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welcome to room 10

Welcome to room 10 for 2021!    My name is Mr Wisnewski (Mr Wiz)  and I will be the class teacher for this year. 

Term 3, Week 9 & 10
E-Letter for Home Learning

Kia ora Whaanau,  

Please click on the E-Letter below or this link to access the learning grid for this week and next. This is learning from today Wednesday 22nd September until Friday 1st October the end of the term.     

We are always glad to hear from you and receive any photos of activities, inside or outside you have done.  This week we are also introducing our EXPLORE slides which encourage our students with the choice to explore around the world (you can find these below our E-Letter).

Keep being creative and sending in your entry to the "Kea Whaanau Toy Photo Challenge". Further information can be found on the Kea Whanau Learning From Home page.  

Keep safe in your bubbles.

Kea Whaanau Recipe Book

Prior to lockdown, we were all learning about Procedural Writing.

So, early in our lockdown journey Kea Whaanau Teachers asked our learners to share some of their favourite recipes. 

 We had lots of awesome recipes and photos shared by students in all classes! 

Mrs Fraser has kindly put them all together as our very own Recipe Book

Click on the link, search through the slides, and give another classmate's recipe a go! Let us know how you go!


Here is some of the learning shared by R10 students this week:

Tuesday 28 September

Kate has written a really thoughtful argument for longer lunch breaks, have a read and see if you agree:

Monday 27 September

Janelle has been thinking about the idea of making school lunch breaks longer and has written her ideas very clearly! Do you agree with her?

Escada has made some neat origami:

Friday 24 September

Gurmann has done some interesting research into Electric Vehicles (EVs). Good work Gurmann!

Cara has made a slide show about the sun, and has also created a popsicle stick catapult!

Aylah has been working on some computer tasks and also has done some colouring to take some time out from the screen too!

Steven has been thinking about school break times, and has written his opinion in a persuasive piece of writing:

Escada has made a slide show with facts about the sun:

Amber has also made a slide show about the sun:

Chelsie has worked on the floating paper clip experiment, and she has also had a catapult competition with her family. That looks like a lot of fun!

Thursday 23 September

Gurmann has made a cool catapult and had a competition with his dad to fire missiles... Gurmann won!

Escada has been doing some mindfulness colouring, a very relaxing way to chill out during lockdown!

Cara has worked on the floating paper clip experiment. It took a few tries to get it right, but she did in the end. Great perseverance! 

Yasmin also conducted the floating paper clip experiment! Look like she is concentrating hard!

Erika has created a slide show about the Tasmanian Tiger, click through it to find out some cool facts!

Wednesday 22 September

Yasmin has done a couple of pieces of writing from the prompt ideas:

Term 3, Week 8

E-Letter for Home Learning

This is our E-Letter for this week (Week 8 of Term 3). This is learning from today Wednesday 15th till next Wednesday 22nd September.   

We appreciate everyone’s situation during alert Level 4 looks different and have been pleased to hear whaanau prioritising health and wellbeing into their daily schedules.  Thank you for sharing photos, we enjoy receiving these updates. Remember, these photos can be of learning and/or other things you are doing at home (e.g. baking, building, creating, learning life skills).  

Don't forget to read this weeks email as it had a link to the NZ Rugby World Kids Magazine to read and enter competitions. Below is the video of all the photos of the Kea Whanau students "Reading in Unusual Places".


 Here is some of the learning shared by R10 students this week:

Tuesday 21 September

Gurmann has held his own mini Olympics at home! He even made his own trophies and medals. Very cool Gurmann!

Francois has tried the rainbow in a glass experiment, it may not have worked perfectly, but he gave it a good go!

Monday 20 September

Cara has completed the rainbow in a glass experiment, it looks pretty good!

Escada has made some great gratitude jars for her and her brothers, as well as doing a cool shadow art!

And here is a neat story by Escada:

Erika has been really productive over the last week or so! She has done some art and crafts, some baking, written a note to her neighbour, and made a gratitude jar!

Friday 17 September

Escada has given the rainbow in a glass experiment a try, she said it was really tricky! And she has done some neat pattern art.

Billy has written to tell us about the new digger they are getting, and he's going to learn to drive it!

Akirti has made a list of useful Maori translations for Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori:

Cara has made a cool mobile and done some outdoor shadow art. She has also made a great slideshow about Cheetahs, click through below to find out more:

Thursday 16 September

Hayden has done a neat piece of writing about why we should have a longer lunch break time. Do you agree with him?

