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        M     2         

                               T C T       I N F O R M A T I O N                        

Kia ora Whānau,
If you and your whānau have not been receiving weekly emails from me, have not received an email from me in the past week, or have any questions or queries regarding online learning, please send me an email via s.fraser@pokeno.school.nz
 Many thanks,   Mrs Fraser
(Sarah Fraser, Room 12 Teacher)

         C K     L I N K S         

        F L      L I N K S      A D      I R T U A L      C L A S S E           

        K      E V E N         

                S      E A T      O      S E E       Y U      L L              

Good Morning Room 12
Welcome to Week 7, Term 4.  Only 26 more sleeps till Christmas!
Attached here is a copy of the email that was sent out to yourselves and your Whaanau this morning.  Please make sure that you thoroughly read this email as it has some important information regarding school resources and personal equipment. This correspondence has been sent out to you via Email, Google Classroom, Hero, Room 12 Webpage and Kea Whaanau Webpage, so make sure you check it out using one of these platforms.  A copy of this weeks Google Classroom Timetable is also attached to this post, so that you are aware of our upcoming tasks for the week. It was an absolute pleasure for both Miss W and I to see so many of your smiling faces back at school last week, and to those who are still doing 100% online learning, thank you for your patience with marking and response times as we juggle online learning, learning bubbles & part-time learning. We look forward to seeing you all online in our Google Classroom, or in the ACTUAL classroom at school again this week for another fun packed week of exploring, experiences and learning together. Miss W and Mrs Fraser.

           K      I           

           N G      T    T M E     O M      S C O O L           

Good Morning Room 12,
I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend, and are ready for another busy week of learning.  Attached here is the email that went out to you all this morning and below is the time table for learning this week. PLEASE REMEMBER:  To have patience this week as Miss W and Mrs Fraser are both back at school and may not be able to reply to your messages, emails or mark your work as fast as we have in previous weeks.   Have a wonderful week - where ever your learning may take place!

           K      I V E         

         N G      D      T H E       R L E      E F E C T           

Good Morning Room 12,

Today marks the beginning of Week 5, Term 4.  I hope you all managed to have a lovely weekend inspite of the weather not being the best and the rain setting in for the better part of the weekend.  

I trust you are all well rested and ready for another week of online learning,  challanges and fun!

I want to congratulate you all for your commitment to your learning and for continuing to impress me with your amazing presentations and tasks that are being submitted daily.

Our Online Learning Timetable is attached so that you can see what learning we have planned for the week, and when the learning is planned for.
If you have any questions or queries please email myself s.fraser@pokeno.school.nz or Miss W m.watson@pokeno.school.nz or message us via google classroom and we will get back to you to assist you as soon as we can.

This weeks Learning email has been sent out this morning via Google Classroom, Email, Hero and on our Kea Whanau Learning page, it can also be found here.  Keep checking out the Classroom Communication page, our Home Learning Photo Gallery and our Celebrating Success page as well. Have an amazing week, and see you all online.  

           K      O U R         

             E      L E I N G       A D     I M E T B L E               

Good Morning Whanau,

WOW, Week 4 of Term 4 already! Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and you are all ready for another jam packed week of learning, fun and a special Google Meet!

We have some really cool activities planned for this week; see the timetable below for what we have coming up this week.

Our Week 4 communication has been emailed out to you all this morning.  It has also been sent out via HERO, Google Classroom can befound on our Kea Whanau Webpage, and is attached here.

Congratulations to you all on an fantastic Week of home learning last week.  We are really enjoying the learning that is being shared with us, please keep sending in your amazing photos from your
home learning so that I can
share them with your class mates s.fraser@pokeno.school.nz

          K      H R E E        

          E      S E D      A R I G     P D A T E     A N D             

        E K      E      O N L I N E       L E A N I N G       T A S K S         

Kia ora Whānau, 

Hard to believe we are already in Week 3 of Term 4.  The days are certainly flying by at an extremely rapid pace. 

You should have all received our Week 3 Learning from Home email already this morning.  If you have not received this email from me, could you please send me an email - s.fraser@pokeno.school.nz   to let me know that my communication is not making it to you. Our Week 3 communication was also posted on our 

Kea Whaanau Home Learning page, in our Year 7 & 8 Google Classroom and on the HERO app.  This email cantains everything you need to be successful with your learning this week.  You can also find a copy of this weeks email here.

I also wanted to take a moment to tell you all how impressed I am with the level of engagement you have all shown, and the high standard of the work that we are being sent.  Keep up the amazing learning!   We are so proud of you all.

I look forward to seeing all of your amazing work this week, and hope you enjoy some of the awesome tasks we have lined up for this week.  

 If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Fraser or Miss W - as always, we are here to help!   Mrs Fraser: s.fraser@pokeno.school.nz & Miss W: m.watson@pokeno.school.nz

            K    T W O            

                          I E      L E A R I N G       F U N                           

Kia ora Whānau, 
Welcome to Week 2 of Term 4.  To find this mornings Home Based Learning email that was sent out via Email, Google Classroom and 
 HERO, please click here.  This email contains all of the information that you require to be successful in your learning this week.  Below is a picture of this weeks Google Classroom daily tasks timetable, so that you are able to see what is coming up each day. 

 If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Fraser or Miss W - as always, we are here to help!   Mrs Fraser: s.fraser@pokeno.school.nz & Miss W: m.watson@pokeno.school.nz

           K       O      O N L I N E       L E A N I N G       T A S K S         

            K    O N E            

        C E       B A C K      T O      O N L I N E      L E A R N I N G          

Kia Ora Whānau,
We hope this email finds you and your family safe and well.   Welcome back to Term 4. Once again we have found ourselves in the situation of learning at home. We are continuing with the same format for distance learning as we had last term.   We appreciate that everyone’s situation is different so please prioritise Whānau health and wellbeing into your daily schedules.   Like last term, our daily expectations for  Year 7 & 8 Learners are as follows:  
  • Two short Google Classroom Daily Tasks 
  • 20 mins Epic! Reading,
  • 20 mins Mathletics,
  • 20 mins Wordflyers.
Students are able to email us and chat within the document they are working on if they need some extra support.  Please keep on sending 

photos for our web pages. Remember, these photos can be of learning and/or other things you are doing at home (e.g. baking, building, creating, learning life skills). We encourage learners to check their class web pages regularly, it’s a fantastic way to keep in touch and to see what their classmates are doing.  Keep checking the school Website and Facebook page for information about Term 4 and our Covid Levels.  Information will be sent out on HERO. Please reach out for help if you need it.
We are thinking of you all!        Mrs Fraser and Miss W  

            K       E      O N L I N E       L E A N I N G       T A S K S         

                      H E L L O     T R M   4                   

Hey Team, I hope you have all managed to have a good holiday.  It's been a little bit  different from what we are all used to with being in our Level 3 bubbles and having  travel restrictions still in place. 
I hope you all managed to spend some quality time with your whānau and ventured out for a picnic or two with some loved ones.  Hopefully we will be able to return to School soon, until then we will continue with our online learning.   
I look forward to seeing you all online.

Stay Safe, Mrs Fraser

U      E   
E N R O L M E N      I N F O R M A T I O N  

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