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welcome to room twelve

- Room 12 Parents and Students - 

If you or your parent/caregiver has not received an email from me in the past week, please email me on the address below to ensure I have the correct contact email 

- Room 12 Learning Hareruia -

On Monday morning Room 12 started learning Hareruia.  Not only is our class full of wonderful singers but we also have some exceptionally talented musicians as well.  Cant wait to keep going with this, Room 12 I am so impressed with the effort you gave to learning this beautiful song. Cant wait to learn more with you!
Kind Regards, Mrs Fraser.

- Welcome Back Room 12 -

Welcome back to School Room 12.  Wow, Week 7 of Term 3 already... where has this year gone?  What a busy week we have had getting back into the swing of School, but its been an absolutely fantastic one!  Its been great to see you all back at school, and to see your amazing attitudes and your ongoing commitment to your learning.  I am so proud of you all.  Keep up the great work Team! 
Kind Regards, Mrs Fraser.

- Lockdown Learning - 

 Version 2.0 

What Home Learning Version 2.0 Looks Like For Isabella!

Isabella and her sister enjoying a Movie Night at home during lockdown version 2.0.  This was one of the could do activities that we gave everyonefrom the Week 6 Newsletter!  Great job Isabella, looks like you guys had a great night.  Love the picture, thanks for sharing!

- Beam - Rock, Paper, Scissors -

What do you do when you are at School during lockdown?
You play Beam- Rock, Paper, Scissors ofcouse!  Mrs Smith and Mrs McCarthy going head to head.  Too bad Mrs McCarthy, Mrs Smith got you this time!

- Writing Legends Update -

All Writing Legends tasks have been Marked and Feedback provided (I am marking these daily) - Please check out the feedback I have provided you and make the suggested changes (mostly punctuation and spelling related) or improvments, or simply complete the piece of writing you have started.  Please take the time to have a look!  Some really amazing writing being sent through to me!  I can see most of you have now created Avatars for your profiles, so if you haven't yet had the chance, jump on and give the writing a go! Thanks, Mrs Fraser.

Home Learning E-Letter Week 6 

Good Morning Room 12, Welcome to Week 6 of online learning with Kea Whaanau.  Below is a copy of this weeks E-Letter and contains a range of recommended learning activities and can do learning activites.  This was sent out this morning, so you should all have a copy of this in your email inbox.  If you have any problems opening the attachments you can also find them located here - Pin Wheel, Fairy Tale Word Search, Narrative Structure, Roll-a-Story and Popcorn Boxes.  I look forward to seeing the amazing learning you all share with me. 
Take care and stay safe everybody. Kind Regards,
Mrs Fraser.

What Home Learning Version 2.0 Looks Like For Caiside!

This is absolutely brilliant!  Home Learning Week 6 well underway for Caiside.  Wow! Caiside has done the 'could do' activities Option 1 and Option 3!  These are amazing Caiside, keep up the fantastic work!

What Home Learning Version 2.0 Looks Like For Isabella!

Some amazing home learning from Isabella, who cleverly submitted her work to me through our google classroom (which is super easy to do!)  Loving the 'Time' homework, and the completed spelling tasks too, Isabella!  Great job unpacking the 'explode the moment' task, and your $20 note is super Kiwiana themed - I love it!  Excellent work Isabella, Keep it up!

Zach on Writing Legends

Zach has been super busy at school working on his Writing Legends.  He has produced some wonderful writing, Well done Zach its been so nice getting to spend some time with you at school...we are the only two at School from Room 12!  Dont forget to check out the assigned tasks for Writing Legends this week, cant wait to see your work Team. Keep it up!

What Home Learning Version 2.0 Looks Like For Kahungunu!

Kahungunu did Option 2 of the suggested tasks on Money, The Currency study.  He has done his on on the Japanese Yen.  Love the poster Kahu, it looks fantastic! 

Kahu also made some of the Weetbix biscuits that Mrs Gallagher sent the recipe through for.  WOW they look so tasty! Look at those skills! I have some serious food envy now! Thank you for sharing Kahu.

James' Cash Creation

Wish I had a $1000.00 note!  Nice work James, where can I get my hands on one of these? James also told me that if I had $100,000.00 in $20.00 notes (I WISH!) that it would NOT fit in a brief case, like in the movies....hmmm, I guess I will have to buy a suitcase instead! 

Francesca's Fantastic Writing Legends 

Aibel's Amazing Writing Legends 

Writing Legends - Assigned Tasks For Week 6 

Hey Team, I have assigned two tasks for Week 6 on Writing Legends that I would like you to have a go at!  Both are using the same structure as the "explode the moment" template from last weeks learning where you are describing the senses.  Please jump on and give them a go.  You are NOT limited to these two tasks, but I would like it if you could do at least one of the assigned tasks and another of your own choice.

Week 6 Spelling Words

Hey Room 12, please find below the Week 6 Spelling Words for your groups.   Ferbyour Word Search is Here and Phineas your Word Search is Here.  Enjoy Team!

Poppy's Money

I think we should get this $30 put into circulation!  How do we start a petition? Love the 4 Square Man - Total kiwi icon! Nice Work Poppy!

Home Learning E-Letter Week 5  

Good Morning Room 12, Welcome back to online learning with Kea Whaanau. Hopefully this will be for a short time, but we have got this covered and like last time we will be providing you with a variety of learning opportunities. Below is a copy of this weeks E-Letter and contains a range of recommended learning activities and can do learning activites.  This was sent out this morning, so you should all have a copy of this in your email inbox.  If you have any problems opening the attachments you can also find them located here - explode the moment, design a New Zealand bank note  & Term 3's Week 5 E-Letter.  I look forward to seeing the amazing learning you all share with me. 
Take care and stay safe everybody.
Kind Regards,
Mrs Fraser.

