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Ahoy there Matey!

How to make a Treasure Map....by our crafty, creative and clever boy, JAXON!

The process of making your Treasure Map, is one that has taken a lot of time and patience.  

Throughout this experience you are using your literacy and fine motor skills, as well as your Mathematical skills.  This can be seen through the use of your compass, orientation and steps needed to find the TREASURE!  

Your Treasure Map looks just like a real one, it is the best one Miss Fale has ever seen.  Wow! Tino pai.  

Ka pai Jaxon! 

Congratulations Jaxon, you are doing so well on Reading Eggs. 

Ka pai Jaxon, you have done so well describing the Frog.  I hope you enjoyed this writing experience. 

Keep up the great work, Miss Fale :) 

Creating the Letter J with beautiful pieces of nature!

Ka pai Avitaj, Jaxon and Olivia I am sure you all enjoyed picking flowers, leaves and sticks to complete your letter J j.  And YES.... Jaxon starts with the letter 'J' and the lowercase 'j' can be found in Avitaj's name.  Woohoo!  

What has Tyra been up t0?

Tyra, I can see you have spent a lot of time coloring your cat and dog pictures, adding lovely detailing to the different patterns.  Ka pai, they brighten up my day. 

I love that you have been so diligent over lockdown Tyra, with your handwriting, practicing your letter formations.  I am very proud of you.  

Miss fale :)

Congrats Tyra!

You are enjoying the Reading Eggs Programme. 


Kyra Grace you have worked so hard, practicing the letter formations of the Letter   J j.  Tino Pai, Miss Fale is very proud of you.  

What has Haydn been up to?

There is something quite special about creating and watching things grow.  

Haydn you have created and decorated a special place for your seeds to grow and develop.  

I can see you have spent a lot of time cutting, gluing, sticking and using your fine motor skills to attach your pegs to the pot.  Now you can care for and nurture your seeds and watch them grow.  You should be so proud. 

Miss Fale is so proud of you.  Tino pai. 

Haydn it is wonderful to see you out and about exploring on your bike.  A new skill you learnt during Lockdown in Term 3.  

Haydn you have been so busy in your bubble as school practicing your letter 'K', you are forming your letters perfectly.  

Ka pai, keep up the good work.  



Look at the pink lava spilling out of your Volcano as it erupts!  

Noah, throughout this learning experience, I can see you had so much fun.

Firstly you: 

  • Created your Volcano.
  • Mixed up the liquid ingredients (vinegar and pink food colouring).
  • Carefully poured the liquid into the hole... waiting to see what happens when the liquid interacted with the baking soda inside! 
  • What could you see?
  • Bubbles, oozing, foam.....LAVA!!

Ka pai Noah, you have taken learning into your own hands within in this experiment and you have explored so many concepts of science.  Keep up the great mahi, Noah.

Miss Fale :)   

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