learning from Home

Week 4 Kea Whaanau E-Letter

Wednesday 18 August

Kia Ora Whaanau, hope you are all safe and well in Level 4. Please find the Term 3, Week 4, E-Letter for the Year 5 and 6 Kea Whaanau students attached here. You can access the worksheet for the science investigation attached here, and the slide on making your own musical instrument using recycled items here.     

Please remember to share your pictures and work with your teacher so that they can post them on your class web pages. We look forward to seeing your amazing learning from home. Stay Safe - Kea Whaanau Teachers.

What is Room 13 doing to keep busy this week?

Reading Eggspress Participation Results Week 4

Thank you to the following students who have completed 1 or more of their Reading Eggspress assigned tasks this week!

Ava, Francine, Harley, Jadyn, Noah, Saranya, Caitlin, Jaylan, Kaylee, and Tommy 👏👏👏

Mathletics Participation Results Week 4

Gold CertificatesSilver CertificatesBronze Certificates

Congratulations to all students who signed in to Mathletics this week and completed some live and/or assigned learning tasks.


One of our activities this week is to take a walk with your Whaanau or spend some time in your backyard.

Notice and listen to the sounds around you.

Can you hear anything that stands out? Try to name them. 

Collect or point out any cool rocks or flowers you find on your travels. 

Check out this cool poster with extra ideas to keep busy getting fresh air outside!

Tuesday 24 August

Here is what Saranya found when she explored her backyard!

Free Writing with Pobble365

Tuesday 24 August

Below is a fantastic piece of writing by Saranya. She used the image 'Polar Bear on Holiday' to inspire her!

Why not give it a go yourself! Follow the link to take you to the website Pobble365. On this site, there are some photos to inspire you. 

  1. Find one you like. 
  2. Sit and think about it.
  3. Write anything that comes to mind about it, just write.

Try to spend 15 minutes per day writing!

Tuesday 24 August

Tommy has also enjoyed some writing time this week.

He chose to write about a Million Year Old Inventer who finds an undiscovered island! Have a read to see what he has described.

Super Effort Tommy!

The Arts Challenge

This term our Science and Inquiry focus relates to the understanding of the word 'Sustainability'. Therefore we thought it would be a great opportunity to design and create some recycled instruments while we're at home!

Take a look at the slides below and the creations students have come up with!

Tuesday 24 August

Thank you for sharing your awesome creation, Francine!

Have you created an instrument?

Send a photo to your teacher to see your creation shared on your class webpage too!

Tuesday 24 August

Ava has also been busy with the Recycled Instruments activity. She chose to create a recycled guitar! Take a look at her slides below to see her procedure for how she made it.

Super work Ava! Does it sound as good as your current guitar?

Wednesday 25 August

Hamza has been busy working on our online learning activities this week.

He has really enjoyed the Recycled Instruments activities.

Take a look at the photos to see his hand drum and guitar.

Outstanding work Hamza! I hear you are enjoying entertaining your family playing your drum!

Monday 30 August

Caitlin's Drum



Tuesday 23 August

Saranya had a go at our Inquiry Investigation: Magic Comb.

Thank you for sharing your observations with us, it looks like it was an interesting experiment!

Keep up the great work Saranya!

Remember you too can give this a go! Have a look at our Week 4 E-Letter posted above to find the instructions and worksheet.

I would love to hear if your experiments give different results!

Tuesday 24 August

Francine has also tried our Inquiry Investigation: Magic Comb.

She has presented her observations as a comic strip drawing of events. Very creative Francine!

Have a closer look and see how her experiment went!

Was it successful?

Did anything exciting happen?

Thank you for sharing Francine, keep up the great work!

Tuesday 24 August

Tommy has tried the Magic Comb Inquiry Investigation too!

Take a look and see what his results were.

Excellent work Tommy!

I hope you enjoyed this experiment!

Tuesday 24 August

Saranya isn't letting lockdown slow her down!

Thank you for sharing your Homework Inquiry Task about Clyde Dam!

Who else has done research on the Clyde Dam?

Email me pictures or google slides/docs so that I can share your awesome work with your classmates!