Escada has been doing some more creative writing:

Akirti has made a gratitude jar for her family:

Yasmin has completed another creative story:

Gurmann has done some cool activities this week: a map with Te Reo place labels, a gratitude Jar and some writing about his lego creation:

Hayden has tried the rainbow in a jar experiment... its a bit tricky this one but it looks cool anyway:

Cara has created a really cool Maori word dictionary, with pictures:

Aylah has also tried the rainbow in a glass experiment, and done some scientific writing:

Term 3, Week 7

E-Letter for Home Learning

Kia Ora Whaanau 

Welcome to the fourth week of Kea Whaanau online learning during this Level 4 Lockdown. Please see our E-Letter for this week (Week 7 of Term 3). This is learning from today, Wednesday 8th, till next Wednesday 15th September.    

Teachers will be available from 10 am - 2 pm to respond to emails.    

Thank you to all those who have sent in pictures of your learning. Thank you also to everyone who submitted an entry for the  'Reading in an Unusual Place' competition! They look great and the video will be fun to watch.   

Remember we understand that everyone’s situation during alert level 4 looks different,  So we encourage you to do what is manageable for your whaanau.  A day outside with your family is just as valuable as time on a device - we are all putting our wellbeing first.

Kia Kaha

Mr Wiz

Room 10 Virtual Certificates Weeks 5-7

Room 10's Week 7 Learning 

Here is some of the learning shared by R10 students this week:

Wednesday 15 September

Francois has completed the Wicking Water experiment, it looks like he enjoyed it!

Yasmin and Aylah have both completed the abstract art activity:



Janelle has written a neat body switch story!

Tuesday 14 September

Billy has been busy this week, making his abstract art and also experimenting with the baking soda and vinegar volcano! Nice work Billy!

Chelsie has been doing some crafts for her room, and some writing too!

Monday 13 September

Francios has completed some more learning in science, doing the Raisin' Raisins experiment:

Escada has done some more great writing, and has also had a go at the abstract art activity:

Gurmann has also finished the abstract art activity, and done some more writing from the ideas spinner:

Janelle has done a neat story about being shrunk... and Mr. Wiz was shrunk too! Have a read:

Friday 10 September

Here is another neat piece of narrative writing by Yasmin:

Cara has done her abstract art with tape and paint, it looks awesome!

Thursday 9 September

Hayden is really enjoying being a scientist at home, and has completed this weeks science experiment task, Raisin' Raisins.

Francois has been learning through doing many different activities: art, baking, maths, reading and writing. He has even been helping get the boat cleaned and ready for summer! Here are some pictures of what he has been up to:

Cara and her family had a marble run race competition, after making their own marble run track from lego! What a great idea!

Escada is really working hard on her writing. She is now drafting, re-reading and editing to make a re-worked final piece. Super work Escada!

Term 3, Week 6

E-Letter for Home Learning

Kia Ora whanau and welcome to Week 3 of learning from home.  

Please take some time to read over the new activities in the Term 3, Week 6 e-Letter. Remember these activities are today Wednesday 1st through to next Wednesday 8th September.   

It is Tongan Language Week next week, so we’re starting early. There are some fun website links to click and check out! I hope you’ve enjoyed using the Virtual Library. This week we’ve added a Writing Virtual Classroom (which is on the Kea Home Learning page).     

Thank you to all those who have sent in pictures of your learning. I will try to put it up on our webpage for everyone to see.      

Don't forget the 'Reading in an Unusual Place' competition! This will be the last week for photos! Send your photos to me to add to the class competition and the Kea Whaanau video. We have had a lot of really neat entries already, and there may be a teacher entry or 2 also!

Parents please note: As this competition requires visiting Facebook for the daily link, we recommend this is done with your child, not by them independently.

Every day by 9.30am the Young Ocean Explorers team will share a link on their Facebook page Young Ocean Explorers 

Each link is a "how to draw" video. 

If you would like to enter, draw your entry and get your parent or caregiver to upload the picture to the Young Ocean Explorers facebook page - in the comments of that days link by 5pm. 

Each day, Explorers Riley and Steve will judge their favorite entry - and courier the winner a copy of the book -  Love our Ocean.

Today’s Challenge is The Great White

Room 10's Week 6 Learning 

Here is some of the learning shared by R10 students this week:

Wednesday 8 September

Seren has spent time working on the Wicking Water experiment, with her brother assisting! Well done Seren, looks like you had fun!

Cara has created a beautiful poster to show us the ways we should care for our planet, great work Cara!

Yasmin is really getting into her writing, here is another neat story by her:

Tuesday 7 September

Hayden has completed the Wicking Water experiment, check out the neat photos showing his learning:

Gurmann has done some more research into power sources, this time focussing on solar power. Check out his information below:

Janelle has worked with her brother Keenan to complete the water wicking experiment. Check out the cool pics:

Yasmin has done some more writing, and also some Solar power research, which she has included in a piece of writing too:

Monday 6 September

Hayden and Yasmin have both created very cool artworks, explaining about renewable power. 

This is Hayden's on the side, and Yasmin's is below.

Yasmin has also done some writing, a story about being shrunk!

Well done Yasmin!

