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Term 4 

Mrs Kanon and Room 9 welcome you to our page full of great work and wonderful ideas. Please contact Mrs Kanon if you have any questions or would like to submit work and photos to this page.                     


Let's Explore

Term 4, Week 7 E-Letter

Welcome to Week 7! 

 It was so good to see so many of our class back last week.  With this being our second week of being back at school part time our learning will continue to be based on the learning activities in our e-letter.  So, if you are still learning from home you aren’t missing out but we are missing you.  Thank you again for the support with the activities in the e-letters.  We, as teachers, have been really excited to see the continued interest in the activities.   

 Here is our E-Letter for this week (Week 7 of Term 4). This week the ‘optional’ activities provide opportunities to make a Christmas Caravan and decorate it, complete some geometric art, grow some rock candy and create a nature collage. You also could go on a Safari walk and play some card games with your family.  Remember you can choose to do some or all of these activities.  Don’t forget you can go back to previous e-letters and complete tasks. There are some great activities to work on.   

 Please keep sharing photos with me so I can add your learning to the page.  Have a fun week!

Secret Messages



Bubble class for Friday experimented with gloop. Solid or Liquid: Cornflour is made of lots of long, stringy particles.  When water is added they do not dissolve in water, but they do spread themselves out.  This allows the gloop to act both like a solid and a liquid.  When you roll the mixture in your hands or apply pressure to it, the particles join together and the mixture feels solid.  But if it is left to rest or is held up and allowed to dribble, the particles slide over each other and it feels like a liquid.

Rachel Online Learning

Rachel has been busy -Look at all her wonderful work

Term 4, Week 6 E-Letter

This week, 22-26 November, will be an exciting week for some of you as you come back to school for 3 days. Others will continue learning from home. For all learners at school or at home we will continue to focus our attention on the e-letter and tasks from there.  We will still expect the “Must Do’s” of Mathletics, Reading Eggspress and Writing to continue.  

Please if you are at home send us some writing so we can put it on our webpages. This week the ‘optional’ activities provide opportunities to make some gloop, create secret messages and go on an imaginary holiday. We also encourage you to listen to some music while drawing and create some 3D boxes to decorate. There are lots of fun activities to keep your mind and body busy here. Remember you can choose to do some or all of these activities.  Also, if you missed out on an activity from a previous week it is ok to go back and do that one too. We are keen for you to explore and look at activities that interest you. 

Don't forget to share photos and work with your teacher.

Term 4, Week 5 E-Letter

Malo e lelei Room 9, 

This week, Week 5 starting Monday 15, we have more fun activities to go along with your online platforms, Mathletics and Reading Eggspress. Have some fun making the squishy circuit play dough and thinking about conductivity, learn about animal homes and/or create your own paper tiles.  

 Don’t forget, if you missed out on an activity from a previous week it is ok to go back and do that one too. This week is the second week of the 2 week project - Building Blocks of Geometry - this week it is time to create your own building. I can’t wait to see these shared with me as well as any of the work you have done. Please email me so I can comment on your achievements. 

 If you’re able to make it, I would love to see you at our scheduled Google Meet. Please see the E-Letter that was sent on Monday for the link. Just click and join! Have a good week! 

Gardening and Geometry

Kaydence has been busy with her tomato plants and fancy lettuce- nearly looking ready for a salad. She has also been reading in the shade and completing some geometric art work. Thanks for the wonderful photos.

Term 4, Week 4 E-Letter

Welcome to Week 4 Room 9 

This week (Week 4 E-Letter) we have a variety of fun activities to go with your online platform work (Mathletics and Reading Eggspress).  While I’m not able to read with you, I am following closely the amount of time and activities that you are involving yourself with on Reading Eggspress and Mathletics.  Remember to check out some of the books in the Reading Eggs library too! 

 This week, the Optional Activities provide opportunities: to cook with the sun, learn about whitebait and create your own 3D pencil. Remember you can choose to do some or all of these activities.  Also, if you missed out on an activity from a previous week it is okay to go back and do that one too. This week there is a 2 week project as it is a lot of learning - Building Blocks of Geometry - take your time, do a little everyday, and use your imagination to explore the buildings around the world. 

 Please continue to share photos with me, so I can add your learning stories and examples of work to this page. My challenge for you is to try and make it a goal this week to send at least 1 photo to me - k.kanon@pokeno.school.nz. Help make our class Webpage look amazing! 

