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Kia Ora Koutou, 

 Welcome to Room 3's website page. We are back into our Online Learning. If you need any extra support please do not hesitate to contact me. Ruru Whanau has created a slideshow for home learning. I have attached some more resources if you wish to do any extra below. 

Please send any home learning photos to me to put onto the website.  

 My email: c.senn@pokeno.school.nz.   

  Thank you!     


Miss Senn

Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2021

Learn with us on the Maori Television site for kids. Click here! I have found some resources for you to work on at home. Please click the link to find them here. 

Zoo Resources

I have compiled some Zoo related resources for you to use. Please have a look at these if you would like to try something different!

Click this link

Reading To Your Pet Challenge

Baby Comparison Photos

How cool is this! I love that it's the same seats too! Same cheeky smile Mr Christian. 

What a cute baby! Look at Ruby's yummy icecream. Lucky you got to eat another icecream!

Learning Superstars

Sriansh has been making his own breakfast! Yummy yummy.

Kalel has been working on his Te reo. He has also been making this amazing shop with his family! How cool is that. 

Sriansh in his wonderful custom traditional dress. You look great!

Azorah has been working hard on her measuring. Look at that gorgeous smile!

Some wonderful T-shirt designs have been sent through!

Our winners are Tysin and Azorah! Azorah used a real T-shirt. How creative! Tysin based his off the animated movie Vivo. Well done you two!

We have been running a t-shirt competition in Room 3! Look at some of our wonderful designs. The winner will be announced on Thursday. 

Kalel has been working on some amazing writing about Aliens. He has been learing how to write his ideas in a sequence using First, Then, Next and Finally. How awesome Kalel!

Wow, look at all of Carson's moves! He has been out and about with his brother making sure he is moving and keeping up with his football skills. 

Harper has been working on some Spring art! How very beautiful Miss Harper. Those are some wonderful flowers.

Nate has been doing some writing about Polar Bears in the North Pole. He has been doing some amazing reading at home. 

Taylor has been working super hard with his writing and some cool word finds. You are trying so hard Taylor! Keep it up!

Max has been protecting our waterways by gathering rubbish from around the streets where he lives. Even though it was raining, he insisted on going out and getting all of the rubbish out of the drain so that no sea creatures die from it. How wonderful Max! 

Nate has been working super hard on his reading and his writing. He has written about a dinosaur today and loves adding new exciting ideas to his writing. 

 Nate has been doing some science experiments with his sister Ava at home. Adding baking soda and white vinegar together to make an explosion! 

WOW! Great work guys. 

Drawing Tutorials

I have found some Drawing Tutorial worksheets to print at home. Feel free to print these at home and have a go. You can still use them if you haven't got a printer.

Click this link to find the worksheets 

I have been working from home with my little dog Daisy. She has tried to be super helpful!  She tried to eat my healthy apple. No Daisy! 

Scroll down the page some more to find our Learning Superstars!


Spring has sprung! Here are some cool activities to work on. 

Spring Resources

Fathers Day

Fathers day is this weekend. I have found some wonderful resources for you to try. Click here!


Here are some cool science ideas to try out at home. Click this link!

Daffodil Day

Friday 27th August is Daffodil Day. Show your support and brighten up our webpage with beautiful daffodils. Here are some extra activities to do together. Make sure you send me your Daffodils!

Daffodil Resources

The Mystery of the Missing Treasure

Have a go at finding the missing treasure together at home. Click the link to find the treasure!

Pirate Resources

Click the link below to find some super cool pirate resources! 

Pirate Resources

Mind Lab Kids

Mind Lab Kids has a heap of cool challenges that you can sign up and take part in. Lots of cool activities to do together. Have a look here

Mind Lab Kids

Reading Eggs

I have set your children Reading Eggs, Reading Eggpress and Mathseeds activities. Please check that they are continuing to do these. 

Your child knows their log in for Reading Eggs. If they do not please email me so that I can send you their password- Please click this link for Reading Eggs. 


We love crafting in Room 3! Here are some at-home ideas to assist you with crafting at home.