Gurmann has spent some time researching renewable vs non renewable energy.

He has some very good information and has made some strong points.

Well done Gurmann!

Erika has been very productive this week, making a recycled instrument, researching and writing about protecting animals, and even practicing her Japanese language with her mum! Amazing work Erika!

Cara has done an amazing job completing the Wicking Water science experiment. Check out her awesome photos!

Escada has also done the Wicking water experiment, click through her slides to have a look:

Friday 3 September

Gurmann has used the idea spinner to get some writing motivation!

Thursday 2 September

Noah has been out on the farm feeling animals, here he is with some stunning Macaws! 

Aren't they beautiful!

Escada has done some research into Biomass Energy, and also done some earth based art.

Awesome learning Escada!

Cara has been doing some writing, and has also made a recycled instrument: a minion shaker!

Below, is Cara's poster about her favourite Olympian.

Great work Cara!

Gurmann has done the name-spelling fitness workout!

I bet he was tired after that, but he enjoyed it which is the main thing!

Wednesday 1 September

Escada has done some writing, and has tried to use a range of strong vocabulary to make it interesting to read.

Gurmann has used some writing prompts to create some cool short stories!

Term 3, Week 5 

E-Letter for Home Learning

Kia ora Whaanau, 

I hope you're doing well in your "bubbles". I've really enjoyed seeing all your efforts during learning at home, including unusual places to read! Stay tuned next week when I create a video revealing all our weird and wonderful reading places. 

 Click on the image below to click here to link to the PDF. From there you'll be able to access a range of other links to help you with your online learning this week. Don't forget to check our class page and see what your peers have also been up to!

Here are the Mathletics top students for last week!

Well done to all these learners who scored over 2000 points last week! (Monday to Sunday)


 Here is some of the learning shared by R10 students this week:

Tuesday 31 August

Hailey has spent a lot of time making this amazing poster of her favourite Olympian, Isabelle Werth.

Great presentation Hailey!

Leilani has been working on some writing pieces, including some Pobble inspiration and some mindfulness thinking too. Great work Leilani!

Steven has spent the day doing some arts and crafts, and mas created a neat paper snake from folding two strips of paper together!


Monday 30 August

Gurmann has done some research into wind power, and made a fantastic wind power model!

He has also looked into one of our great olympians, Lisa Carrington, and presented some information on her.

Escada has done a colourful leaf rubbing for art, great work Escada!

Amber has been doing some maths practice in his books, and also some writing!

Friday 27 August

Billy has written a recount about being out in the paddocks on his motorbike, and collecting wood for the fire.

Neat illustration of your dad's truck Billy!

Francois has been very busy, doing science, crafts and some writing. Check out his really cool recycled instruments!

Great effort Francois!

Yasmin has done some more science, trying the salt and pepper experiment. Excellent recording of what you did Yasmin.

She has also completed some research on an Olympian, Emma Twigg. Click through her slides to have a look.

Super work Yasmin!

Chelsie has been busy this week, doing science, riding her bike and also doing some writing.

Ryan has been working on energy research, looking at clean wind energy. He has  made some cool paper plane creations, and also practicing his Te reo!

I wonder how well those planes flew?

Thursday 26 August

Ryan has been out in nature and found inspiration for some artwork. Great leaf rubbings Ryan, these are neat.

Gurmann has done the Ice science experiment, great to see your before thoughts, hypothesis and results Gurmann. Well done.

This is Gurmann's fill-in-the-blanks story on the NatGeo Kids page. It's a lot of fun to do, give it a go!

Wednesday 25 August

Gurmann has been cooking again! These potato dishes look like a really yummy snack!

Hayden has been really creative, using his art skills to make a coloured pencil case from a pringles tube, and also made some amazing looking baking. I bet it tastes wonderful!

Janelle has been putting her writing learning into practice, with this really cool story about fish and looking after our oceans.

Yasmin has also been using her writing skills.

Check out the fantastic vocabulary she has used in her mouse story!

Check out the Pokeno School virtual Library below!  

There is a HUGE range of books at different levels for you to read in pdf format. Enjoy some different titles and expand your reading tastes! Let Mr Wiz know if there are any you really enjoyed!

WEEK 4 TERM 3...    


Kia Ora Room 10!  Welcome to Week 4, Term 3 - and Alert Level 4 Lockdown. This was a bit of a surprise, wasn't it?! 

Remember to check your emails for school communication. This morning I have updated tasks on Mathletics and Reading Eggspress. You can also be responsible for your own learning on Epic!, Scratch or Prodigy. 

 A new Learning at Home grid will be emailed out to all Whanau and also posted here today,  Wednesday 18 August. 

 While no one is on-site, at school during Alert Level 4,  I am available via email for any communication, questions, or pictures of your learning and I will respond as soon as I possibly can.  