 I hope you enjoyed your Google Meet sessions so far and have had a chance to explore the areas that Ms Watson shared with you.  This week I will be hosting and can’t wait to meet with you. If you haven’t joined a session yet, join this week!

Being Kind To Yourself

Nila took up the challenge and shared an activity from the e-learning this week. Her and Charlotte recorded ways they could look after their wellbeing . All their great ideas will help them feel better and be mindful . Well done Nila.

Friendship Bracelets

Sophie created Friendship bracelets using this video. She used a circle template to thread 7 strands of wool through and then made this wonderful bracelet. I wonder if you could make one too.

Beautiful Weather for the Beach

Kayden has enjoyed spending time at the beach and swimming. He even made a necklace out of a shell that he found with his grandad.  And…. Kayden cooked up his own eye fillet steak for dinner tonight served with lemon pepper chips and salad.  He had completed all of his hard pack activities and is looking forward to the next one arriving.

Geometric art With Rachel

Look at all the wonderful art in Math Rachel has been completing. She can show us Maori Kowhaiwahi patterns and tessalating patterns as well as geometric shapes.  Great work Rachel.

Paper Chain Challenge

Today I did the paper chain challenge with mum and dad. This was really fun. As you can see, my dad ran out of time and started to cheat, haha, his one does not look as good as mine.

I had the longest chain at 1.3 metres, my mum and dad both had 1.2metres.

Thank you Cameron

Stress Balls created

Cameron has been busy making stress balls and completing online activities. Great work Cameron. Keep up the wonderful effort.

Oobleck Creating.

Kayden has created his own colourful Oobleck.


1part water

2 parts cornflour

Start with 1 cup to 1 and 1/2 cup cornflour then add more if the mix seems too dry. Kayden has added food colouring too. Is it a solid? Is is a liquid? It is both!

Term 4, Week 3 E-Letter

Kia ora Room 9,

 Welcome to Week 3 of Term 4. It’s a busy time of year as we get closer to the end of the year. This week it’s Guy Fawkes on November 5th but it’s unlikely they’ll be much of a celebration with fireworks this year. If you’re unsure why New Zealand has such a celebration, check out this weeks activity in the E-Letter for Week 3, 1 November

 There is also a fun activity if you’re an animal lover. If you don’t have a printer, you might know how to write on a PDF, or you can just write separately on a piece of paper. 

 Don’t forget to do the core curriculum subjects: Maths, Reading and Writing by using the online platforms, including the wonderful interactive Virtual Writing lounge which has 5 prompts to get you started on a task and a tonne of resources to help you! 

Please share your work and adventures with your teacher so they can share them with your class. 

 Have fun with all the activities and keep looking after yourselves!

Kayden Learning Week 2

Kayden has been busy working at home and spending time with his family. Working on Geometry and reading.

Term 4, Week 2 E-Letter

Hello Kea Whanau,

We’re going to have a little fun this week and have added some Halloween themed activities. We know not everyone celebrates but we all have imaginations and we need to escape this Lockdown reality just a little. This week is a short week, but we still have the same amount of activities. Keep up with your routines you have set up for weekdays to do your school work and don’t forget to share your learning - the process and the end product to your teacher, so they can see all the hard work and fun you’ve been having. Click here for the E-Letter for Week 2, Tuesday 26 October - Friday 29 October.

Kaydence Gets Growing

Kaydence has been busy growing seeds for her family garden this week. She has also been drawing. Wonderful Geometric shapes Kaydence. Mrs Kanon has also been watching Kaydence complete work in Mathletics, Reading Eggspress and Epic and that has shown on the Awards board. 

Thanks for all your hard work Kaydence.

Kayden Keeps Busy

Already this week Kayden and his brother have been out and about. Before climbing Mt William he made a wonderful hearty breakfast of poached eggs and toast for Bronson and himself. Then off to the top of Mt William to look at the wonderful view. What a great day for it.

He has also been collecting Weetbix cards. If you are collecting get ready to trade or if not pass them on to him.

Maybe you could share with Rm 9 the things you collect and we could help you add to your collections.

Term 4, Week 1 E-Letter

Kia ora Whanau, 

 We hope you're ready to get back into learning after your two week break. There are some fun, hands-on activities to keep you busy offline to mix it up with the online platform tasks too. Here is the E-Letter for the week starting Monday 18th October.  

 We can't wait to see some photos of you creating, problem solving, writing, thinking and giving things a go, so don't forget to share your home learning with your teacher.

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