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Unfortunately, we find ourselves back in lockdown for 7 days.  Our Learning from Home slideshow will be available as of Wednesday 12pm each week.  I have set lessons for children on Reading Eggs/Express and Math Seeds.  You will find your child's login and password in their homework books in their book bags.  Please contact me on t.mcveigh@pokeno.school.nz if you need help with anything.  I look forward to seeing everyone back at school soon.  Miss McVeigh

I will put all your fabulous learning onto our webpage as I receive it.


For extra reading, remember we also have a class login for Epic.  Epic has fantastic books for extra reading during lockdown. 

Go to www.getepic.com/students

Class code:   iib7591

Well Done Room 7.

We're reading a lot of books.

900 books is amazing.


Harrison has been doing Science Experiments.  He used milk, food colouring and detergent.  Looks very cool.

Letter Art Challenge

X marks the spot

Xavia's very creative letter art

Photo Recreation Challenge

Rayden has been building Mr Potato Heads.

Happy Birthday to you.  Happy Birthday to you.  Happy Birthday Dear Xavia, Happy Birthday to you.  Xavia had a fantastic Lockdown birthday with Mum and Dad.  Xavia celebrated being 7 with this impressive cake.

Xavia made this organizer using a shoe box.  He used toilet paper rolls and cardboard. Xavia covered his box with coloured paper to make it look nice.  Now he has all his supplies in one spot.  This is fabulous Xavia.  

Xavia is very proud of his Phonics Certificate.  All that hard work has paid off Xavia - good job!!

Max has written a fantastic poem about Lightsabers.  So very clever Max!!

Max has been busy with maths

Khizar and Aania have been experimenting with raisins, baking soda and vinegar

Harrison at the Beach

Kaylee's Home Learning

Lego, Lego and more Lego

Calissa is an amazing reader and has been reading 100's of books on Epic and Reading Eggs.  She has enjoyed reading non-fiction books.  

Calissa has been learning about exploding Volcanos. 


Zoe and her brothers have created some gorgeous pictures using coloured paper.

A challenge from Harrison

Harrison has been learning about his body.

Can you draw around your body?  How many bones can you name?

Zachary has been creating

Zachary has created a birds nest and a tree using items he found at home.  Awesome!!

Beautiful writing Zachary

Bubble Art with Oliver and Teagan

Father's Day

Max has written a beautiful poem for his Dad.  I'm sure your Dad will keep this forever!!

Create a Costume Challenge

Recycled Art Challenge

Amber's Home Learning

Amber has been keeping her family nice and sweet with a  beautiful cheesecake.  Looks delicious Amber!!

Photo Challenge

Maddison reading to her many furry friends.

You're a superstar Maddy.

Oliver reading in a basket of clean washing!!

Xavia and Rusty

Lola and her furry friends

Miss McVeigh and Pigsley

Sofia and Max

Rayden and Crumb


Sophie and Camber

Calissa reading to a lot of friends

Check out Harrison and Louis.  I don't think Louis could get any closer to Harry if he tried.  He really is enjoying Harrison's reading!!  Lucky Louis.

Yuvaan reading to his younger brothers

Oliver reading to the gorgeous Ivy.

Xavia's Home Learning

Gurmannat's Home Learning

Gurmannat has been very busy doing math.

Gurmannat has managed to hurt herself during lockdown but still has a big smile on her face.  We all hope you feel better soon. 

Khizar's Home Learning

Max's Home Learning

Max and his 100 piece Lego creation.

Very impressive Max.  This must have taken you a long time!

There's lots of reading happening in Max's bubble.  Check out the awesome certificate.  Good job Max.

Rayden's Home Learning

Rayden and his sister Tamsin love going for walks with their dog.

Sophie's Home Learning

Amy and Sophie have found the best place to read a book

Sophie looks very relaxed 

Exploring their local neighbourhood

Camber has been getting into some more trouble... 'A Camber shark'.  Sophie would like to know if you think Camber the shark is scary?

The lifecycle of a 'Camber Rattlesnake' and a 'Camber Lizard'

Check out Sophie's brilliant story about the adventures of Camber.

Sophie had a Lockdown birthday celebration.  She celebrated with a fabulous cake.

Happy Birthday to you,  Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Sophie, Happy Birthday to you.

Lola's Home Learning

Lego Challenge - 100 pieces

Lola has created a masterpiece.    

She has named it "Lego house slide inside".

Lola challenges her friends to create a 100 piece Lego creation.

Lola has a very comfy Home Office set up for her learning.  Having fun with the epic quizzes

Chef Lola cooking a delicious meal for her family.

Harrison's Home Learning

                                                                                Harrison and his clever family have built their very own goal post.  This looks like a fun place to be for Lockdown.                                                                         

Harrison and his brother Ashton are on the tools building a 'speccy' house, just like dad does.   Watch your fingers boys!!  

Harrison has been working on his 'speccy' house

Looking good Harrison

Duplo creation

Bubble fun on the tramp

Planning the speccy house

Sean's online learning

Sean has been keeping himself very busy at home.   He's been writing fantastic stories, math on prodigy and spelling.

WOW Sean your Lego creation is incredible.  Good job!!

Oliver's baking up a storm

Tegan and Oliver are making some delicious snacks

Olivia's Home Learning

Zachary's Home Learning

                                                                                                                Zachary has been writing fantastic stories.                                                                                                

Zachary has written a great description about a pug crunching chips.


                 kIWIANA ART

The day rats came to visit


Celebrating Matariki

Exploring 3D shapes

Lockdown March 2021

Welcome back to Online Learning  

Our Learning from Home slideshow will be available as of Tuesday morning.  I have set lessons for children on Reading Eggs and Math Seeds.   You will find your child's login and password in their homework books in their book bags.  Please contact me on t.mcveigh@pokeno.school.nz if you need help with anything.  I look forward to seeing everyone back at school next week.  Miss McVeigh

Oliver the little Picasso

Gorgeous Artwork from the very talented Ollie

Ollie really loves his noodles

Zachary's Gruffalo Story

Zachary has written a fantastic description about The Gruffalo.

Jackson makes Play dough

The very clever Jackson made play dough and created a cake and waffles.  I'm thinking Jackson has food on his mind!!

Jackson sending me his photos

Waffles and cake anyone?

Mrs Fraser has a group of Essential Worker children at school having a fantastic time and being very creative.  I can't wait to see the end product.

Lockdown February 2021


 We are currently working on getting all of our Reading Eggs, Mathseeds and Fast Phonics usernames and passwords organized. 

Last year we used Epic for extra reading during lockdown.  I have created a log in for Room 7.  Please check your emails for log in details. 

Welcome to Room 7's web page.  My name is Miss McVeigh and I'm very excited to see what the fabulous learners will get up to in Room 7 this year. 

If you need to contact me 

My email address is: t.mcveigh@pokeno.school.nz 


Good Morning Room 7.  You will be aware that as of Sunday 11:59pm we moved into Alert Level 3 for the Auckland Region. 

The Ruru Whaanau teachers are working hard to set up some online learning platforms that we can use, if we need to.  Our class page will be updated regularly with information for you and your family.

On Friday we decided how we wanted our Class Treaty to look.  We brainstormed different ideas and came up with 5 rules.  These rules are promises that we all agreed to by signing our Treaty.

LEARNING TO LEARN You and I fit together like missing puzzle pieces. 

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