 Stay Safe Whaanau and Take Care.

laptop reading

Term 3, week 4 e-Letter for Kea whanau

Kia Ora Whaanau, Hope you are all safe and well in Level 4.  Please find the Term 3, Week 4, E-Letter for the Year 5 and 6 Kea Whaanau students attached here.   You can access the worksheet for the science investigation attached here, and the slide on making your own musical instrument using recycled items here.    

Please remember to share your pictures and work with your teacher so that they can post them on your class webpages.  We look forward to seeing your amazing learning from home.  Stay Safe - Kea Whaanau Teachers.

Well done to the top 3 points scorers on mathletics last week!

Super work Noah! Number one by heaps!  Keep it up!

Tuesday 24 August

Yasmin has been trying the science experiment and has presented her findings in a neat table.

She has also been creating things from recycled materials with her brother!

Very cool!

Escada has been doing a lot of writing using the Pobble prompts, well done Escada!

Hailey has been looking after herself and doing some mindfulness colouring, what a great idea for lockdown!

Gurmann has been busy making some Scratch creations, thats a really good idea Gurmann, well done!

Monday 23 August 

Escada has tried the magic comb trick too, but it didn't quite work for her so she used a balloon instead, great thinking Escada!  . 

Ryan has made some yummy muffins for his family!

Cara has been busy designing and planning out her recycled instruments. I wonder what they would sound like once played?

Steven has been working on prodigy and also doing some writing.

Friday 20th August

Gurmann has made some delicious chicken wraps with his mum, and also done some interesting research into NZ's geothermal energy resources.

Billy has been working on practicing his time in maths, and also doing some writing.

Great work Billy!

Thursday 19th August

Gurmann has completed the Magic Comb experiment. 

Good work Gurmann! 

Does anyone know why the paper moved after combing your hair?

Steven has designed a new Olympic sport called Dive Running!

I love the sound of this and would definitely be keen to try it myself!

Well done Steven!

Week 4 Term 1...    Level 3 Again!

Kia Ora Room 10!  Welcome to Week 4, Term 1 - and Alert Level 3 Lockdown.  Remember to check your emails for school communication. This morning I have sent your Usernames and Passwords out for our online platforms; Mathletics, Reading Eggspress and Epic! so that you may access these from home. The new Leanring at Home grid will be emailed on Tuesday.

While I am not teaching on-site, at school during this Alert Level 3,  I am available via email for any communication, questions, or pictures of your learning and I will respond as soon as I possibly can. Stay Safe Whaanau and Take Care.  

Nga mihi nui,  Mr Wiz 

Made with Padlet

Francois has started week 4 by making a mini surfboard and writing about it. This shows a good use of a lot of skills. Great work Francois!

Learning from home

Kia Ora Kea Whaanau, below is our first Kea Whaanau E-Letter: Getting Started for 2021 - Learning from home.  The links below the image will take you to; the PDF of the E-Letter where you can access all of the links that you will need to complete the tasks, tutorials, the Brain to label activity and the answers to labelling the brain.  Please use this to help  support your child/ren with learning at home. Some of this information is also avaliable on our class webpages.   We understand that everyones situation during alert level 3 looks different,  so we encourage you to do what is managable for your whaanau.  We would love to have learning shared with us during school hours: photos, writing etc. If you are happy for us to update our class pages as a forum of sharing please let us know. We are happy to answer questions and support you and your whanau in this learning journey. 

Scroll down to see images of Room 10's wonderful learning from home!

Kea Whaanau E-Letter: Getting Started, Label the Brain ActivityAnswers to Label the Brain

Room 10's L3 Learning!

Here are some examples of what Room 10 learners are doing in this lockdown:

Seren has been busy already in L3! She has learned how to make origami, and has made sushi for her family! Great work Seren!       .

Francois has also been busy making these awesome origami birds. Great work Francois!

Level 3 announcement

Good Morning Room 10, you will be aware by now that as of 11:59pm last night we moved into alert Level 3 for the Auckland Region and that Pokeno is included in the Auckland Region this time around. We are hoping this Level 3 will only last the three days, however we can’t be too sure. In saying that, the Kea Whaanau teachers are working hard to set up some online learning platforms that we can use, if we need to.  Our class pages will be updated regularly with information and activities for you and your family to participate in, so keep an eye out on your class web page for updates and please stay safe. Kia Kaha.   

Kea Whaanau Teachers 
Mrs J Delany (j.delany@pokeno.school.nz)   Mrs K Kanon (k.kanon@pokeno.school.nz)    Mr T Wisnewski (t.wisnewski@pokeno.school.nz)   Mrs S Fraser (s.fraser@pokeno.school.nz)  Miss K Day (k.day@pokeno.school.nz)   Mrs V McCarthy (v.mccarthy@pokeno.school.nz)  Miss M Watson (m.watson@pokeno.school.nz )

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