Who is on the Leader Board for Week 5?

- Mathletics -

Congratulations to Kahungunu Aubrey-Lindsay, Aibel Dony-Athithara, Isabella Janevska, Rohaan Prasad, Joel Martin-Hughes, Mollie Tohaia, Caiside Tuhiwai, Liane Victor for their participation in Mathletics this week.  And a Massive Congratulations to Lamees Alharbi - 7 hours 35 mins and  Francesca Cutillon - 7 hours 56 mins, WOW ladies great work!

Make sure you check out the assigned tasks for the week!

- Reading Eggs -

Congratulations to Aibel Dony-Athithara,  Francesca Cutillon, Isabella Janevska, Jacob Smith, James Shaw, Jasper Post, Joel Martin-Hughes, Joseph Whiunui-Manukau, Kahungunu Aubrey-Lindsay, Lamees Alharbi, Maycie Mao, Mollie Tohaia, Noah Manning, Poppy Hines, Rohaan Prasad, Zach Munce for being active on Reading eggspress thuis week. A  Huge Congratulations to Liane Victor for a massive  3 hours 20 minutes on reading eggspress.


- Writing Legends - 

Congratulations to Francesca Cutillon, Jacob Smith, Jeston Kwok, Joel Martin-Hughes, Kahungunu Aubrey-Lindsay, Matthew Theys, Maycie Mao and Mollie Tohaia for their fantastic writing this week on Writing Legends.

Please check out the assigned tasks on Writing Legends this week and give them a go!

Maycie's Magnificent Writing Legends 

Mollie's Marvellous Writing Legends 

What Home Learning Version 2.0 Looks Like For Noah!

Noah busy baking up a storm!  

Making some of the delicious Weebix biscuits that Mrs Gallagher from Maramarua sent the recipes out for the other day. Yummy!

The Manning family also made the bliss balls and they think they were pretty good too!

Great Job Noah!

For a copy of Mrs Gallagher's Recipes

- Click Here -

What Home Learning Version 2.0 Looks Like For Liam!

Great photos Liam!  It is awesome to see you all trying out Mrs Gallagher's recipes, I am hearing such great feedback about how delicious everything is and it looks like you are all having so much fun making them!  Class full of bakers, I think!  Maybe we need to have a bake off?  Keep up the great work learning from home Liam!

- Mollie Made A Water Clock! -

What Home Learning Version 2.0 Looks Like For Matthew!

Matthew working on the activities from the Term 3 Week 5 E-Letter for this week.  

Does anyone think they can guess what activity Matthew is working on here?

Yup, its Option 2 on Money!  I love the colour and detail in your poster Matthew, you have done an amazing job researching, and creating a poster about  the South African Rand.

Time - Homework

Matthew has also completed his Time Homework for the week. Well done Matthew it looks fantastic, you have done an outstanding job with your home learning! Thank you for sharing!

Mollie's Study Into The Japanese Yen

What Home Learning Version 2.0 Looks Like For Mrs Fraser!

We made Mini Beasts (Tiger Dragonfly's apparently) as part of Oliver's Learning from Home, and we went for a lovely walk to get coffee in the rain! 

We did some yummy baking, reading eggs, eggy words and math seeds! And Tegan did a Power Point Presentation for her Inquiry on famous New Zealand Women! 

Then we did some handwriting (everyday)...some MORE baking (so much baking)!!! And we grew some Sea Monkeys on Mars, we are still waiting patiently for these to hatch!!

Mollie's Time Homework!

- Working Together - 

One of the coolest features with using google docs is that I can access your doc too, and work with you when you are doing your writing! Pretty cool, right?!  Lamees has done her "Explode the Moment"  writing in a doc today, and I have been able to work with her providing feedback/comments instantly on her 

writing.  And if we are in the doc at the same time we can use the "chat" function if you would like help to develop your writing further.  Would love to be able to do this with more of you, so if anyone is interested let me know and we can give this a go!  I am seeing some amazing work being delievered to my inbox.  Keep it up Room 12, I look forward to hearing from everyone, and seeing what everyone is doing in their home learning!

At School With Zach And His New Buddy!

It was so lovely to see Zach's smiley face this afternoon at school!  He has made a new friend - love the puppet, Zach! Fun mornings learning with Mrs McCarthy in Room 8, then awesome afternoons with Mrs McCarthy and Miss Bruce in Room 6!  

- Explode the Moment - 

Finished the "Explode the Moment" task in your home learning this week?  Once you have filled in the explode the moment sheet, turn it into a Moment in time writing piece, so write about your picture and include all of your senses in it - explore your words and use some WOW words to "show" me what is happening in the picture instead of "telling me" what is happening.  For example if you have a picture of an old man standing in the grass if you were telling me about the picture you might write - The old man stood in the grass and relaxed as the sun went down.  But if you were showing me you might write: The grass caressed his feet and a smile softened his eyes. A

hot puff of air brushed against his wrinkled cheek as the sky paled yellow, then crimson, and within a breath, electric indigo. It's about developing the sentence so that I feel like I am there in the moment (Moment in time) your words are showing me what's happening and making me feel like I am right there with you, not just telling what is happening.  Then tell me about what he hears, feels and thinks as he stands there alone... create a Moment in time story for me.

What Home Learning Version 2.0 Looks Like For Poppy!