Crafting Resources


If you would like a break from your wonderful learning here is a link for some mindfulness colouring pages to print at home. 

Mindfulness Pages


Here are some extra reading resources if you would like to try some other ideas.

Reading Resources


Please find some writing resources if you would like some ideas for home. These can be printed at home. 

Writing Resources

Phonics resources

Please click this link if you would like to do some phonics activities at home. 



Here are some Mathematics resources to use at home. Please click the link below. 

Mathematics Resources

Go Noodle Get your bodies moving and grooving on Go Noodle! 

Click the link.

Our Wonderful Home Learners 

Reilly completing his Spring challenge. 

Te Kahia's wonderful learning!

Ruby made some beautiful artwork using shells.

Sriansh working hard on his arts and crafts. 

Look at Sophie and her huge cat Bruno!

Wow Taylor! Look at your writing. So amazing. 

Anahat reading to her toys and helping her mum in the kitchen. 

Nate doing some wonderful home learning. Look at that writing!

Carson's surprise! Look at his cute little lambies. He has named his Shaun. How cute are they!

Wow amazing Dog reading!

Max getting the home jobs done! Look at that wheelbarrow.

Max's little buddies. They love him so much!

Nate reading to buddy Moose.

Anahat making juice and staying healthy.

Te Kahia reading Peter Rabbit.

Sriansh reading to his monkey!

Ruby reading to her cat Dice! She also made her 100 piece lego challenge. 

Dilshan completing our 100 lego challenge and some math work. 

Mason creating his own plane! How clever is that!?

Max doing some wonderful writing and sentence work. 

Azorah doing her Early Words and her sight words. 

Carley making some wonderful chocolate. 

Sriansh doing our Lego Challenge. Keep it up!

Ruby has been doing some great home learning!

Taylor doing some wonderful learning about healthy food and some time on Fast Phonics. 

Kalel learning through play. Look at his awesome Lego creation!

Dilshan doing some wonderful work at home!

Miss Harper made a cool dream catcher. How awesome is that!

Mason doing some wonderful writing and baking a yummy cake! He measured all of the ingredients ALL by himself. Wow!!!

Reilly doing some writing on his poems. 

Kalel did some cool writing!

Max has been doing some amazing home learning!

Nate doing some wonderful reading and writing about Hornets at home. 

Reilly has been doing some wonderful Maths at home!

We had a visit from our local firefighters and the fire engine! We were so excited.

We have been working on our Football skills at school. Here are some photos of us learning.

We have been learning to use our equipment with each other. We have been working on our Manaakitanga. 

We did some great swimming in Term 1!

ZOO Themed Resources

Please click this link to find some ZOO themed resources. 


Please remember to take care of yourselves. I have found some colouring pages to allow us to take some time to relax. 

Colouring Pages

Learning Through Play

Please click this link to find some creative ideas to learn through play. 

Superstar Learners

Riley doing her phonics work. 

Te Kahia has been working on his vege garden and has been learning about the Deep Blue sea. 

Chloe doing some fabulous learning at home. 

Sophie has been up to some Cosmic Yoga and some puzzle work. 

Mason wrote a fabulous story about the Zoo. 

Max has been doing some sentence work. Yay Max!

Carson has been up to some super fun things! Look at him go!

Nate has been doing some wonderful home learning. 

Epic Reading

Last year we used Epic! for extra reading during lockdown. I have created a log in for Room 3. Pease check your emails to log in. 

Go Noodle

Get your bodies moving and grooving on Go Noodle! Click the link.

Cosmic Yoga

Click the link to practice some mindfulness. 

Writing Resources

Please click the link below to find some writing activities to do at home with your child. 

Writing Resources Online

Reading Resources

Please click the link below for some reading resources. Here you will find some readers and comprehension activities for your children to use at home. 

Reading Resources Online

Math Resources

Please click the link below to find mathematic resources and worksheets to print off at home. 

Math Resources Online

Math games 

NZ Math Games

Free Online Games- Education Online

More Reading Ideas

Storyline Online

Fun Brain

Fun Online Books and Games

Monkey Pen

Free PDF Books Online

Book Trust

Books Online

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