Keep up the great work Room 13!

Friday 20 August

This term we are learning about 'The World as a Powerhouse', investigating different sources of energy.

Thank you for sharing your research slides about Solar-Power Ava!

Room 13's Future chefs

Practicing our procedure writing skills and treating our whaanau to some delicious cooking this lockdown!

Tuesday 31 August

Caitlin has been busy in the kitchen again this week. She has shared her procedure for how to make a Sweetcorn Stack. It looks and sounds delicious! Very clever Caitlin!

Thursday 26 August

Harley has been busy in the kitchen making chocolate chunk cookies for his Whaanau this week! Check out his recipe below, maybe you could give it a go this week!

Awesome to see Harley!

Thursday 26 August

Take a look at Tommie's Burrito Bomb! It looks delicious!

Who else enjoys making Burritos?

He first planned his writing and then published it on the computer.

Awesome work Tommie!

Tuesday 24 August

Francine has been busy practicing her procedure writing skills. Have a look below to see her procedure for how to make Pancakes.

Great text structure Francine! She has remembered to give her procedure a title, she has listed the goal of the procedure, the ingredients, and materials required, and has provided clear step-by-step instructions to tell the reader what to do. 

Can you spot the language features she has used? I can see lots of great present tense verbs at the start of each step! Can you find some nouns and adjectives?


Goal:  How to make pancakes


  • Flour
  • Baking powder
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Milk
  • 1 Egg
  • Vanilla
  • Butter


  • A big bowl
  • A big spoon (that can mix the ingredients)
  • A big spoon (that can scoop the pancake batter out)
  • Measuring cup
  • Measuring spoons
  • A teaspoon
  • A spatula
  • A pan
  • A plate


  • First put 1 cup of flour into the bowl
  • Then open the baking powder and put a teaspoon of baking powder into the bowl
  • After that put 3 teaspoons of sugar
  • Put a pinch of salt
  • Mix them with your big spoon (that mixes the ingredients)
  • Open the milk pour it little by little while you’re still mixing
  • Crack an egg and put it in the bowl (make sure there are no shells)
  • Mix them with your big spoon (that mixes the ingredients)
  • Open the vanilla and pour 1 or 2 drops of it
  • Get the plate, spatula, and pan out
  • Put the pan on the stove
  • Get a big spoon (that can scoop the pancake batter out) 
  • Unwrap the butter and cut a piece of it
  • Then put the butter on the pan
  • Turn the stove on Wait for the butter to melt completely
  • When the butter is melted completely scoop up the pancake mixture with your big spoon (that scoops that pancake batter out)
  • Then pour it into the middle of the pan
  • Get your spatula
  • Wait for the mixture to cook on the side that is facing the bottom of the pan 
  • Now flip the pancake onto the other side
  • When it’s cooked get the pancake with your spatula
  • Put the pancake on the plate
  • Now wait for the pancake to cool down
  • Now it's ready to eat

Monday 23 August

It was great to hear from Livia today! She has been busy cooking her most favourite food, PASTA! She has shared her recipe in the photos below. She has also been practicing her words, her handwriting, and getting out for walks with her family. Awesome work Livia!

Monday 23 August

It was great to hear from Caitlin today! Last week she baked some banana fritters for her family! She then practiced her procedure writing skills, writing up each step explaining how to make this delicious breakfast treat!

Caitlin has also been busy practicing her handwriting and spelling skills. Outstanding home learning Caitlin! Keep up the great work!

Monday 23 August

Gugu has been busy in the kitchen baking cookies! Thank you for sharing your procedure writing about how to make your cookies, they look delicious!

Awesome to hear from you Gugu!

Friday 20 August

Mikaele has been busy in the kitchen baking for his Whaanau!

Take a look at his delicious, Chocolate Drip Oreo Cake!

He also practiced his procedure writing skills when writing the recipe and instructions in his homework book.

Great work Mikaele!

Friday 20 August

Ava has been cooking up a storm this lockdown! She has shared some slides of her pizza making yesterday! She also made Banana Bread on the first day of lockdown.