Beautiful handwriting Poppy, have you remembered to tick your favourite letter on each row?  A little extra task that Poppy has decided to do!  

Fantastic to see another amazing Room 12 learner taking ownersip and responsibility for their own learning.  Keep it up Poppy!

Poppy working on the "explode the moment" task for home learning.  Poppy is now going to take all of these amazing ideas and write a moment in time - showing me what is happening in her image, using the "explode the moment" sheet to help her not just telling me.

What Home Learning Version 2.0 Looks Like For Aibel!

Great work Aibel, an amazing effort with getting your Week 4 Spelling tasks completed.  Thank you for sharing these with me, I cant wait to see more pictures of completed spelling tasks from everybody.

Aibel is on a roll with his home learning.  Week 5 Spelling tasks completed, I am so proud of you for having such a great attitude and commitment to your own learning Aibel - Ka pai to mahi!

Week 5 Spelling Words

Hey Room 12, please find below the Week 5 Spelling Words for your groups.   Ferbyour Word Search is Here and Phineas your Word Search is Here.  Enjoy Team!

What Home Learning Version 2.0 Looks Like For Lamees!

Yum!  Lamees these look so good! Keeping busy baking chocolate chip cookies.  Not only does baking involve reading a recipe (reading) and measuring ingredients (maths) its also a great way to de-stress and practice some mindfulness; plus you get a yummy treat at the end! Baking is so calming and a great way to unwind! 

Lamees is a bit of an entrepreneur in the making!  This clever girl has been super busy measuring, cutting and sewing face masks in a range of beautiful colours and patterns that she has been selling on the Pokeno Community page - I even purchased some myself.   Sewing is an amazing skill to have! Great Work Lamees.

Time - Homework

Wow Lamees! Not wasting a minute of her precious home learning time!  What an amazing effort, with plenty of time to spare.  Talk about ticking this task off! The second I saw this picture come in I 

knew I had to share.  So proud of your hard work and your fantastic attitude towards your home learning Lamees - Ka pai to mahi.  If anyone is unsure of the homework task due this Friday, please ask me for a hand, it will only take a minute to explain and you should be able to get the homework completed with research and references in a matter of hours!  - Excuse the Dad jokes,  I was trying to be punny...or funny!  Cant wait for you all to send in your pictures of your completed Homework on 'Time'  Room 12!     (The subject is on time...and I want it on time...nope not quite a comedian, I wont give up my day job!)

Please Standby  -

Online Learning
is Loading...

Welcome to 'The Sequel' -
Coming soon to an Online Classroom near you!


Week 5 Spelling Words

Hey Room 12, please find below the Week 5 Spelling Words for your groups.  If you have your Vocab book with you, GREAT! - complete them in there, if you don't have your Vocab book, no worries just compete them on a piece of paper and we will attach them in your book when we return to school. Ferbyour Word Search is Here and Phineas your Word Search is Here.  Enjoy Team!

Week 4 Spelling Tasks

Fantastic work completing your Week 4 Spelling Tasks Lamees, thank you so much for sending these pictures through to me.  I look forward to seeing more pictures of Week 4's Spelling Tasks as you send them through.  Dont forget my email is s.fraser@pokeno.school.nz

Phineas Spelling Words Week 4

Hey guys, for anyone wanting the Phineas spelling words for Week 4 so you can complete these at home, here they are.  If you do not have your Vocab book, don't panic!  Do them on a piece of paper and we can fix them in your book later!

Ferb's Spelling Words Week 4

Hey guys, for anyone wanting the Ferbs spelling words for Week 4 so you can complete these at home, here they are.  If you do not have your Vocab book, don't panic!  Do them on a piece of paper and we can fix them in your book later!

Look at Mollie - Spelling Tasks At Home

Well done Mollie; spelling tasks completed! Great effort.  Please make sure you are completing your spelling tasks and sending me a photo of them.  You can all use your own school gmail accounts to email them to me.  Look forward to seeing them!

Welcome to Term 3

Speech Finals

Congratulations to our speech Finalists, what an amazing result for our speeches Room 12.  You all did a fantastic job of  writing and presenting your speeches.  A big congratulations to our Year 6 finalists and overall winner Mollie Tohaia and runner up Caiside Tuhiwai, and to our Year 7 third place recipient Kristian Bvutira.

Cross Country Training

These guys are seriously fast! Cross country training in full swing.  What an amazing group of runners we have in Kea Whaanau.  Thanks Miss Lee for supporting our training on our awesome running track.  An extra half lap added for these speedy gonzales.  Looking forward to East Group Cross Country, which is just around the corner. 


Ngā mihi o te rā

Ki te whānau e huihui nei

Kia tau te rangimārie 

Kia whakatapua tātou 

Me ngā mea  

E whakapono ana tātou 

Haumi e hui e tāiki e

Greetings of the day to the whānau gathered here.  Let peace be with us,  And may we respect each other and what we believe

Enjoy your Holidays!

Hey Room 12 Whaanau,  I hope you all have a lovely school holiday.   Its been a bit of a crazy term, so make sure you take a moment to rest and relax...and catch up on some sleep! Cant wait to see all your happy, smiling faces back in Term 3! Take care, Mrs Fraser.

S.T.E.A.M -  Paper Plate Pinball Challenge

STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.  In Room 12 we had a challenge to design and create paper plate pinball machine.  Each child was given one paper plate and given access to various craft supplies.  They were shown an image and a video of a constructed paper plate pinball game, however instructions were limited as I wanted to them be creative, inventive and become problem solvers through giving it a go themselves.  We ended up with some amazing finished Pinball Plates, and really enjoyed playing with these and reflecting on the processes we used and how we incorperated a growth mindset when over coming challenges.  A few pictures from during the construction stage are below.

