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Research Project: Animals that Build

One of our Google Drive Daily Tasks in Week 4 was to watch a video and research about the important role of Guide Dogs.

Teyonne has created an awesome presentation here about the interesting notes she found.

Thank you Teyonne for your awesome commitment to your learning.

Research Project: Diwali

In Week 3 there is another special event that is celebrated around the world, Diwali.

Check out the posters and presentations created by some of our learners.

Poster created by Teyonne

Research Project: Guy Fawkes

In Week 3 our learners are researching about Guy Fawkes which is recognised this week on Friday 5th November.

Please send in your Guy Fawkes research projects to be shared on our Inquiry Wall!

Research Project: Labour Day

Week two of Term 4 is started off with a public holiday called Labour Day. In this week's E-Letter, students have been asked to research the meaning behind Labour Day, where it is celebrated and why.

Have a look at what some of our learners have done!

By Hamza Ali

Click on the pictures to open the full documents.

Research Project: Around New Zealand

In one of Week 1's E-Letter Projects, students are asked to watch the video below "On the Open Road" and identify the places mentioned on the New Zealand Map. Students then choose one place from the song and find out 5 facts about it, such as what it’s name means.

Have a look at what some of our learners have done!

Completed by Ava

Completed by Jessie

Ava's 5 Facts about Kerikeri!

Click on the Image to read Ava's Fact File on the Northland town of Kerikeri.

She chose this area as she enjoyed visiting it at the beginning of the year with her Whaanau.

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