Thank's for sharing Ava!

Thursday 19 August

A class shout-out to Ava and Tyler H who have been busy reading the last few days 👏👏👏

We all know how much these two love to read!

Why not jump online and read a few books too. Let's see how many books we can read as a class this week!

While we're at home, why not give EPIC!'s August Challenge a go!

Click on the link here to take you to EPIC!
Class Code: mvw7703 
Password: Birth date and month you were born. (e.g. 0208 - if my birthday was 2nd August)

Wednesday 18th August

We've done it before, we can do it again!

Keep an eye on our class webpage and remind your whaanau to check their emails. Our online learning activities will be posted soon.

Until then, look after yourselves and your whaanau! I cannot wait to be back in the classroom with you when we can!

If you're super eager, jump on our Online Platforms Mathletics, Reading Eggspress, or EPIC! to start of your day.

Thinking of you all,

Miss Day :)

Olympic Excitement!

Thursday 29th July

Today, Room 13 watched in suspense as two of our New Zealand rowers Grace Prendergast and Kerri Gowler won a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics!

Learning to Learn Term 3

Paper Fish Challenge

Challenge 1: Students were shown a picture of the end product from a paper fish origami craft. They were provided with paper, scissors, but NO instructions or help. It was a mental challenge of perseverance, trial and error. Overall, students responded well to the challenge! They showed creativity and reflected on their experience. Well done Room 13!

Challenge 2: Students received the video below. Their new challenge was to 'follow instructions'. Students then reflected on this experience and recognised the values shown when completing the two challenges.

The Arts    Visual Arts

Exploring the skills of Weaving and Silhouettes with Maori Designs


Mindfulness Colouring and Conversations with our Buddy Class Room 18!

The Arts

Body Sculptures

In Term 2 our Inquiry focuses are Origins and Belonging. We linked our Arts learning to famous landmarks. Students worked together in groups to manipulate their bodies into different shapes using different levels to create visual interest.

We explored:

Eiffel Tower - Champ de Mars, France

Great Wall of China - Huairou District, China

Auckland Harbour Bridge- Auckland, New Zealand

Leaning Tower of Pisa - Pisa, Italy

Sydney Opera House - Sydney, Australia

Statue of Liberty - New York, America

Taj Mahal - Agar, Uttar Pradesh, India

Take a look at the photos to see some of the group's clever creations!

Pink Shirt Day!

Back to School!

Auckland's move to Alert Level 2!

I am very excited to see you all back at school on Monday!

Don't forget your togs!! The pool is ready and we have our first lesson Monday morning!

Our swimming times this term are 9:45am Mondays and Wednesdays.

Term 1, Week 4

Learning From home

... Learnnig Platform Spotlight ...

Put your hand up if you think reading is important for your learning progress!

We know that reading may not be everyone's favourite subject. But I have a website for you that makes reading A TONNE OF FUN!


EPIC! is a fantastic way to take some to take a break and read some new, fun, engaging books! Take time to yourself, or sit down with a family member!

EPIC! has so many AWESOME activities to offer... COMICS, VIDEOS, AUDIOBOOKS, QUIZZES on a wide range of literature! Think of a topic and it's probably on there!

Better yet, we can earn BADGES for the number of books we finish and hours we spend reading! Click on the link here and let's see how many badges we can collect on our Readerpillar!!

Great work Room 13!

Today we have gained our very first badge! We have read 25 books so far!

Well done to Aarna, Ava, Gugu, Noah, Kaylee, Tyler H, Caitlin, Jadyn, Harley and Jujhar who have logged on and given it a go!

Thursday - Catch up Email


Kia Ora Room 13,

Just a reminder to check your emails today. This morning I sent everyone a check in email.

There are some reminders about online expectations - 'recommended learning activities' and 'could do activities'.

Please make sure you remember to take pictures of your work so I can share them on our awesome Padlet page!

If you haven't seen this yet, scroll down and check out what your classmates have been doing to keep busy this week.

Enjoy your weekend, I hope to see you soon!