Before School Fun

Absolutely love how all of the kids in Room 12 look out for each other and have class games that they facilitate before school, during morning tea and lunch times.  Such beautiful children who prefer to play as a class instead of in individual groups.  I feel solucky to have such an amazing, inclusive class!  Room 12, your kindness, respect for each other and empathy towards your class mates blows me away every single day, dont ever change! You are a fantastic bunch of kids with great big hearts! I am proud of each and every one of you!

Artemis Fowl - Movie Time

Last day of term treats are happening today in Room 12!  

During lockdown we completed some reading and comprehension tasks around the Artemis Fowl Novel's.  What better way to reward the kids for their hard work in a difficult term then to enjoy the movie of the book we were reading! Fun times were had - Thank you to the Tohaia Family for the yummy pizza's and to the rest of our wonderful Room 12 whaanau for the delicious movie snacks.  Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday's.  I look forward to seeing everyone refreshed and recharged in Term 3.

Year 7's Technology Success 

Many of the Year 7's finished up their Wood Technology projects yesterday.  It was great to see their efforts,  its been a tough term and for them all to have produced something of such high standard was amazing to see.  I also received amazing feedback about all of the Year 7's from the Wood Technology Teacher, I am so proud of you all!!  Keep up the fantastic work team, and for your amazing efforts representing our extremely cool (not so little) school!!

Buddy Reading With Our Room 1 Friends

Week 10 of Term 2 saw Room 12 meeting with their Room 1 Buddies again for some fun Buddy Reading.  The Room 12 Buddies read readers, did sight words, read poems and picture books to their Buddies when they came for their visit on Friday.  It is great to see the friendships forming between the Room 12 and Room 1 kids which stretches out into the playground!  Room 12 loves getting to spend time with Room 1!

Life at Level 1, YAY!

So lucky to have these beautiful pictures shared with me.  Life at Level 1 - and some normality returning to our lives.  Mollie and her family got all dressed up to enjoy a night out watching the Blues! Looking great Tohaia Whaanau!

Gotcha Shop

Our amazing Student Reps - Mollie, Isabella and Poppy running the Gotcha Shop during their lunch break.

Lots of happy people, with smiles from ear to ear, cashing in their hard earned gotcha's for some amazing prizes!

Amazing Homework

Wow, absolutely amazing homework and home learning efforts turned in by Caiside and Matthew.  Amazing presentation and fantastic content guys, I love the time and effort that you put into all of your work, I really enjoyed reafing these.  Keep up the fantastic work!

Buddy Class

Today Room 12 had Buddy Class Reading with Room 1.  All of the Student's in Room 12 selected a Buddy to read their readers, their weekly poem and a picture book of their buddies choice! What a great way to meet our newest editions to Pokeno School!

Welcome back to school


Today in Room 12 we did an activity called 'Bubble Thanks'.  This activity was around being grateful, showing appreciation and showing love.  As we blew our bubbles, we had to think about someone that we love and care for, and the things we were grateful for while we were all in Level 4 lockdown. We all gave thanks for the love, the care that we received and showed gratitude to the things that helped us get through.

Back To School

Hello - Term 2, Week 6 and Welcome back to school everyone! Wow, what an awesome day it was seeing all of your smiling faces again and being able to talk to you all and hear about all of your unique experiences during Lock down in Level 4 and 3. Its great that so many of you are eager to jump back into learning, I look forward to moving forward with our learning for the remainder of this term.

Quick Reference Kea Whaanau E-Letters

learning at home

We are moving out of Learning to Learn and looking at Disasters and Climate Change under the umbrella of survival. Very timely given what we are facing at the moment with the country in a 4 Level system. Students will be looking at sports such as softball and soccer, they will begin to work on their on Pepeha and delivering these with confidence. We are beginning learning in The Arts in the area of Drama and looking at Digital Safety. This learning will also continue into Term 2 and you can find links here. 

- Kea Whanau 3x3            
 - Mathletics                                               
Reading Eggspress
- Treaty of Waitangi Learning Resources 
The Tree Hut Treaty Story 
- Whaanau Fun
- Miss Paulette's Art Project                                                       
Natural Disasters and Climate Change Learning Resources 


NZSL Week - Kids TV

WOW!  How cool is this? Thanks to Miss Lee for finding this!  Keeping with this weeks E-Letter learning theme of New Zealand Sign Language Week - check out this cool resource!  There is a channel called NZSL KIDS TV that is broadcasting NZSL based activities.   Daily shows that include NZSL Fit, Nursery Rhymes, Story time and much more!  

George Ezra 'Shotgun' - New Zealand Sign Language

Check out George Ezra's Song 'Shotgun' preformed in New Zealand Sign Language.  Challenge yourself to try and learn the signs for the song!  Start by learning the chorus, then try to learn each verse.  I'd love to see videos of you signing to this song.  It would be really neat if we tried to make our own video like the one below. 

Come on Room 12, who is up for the challenge?!

Kea Whaanau E-Letter 8

Good Morning Room 12 and Welcome to Week 5, Term 2.  You will have received the new format E-Letter this morning.  This weeks E-Letter contains New Zealand Sign Language Week activites.  You will find a list of suggested activities and can do activities.  You can find the E-Letter here if you need access.  Enjoy, and I cant wait to see your learning for this week.

Mathletics, Reading Express & Writing Legends Awards - Week 4


Congratulations to our Bronze award winners for this week: Lamees, Kahungungu, Isabella, Francesca, Rohaan, Joseph, Matthew, Mollie and Liane. Congratulations to Kahungunu for his Silver award this week too.

Reading Eggspress

Congratulations to our Bronze award winners for this week: Lamees, Mollie, Caiside and Liane. 

Writing Legends

Writing Legends is such a neat programme, I am loving reading all of your writing. Amazing writers this week are: Maycie, Caiside, and .  Keep up the great work team.  Make sure you try this writing programme if you have not had a chance yet!  

Science With Mollie

Mollie and Billy did some of the Science Experiments for Kitchen Chemistry that we sent out on Monday. Mollie thought they were really fun!!! With her ice cream in a bag she topped it with raspberries and feijoas, YUMMY!  The tornado kind of worked and the invisible ink didn't really work for them!  Looks awesome Mollie and Billy, Keep it up!

Science With Matthew

Matthew had a great week testing out some of the Science: Kitchen Chemistry activities that we assigned for the week.  Check out the invisible ink, and the Vinegar Volcano, Awesome workMatthew, looks like fun!

Cookie Making with Kristian

Yummy!  How good do these look!  Cookie making with Kristian and Teyonne.  Nothing like the smell of a fresh batch of cookies in the house, and I bet they all tasted devine.  

Kea Whaanau E-Letter 7

Kia Ora Room 12, today our E-Letter looks a little different from previous E-Letters.  This E-Letter is to introduce the new format that we will be sending out as of next week.  Keep working on the activities set at the start of the week, and be sure to check out the Mother's day activities attached.  You can find the heart pocket here and a Mother's day card template here.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Maycie's Mother's Day Art

Check out Maycie's Beautiful Mother's Day Card! This is stunning Maycie. I love all the detail you have put into the petals.  Your Mum is very lucky to be getting such a beautiful, handmade card.  Has any one else been busy making something special for their Mothers for this Sunday?  If you have, I would love it if you shared with us!

Kirstian's Recycled Robots

I absolutely love when I open my emails to see letters and pictures of you all engaging in the activities we are suggesting to do in our E-Letters and all of the amazing learning you are all doing from home.  Kristian has been busy creating not 1, but 2 Recycled Robot Buddies!  These are so neat Kristian! Very creative, the big one is Bob and the little one is Greg.  Well Done Kristian.

Kea Whaanau E-Letter 6

Good Morning Room 12 and Welcome to Week 4 of Term 2.  This week we are looking at Science: Kitchen Chemistry!  You can find the E-Letter in the tab below.  You can also access the Kitchen Sink Science Activities here if you need to.  Have a wonderful week, and I look forward to seeing all of your amazing learning this week around Kitchen Chemistry! 

Happy Birthday To You...

Happy 11th Birthday for Saturday James!  I hope you have an amazing day, filled with love, laughter and CAKE!!

Happy 11th Birthday for Sunday Mollie!  I hope your day is super special surrounded by family, love and lots of yummy FOOD!

Liane and Bella the Robot 

Love the pictures I was sent today of Liane and her Robot Bella!  Looks like you found lots of recycling around the house to use!  Bella looks amazing, Liane!  I would love to put her in our classroom when we go back to school, if that would be ok with you?!

Writing Legends - The Door of Mystique

No one ever returns once they pass through the Door of Mystique..... Kaito is a world famous adventurer. He loves mysteries, and treasure. Kaito went missing when he was 12, when in reality, he ran away. In front of him now was the door of mystique. He had heard legends and mysteries about this door, but he always brushed it off. Now, that he was in front of the door, he felt anxious. The door had an air of intimidation and mystery. He opened the door. Inside was a narrow hallway. Kaito felt confused, wasn't this supposed to be more scary or something? He cautiously walked through, brushing blonde strands of hair out of his face. Kaito was anxious, pictures of childhood memories and his family posted on the wall, a twinge of nostaligia coursing through his body. He missed his family. Looking at more and more pictures, a smiled formed on his face. It felt tempting to return home. At the end of the hallway, there was a door. He read the sign on the door with curiosity and wonder, like a small child. "Open this door to see your family again" It was tempting. He missed his family and wished he could see them again, meaning he would need to give up his freedom and love of adventures. You could see the screws turning in his head, as he bit his nails, wondering what to do. He opened the door. Kaito, the famous adventurer, was never seen again.  By Maycie 30.04.20

Writing Legends - My Unusual Pet 

Hi, this is my talking fish called Ric..."I think I can say my name," said Ricky. "Hi my name is Ricky the talking fish." "Yea his name is Ricky,and he talks", I said. "As you can see he's very skinny but he does not like it when I talk about it in public, so keep it a secret even though you can see it for yourself," I joked with the interviewer. "I guess you're wondering how I came to have Ricky as a pet. Well it started when I was walking home from school one day and heard something coming from the a deep and dark alley way. It was really scary going down the dark alley but the sound was so interesting that I had to go check it out. When I got to the end of the alley I saw a big dumpster that was really stinky, but the noise was coming from being the garbage can so I went to go see what was behind it. Then I saw a GIANT fish bowl the size of half of a bath tub, and inside of it was a really skinny, singing fish. And that's how I found Ricky. I still couldn't belive it at first, it was like Cat In The Hat, but a fish. He was singing 'Toosie Slide' by Drake, and I immediately loved the fish which is why I took him back home. My parents didn't like it so I got in trouble but then they heard him talk and they both passed out on the floor. It looked like they were dead. I was scared but they soon woke up and then I found it to be really funny. So did Ricky, so we both started laughing really hard. My parents said it was like Ricky was my brother instead of a pet, so they let me keep him. His fish bowl is in my room, and every morning it looks like he's dead because of the way he sleeps. But I just give his bowl a shake and then he wakes up. Since he lives in his bowl, he doesnt make a mess everywhere, like what a dog would do. He makes a mess in his bowl but that's it. Sometimes he yells at me for not cleaning up his bowl. Living with him can be a real hassle when he yells like that. But for the most part I still love him. I hope one day that we will still be best friends, wherever we are. 
By Matthew 01.05.20

Writing Legends -
Dear People of the World...