Miss Day

Kea Whaanau, Week 4 E-Letter - Poetry & Statistics

Kia ora Whaanau, I hope you are all safe and well.  

Please find the Week 4, E-Letter: Poetry and Statistics for Kea Whaanau attached here You can also access the slide for how to write acrostic poetry attached here, and statistical success slide here

Please remember to share your pictures and work with me so that I can post them on our class webpage.  I look forward to seeing your amazing learning from home.  

Stay Safe,   

Miss Day.


Below is a Padlet!

This is where you can add the poems you write and share any other amazing work you are getting up to at home! You can even add photos!

Click on the background, add your name, and share away!

I can't wait to see!

Made with Padlet

Recommended learning

... Digital Platforms ...

Mathletics, Reading Eggpress and Epic! are all live with tasks, lessons and books assigned to everybody.  MathleticsReading Eggspress, and Epic! Books.  Make sure you jump on and give them a go, as they are part of your recommended learning activities.   If you need any help with any  tasks or if you have any questions regarding any of the assignments please contact me on - k.day@pokeno.school.nz

Good morning Room 13

Back to Level 3

As we have moved back into Level 3 again, I will be sending out an e-letter to keep you updated with learning you can be doing while at home.

Please remember to check your emails as I have also sent home your login details for Reading Eggspress, Mathletics and Epic!

Stay safe, look after yourselves and your whaanau too.

Miss Day

Term 1, Week 2


Check out what the amazing students of Room 13 have been doing to keep busy!


We have a very talented Origami maker in Room 13!

Thank you Ashaz for sharing your Origami bear with us!

Ashaz has also been enjoying some family time.

Way to go Ashaz!


Caitlin has been busy in the kitchen baking 'Caitlin's Crazy Chocolate Cake'. She has also written a descriptive method for how to bake this delicious cake! 

She has also been challenging herself to beat her score on Prototec Maths.

Great work Caitlin!


It has been great to see students getting started with our Online Learning Activities and sharing what they have been getting up to!

Jadyn has been keeping on track with his basic facts on Prototec! Great work Jadyn!


Mikaele has also been busy labelling the human brain and cooking in the kitchen. I bet we would all love to join Mikaele for dessert with his fresh Apple Pie! YUM! He has even written out the method for us to try at home. I look forward to sharing more fabulous learning from our classmates!

Term 1, Week 2

learning from home

Kia Ora Kea Whaanau, below is our first Kea Whaanau E-Letter: Getting Started for 2021 - Learning from home.  The links below the image will take you to; the PDF of the E-Letter where you can access all of the links that you will need to complete the tasks, tutorials, the Brain to label activity and the answers to labelling the brain.  Please use this to help  support your child/ren with learning at home. Some of this information is also available on our class webpages.   We understand that everyone's situation during alert level 3 looks different,  so we encourage you to do what is manageable for your whaanau.  We would love to have learning shared with us during school hours: photos, writing etc. If you are happy for us to update our class pages as a forum of sharing please let us know. We are happy to answer questions and support you and your whanau in this learning journey. 

Kea Whaanau E-Letter: Getting Started, Label the Brain ActivityAnswers to Label the Brain

Term 1, Week 2

Level 3 Lockdown Announcement

Good Morning Room 13, you will be aware by now that as of 11:59pm last night we moved into alert Level 3 for the Auckland Region and that Pokeno is included in the Auckland Region this time around. We are hoping this Level 3 will only last the three days, however we can’t be too sure. In saying that, the Kea Whaanau teachers are working hard to set up some online learning platforms that we can use, if we need to.  Our class pages will be updated regularly with information and activities for you and your family to participate in, so keep an eye out on your class web page for updates and please stay safe. 

Kia Kaha!

Kea Whaanau Teachers 

Kea Whaanau Teachers - Contact Information

Room 8 - Mrs Julia Delany


Room 9 - Mrs Karen Kanon


Room 10 - Mr Tony Wisnewski


Room 12 - Mrs Sarah Fraser


Room 13 - Miss Kirstie Day


Room 14 - Mrs Vicki McCarthy


Whaanau Leader/Room 14 - Miss Michele Watson


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