Dear people of the world, We ask you to respect and care about the oceans and seas that we must protect and save the planet we live. We share these with you 

but you take too much. We ask you to stop, take stock, and think of the future. We want next generations to enjoy the beauty of the magnificent blue water of the oceans and seas water. People of the world , think before you throw things away, as it is our home in which your waste will gather. Swim in the waters, fish in the waters but do so with care because we live here too. We ask you to use your great minds to invent ways to harness the waves and keep our waters clean. People of the world, think before you act, because we are just as important as you are, from The Dolphins.  By Kahungunu - 30.04.20

Mr. White

Rohaan kindly sent me a picture of his recycled robot buddy, that he created from objects he has found around his house.  Introducing Mr White!

I really like his blue sparkly nose and his hair, Rohaan! 
I think you have done an amazing job of him.  If anyone else created a recycled buddy I would love to see them.

Maycie Hard
at Work

Hey Maycie!  Thanks for the email and photo on Friday.  This is a picture of Maycie working hard on her current events in Room 13 with Miss W.  I love all the pictures and emails you guys are sending me, they really brighten my day. Feel free to just drop me and email to say Hi! 
Keep them coming Team!

Writing Legends - WEIRD! 

It's the weirdest thing I've ever seen, I walked into my room only to find all of my stuffed toys sitting on my bed with makeup and dresses and jewelery on. I was super confused and went to pick one up, but as soon as i touched it a HIPPO jumped out of my closet! I screamed and ran out of my room. A few minutes later I built up the

courage to peek inside and my jaw dropped with suprise. The hippo also had a dress, makeup and jewelery on. But even weirder- it was sitting with all the stuffed toys in its arms and stroking them. It didn't seem like it was aggresive so I slowly made myself visible to it. When it saw me it ran into the closet. I soon realized that I wasn't the only one that was afraid. Very slowly I opened the cupboard and I think it was pretending to be dead beacause it wasn't moving and it had its eyes closed. Although I could see it breathing, for a second I thought it was dead because of how good it was at acting. I showed it the stuffed toy, it reached out its arm and took it. I called the zoo and they said they could help me.  By Caiside 01.05.20

Mathletics, Reading Express & Writing Legends
Awards - Week 3


Congratulations to the Bronze award winners for this week: Lamees, Kahungunu, Maycie, Francesca, Jeston, Rohaan, Matthew, Shelley, and Joel.  Keep up the fantastic work guys!

Reading Eggspress

Congratulations to the Bronze award winners for this week: Lamees, Noah and Mollie.  Also, congratulations to Mollie for getting a silver trophy for the week too. Excellent work Team, you are doing well.

Writing Legends

I have had  amazing writing come through again this week. Congratulations Caiside and Joel for their excellent writing; did you both get to see it in the school Newsletter? And an amazing piece by Kahungunu which is published above.

Challenge Accepted in the Hines Home

One of the activities from E-Letter 5 was to make a robot buddy out of recycled or reused materials that you could find around the home.  Well, Poppy and Knolan made their robot buddies this morning out of things they salvaged around the house.  They had a great time making these together, and even mastered the tricky glue gun (with Mum's guidance ofcourse). I hear they had to eat the iceblocks to get the sticks - sounds like a great excuse for an iceblock to me! I wonder if they have named them?  Great work Poppy on the cute recycled buddy you and Knolan have created!

Kea Whaanau E-Letter 5

BING! You have mail! E-Letter 5 should have found its way to your inbox.  This newsletter has an environmental awareness focus and a number of great little tasks you can do from home.  You can access the plant journal here if you plan to do some growing activities.  Please find link to E-Letter 5 below if you have not received this.  Have a wonderful day!

Pokeno School Panui

Term 2, Week 3 Newsletter

Rohaan - Learning from Home

Rohaan has sent me his poster from E-Letter 3, Challenge 3.  His poster is: How to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Vital information in every household! This is great Rohaan, thanks for sharing with us!

Week 3 Learning: Artemis Fowl Activities 

 Morning Room 12, hope you have all had a wonderful weekend.  Hopefully you will all have recieved the E-Letter 4 that was sent out this morning.  The Artemis Fowl Activities can also be accessed in the below slide show.  Please feel free to share your learning with me again from this week, I would love to see it.  If for some reason you have not recieved todays E-Letter update you will be able to find it in the link below.  The link for the full Artemis Fowl PDF text can be found here. Enjoy!

Writing Fun

Wanting to do some writing, but struggling to come up with some writing ideas?  Have a go at this roll-a-story activity. Simply roll your dice to choose your character, setting and plot, then let your creativity and imagination take over.

Poppy's Planet

Poppy has created this scene using LEGO for our space activity.  This is the planet that Poppy would live on if she was no longer able to live on Planet Earth.  She has chosen Neptune!  Very cool Poppy - pun intended since Neptune is a cool, dark and windy planet!  This is Poppy in her space pod, which can spin around! I would love to see more of your planet creations team, so keep sharing!  Excellent work Poppy!

Mathletics and Reading Eggs Awards - Week 2

Congratulations to our all of our Certificate winners this week;  Bronze Certificates were awarded to - Aibel, Jeston, Noah, Kinikini, Rohaan, Mollie and Liane. Nice work guys, Keep it up!

Congratulations to Mollie and Liane 
for recieving Bronze awards on their reading eggs this week, and also to Noah for the massive 3.1 hours he spent on reading eggspress this week.  Great work Team

Writing Legends - Week 2 

Congratulations this week to Poppy for writing 5 well thought out and crafted pieces of writing, Joel for his 'Twisted Tail' - fairytale story, that was VERY twisted, but had me on the edge of my seat, Kinikini for his 'Cynthia' story, Zach for his excellent design in 'Knock out Design' and Jacob for his 'Email to a superhero' - if I were Batman, I would hire you as my side-kick.  Keep up the fantastic writing Team!  If you have not yet been on Writing legends make sure you do, it has some great writing activities and allows me to give you feedback one each writing piece.


They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them.

Caiside's ANZAC Activities

Caiside has been busy at home enjoying some ANZAC activities.  Check out her beautiful ANZAC wreath and the yummy ANZAC biscuits!  Great work Caiside, bet those biscuits tasted delicious!

Kahungunu's Poppy

Kahungunu has sent me his amazing rememberance poppy and beautiful silhouette ANZAC day art, these are great Kahungunu, I love getting emails like this!

Mollie the Baker

Mollie made her first ever Cheesecake today.  How good does this Cheesecake look!  Makes me hungry just looking at it. I cant wait to hear how it tasted.  Nice work Mollie, now can we order one for the whole class? 🤪 

Mollie's Challenge 3

Mollie has created her poster for Challenge 3, sent out this morning.  The Challenge   was to  design a poster showing the items you and your family have found essential, you needed to imagine this poster would be used to better prepare everybody for a Level 4 Lockdown.  Food and baking items are high up on my list too Mollie, but water/rain I wouldnt have even thought about this being on town supply...this is SUCH an essential item! Great Job.

Kea Whaanau E-Letter 3

Ata maarie Room 12 Whaanau, hope you are all well and enjoying the ANZAC activities that we provided you in the last E-Letter.  Great to see so many of you engaging in the online platforms this week, ka rawe to mahi e hoa (excellent work mate).  Below is our latest E-Letter if you have missed this communication, and a link to the Survival in Space activity.  Enjoy!

A Little Humour

I came across this little gem today.
 I know how many people in our class LOVE Lego - so I thought I would share with you all!  It gave me a little giggle!  But the most important thing is the message is very clear. As we move into Level 3,dont become complacent , make sure you 

Least We Forget

Poppy and her family have created this beautiful ANZAC display at their home.  Poppy and her siblings worked hard on this with their Dad, Kris who is ex-army, so ANZAC day has an extra special place in their home. What a beautiful way to pay your respect.  
This is absolutely stunning Poppy, you have done a phenomenal job on this. 
Thank you so much for sharing with us!

ANZAC Art Activities by Liane

Check out Liane and her amazing ANZAC Art Activities.  These are absolutely gorgeous, you have done an outstanding job on these Liane, Great work!  I hope you are going to display these in a window for everyone to see at your home. 
And a big Happy Birthday for the other day - wahooo the big 10!!

Noho tawhiti, tuu kotahi.

Rail Link Artwork

Hey Team, check this out!  Auckland Transport is asking primary school-aged kids (5 - 11) from across New Zealand to paint and draw images that will then be fired onto ceramic tiles and used to decorate our new CRL Aotea underground station. How cool is this!  Check out this link  if creating a ceramic tile interests you.

Keep them Coming

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you and your families for all of the pictures of the activites and learning that you are sharing with me.  I love checking my emails and seeing everything you have been up to!  Keep them coming guys! (Especially the food pic's oooooh I love those ones, nom nom nom!)

Amazing Poetry - By Lucas

Beach Poem

The ocean as calm as a sleeping baby 
The wind as fierce as a hungry lion   
The small road of beach reaches into the sea   
As drops of rain fall on my face  
I run away like it’s acid falling from the sky 

Beach Haiku

Stones beneath my feet 
The ocean all around me 
Running as rain falls

Poppy - Learning from Home
and ANZAC Biscuits 

Poppy has been busy making some yummy ANZAC biscuits (which are making me super hungry for ANZAC Biscuits guys!). Poppy and her siblings have also painted some really cool "Pokeno Rocks" rocks to hide around pokeno; I can see an ANZAC theme in your rocks Poppy! They also a had a puppet show, this looks like so much fun! Great job Poppy!

Happy Monday Room 12 

 Good Morning Room 12 and Welcome to Week 2 of Term 2.  This morning I have sent out the latest 'Kea Whanau Term 2 Newsletter' to all our Whaanau.  As per last weeks E-letter this outlines this weeks learning tasks and additional activities that may be of interest to you.  If for some reason you have not been able to access this E-letter please click on the link below to access this correspondence.  I would love to see your finished work and provide you with some feedback, so please feel free to share with me, or just drop me an email to say Hi!  Hope you are all safe and well!
Thinking of you all. Mrs Fraser.

Zach Making ANZAC Biscuits

Zach has had a busy morning making ANZAC biscuits at home.  A bit of improvisation was  required with having a flour shortage 🤪 so its grain free Anzac biscuits at Zach's house. Chef in the making; look at those knife skills!  They look delicious Zach, wish I could try them.  Zach has also been super busy clocking up the hours and points on his Reading Eggs, Matheltics and his Writing Legends! He even gained a bronze award last week on his Mathletics.  Perseverance brings success! Im so proud of you Zach and all the learning you are doing from home.  Keep up the fantastic work!

Mollie Making ANZAC Biscuits

Mollie making ANZAC biscuits.  Mollie has used a recipe from the Edmonds Cook Book.  There are lots of variations of ANZAC biscuits out there, if you find an amazing one please share with us.  These biscuits look devine Mollie, I have some serious food envy. Yum!  

ANZAC Wreath

Mollie has been super busy today doing some of the suggested activities in this weeks Kea Whaanau E-Letter.  What an absolutely beautiful wreath Mollie. I hope you are going to hang this in a window at your home for people to admire as they walk by.  Great Job!

Welcome Back

 Kia ora koutou katoa whaanau and Welcome back to Week 1 of Term 2!  I look forward to being able to connect with you all on our online learning platforms that we set up to use during this lockdown period.  On Wednesday morning the team sent out a 'Kea Whanau Term 2 Newsletter' to all of your whaanau (or as we are calling it an "E-Letter" email/newsletter ...bit of quirky humour for you all).  If for some reason you have missed this communication from myself or a member of the Kea Whaanau then please click the link below to access.  I miss all of your smiling faces and I can't wait to see you all again soon.  Until then, stay home, stay safe and take care of yourselves and your whaanau, 
I will see you all online.  Aroha nui, Mrs Fraser.

Pokeno School Panui

Missed the Pokeno School Newsletter?
Click the link below to access the Term 2, Week 1 Pokeno School Newsletter.

Writing Legends - Activities

There has been some awesome writing activities submitted to me through 'Writing Legends'.  Below are some examples of the great writing that is being produced by the tamariki in our Room 12 whaanau. Keep up the great work guys!
Caiside's Poetry for Conway's Catastrophe,

Mollie's writing plan for her Twisted Tail and
Kinikini's descriptive writing for Where Am I? 
Ka pai to mahi!

Message from Mrs Fraser

Hey Team, just a quick message.  If you have not tried out Writing Legends yet, please make your way over and give it a try - let me know if you require your login and password re-sent and I can do this for you.  You will thoroughly enjoy it, I promise!  Writing Legends also allows me to provide feedback on your writing, so check the activities you have completed as they will have feedback attached.  I will be sending home the hours you have spent on each of our online platforms this weekend to whaanau, please try for a minimum of 20 mins a day alternating between Mathletics and Reading Eggspress.  

Mathletics Awards - Week 1, Term 2

Congratulations to the following people for their Certificates on Mathletics this week.  Keep up the fantastic work team!  It is great to see so many of you utilising the online platforms!
Also a big congratulations to Liane for spending a MASSIVE 8 hours and 34 minutes on Mathletics this week, WOW!!








Reading Eggspress Awards - Week 1, Term 2

Wow, Room 12! Its great to see so many people engaging in the activities on  Reading Eggspress!  Congratulations to Mollie and Noah for recieving Bronze awards on their reading eggs this week. Please make sure you are checking for new assignments on Reading Eggspress weekly and checking out the books in the Library section.

Our Friends at Eeny Meeny have a great
Competition Running...

Create an Eeny Meeny monster of your choice out of anything you like. You might paint it, draw it, sculpt it or even build it from Lego. The more creative the better! Be sure to choose from one of the Eeny Meeny monsters above. Enter as many times as you like. This competition opens 16 April 2020 and expires at midnight 27 April 2020.

Lucas - Learning from Home

Lucas has been busy in his bubble learning from home.  Here are a few pics, of what Lucas and his whaanau have been up to.  They rescued a baby pigeon, made an obstacle course outside, researched a topic of their choice (Lucas chose France), painted their own stained glass window (which looks wicked!), Guitar lessons on Zoom, daily Lego building challenges (which can be found on Facebook under 'Lego Kids NZ' if anyone else is interested in these) and an outdoor movie night!  Awesome job Lucas, keep it up!

Joel - Learning from Home


Can you say Brownie....nom nom, that looks so good Joel!  Here is some of the pictures of Joels fantastic learning from home that he has been doing during lockdown.  Joel has been busy doing baking, walking the dog (Khloe), having a game night, having his guitar lessons via Zoom and clocking up the hours and points on  Mathletics.  Looks like you have been having an amazing time Joel, Keep it up!

Liam - Learning from Home

Liam has been keeping busy at home by doing lots of different activities.  He has done baking, cooking, camping, obstacle courses, water play, art and craft activities, games and so much more.  He has been keeping a diary off all the fun things he has been doing. These are photos of some of the activities that Liam and his family have been doing together during the lockdown. This looks like so much fun Liam, great work!

Bonjour Room 12! 

I hope you are all having a blast
this lockdown. I miss seeing all your friendly faces and can’t wait to get
back to see you all! 
Stay home and stay safe.
Look after your whanau, we will all be back together soon. 
Kia Kaha tamariki ma. 
Mrs Abernethy. 


Upstart Magazine

Hey Room 12, check this out...this is seriously cool!
Thank you to Miss Lee and Mrs Flint for making this opportunity possible for our Kea Whaanau Learners. Click the link here to explore the April/May edition of the magazine, read what other children around NZ have written, enter the competitions to win prizes!

Year 7's - French at Home

Hey Room 12 Year 7's! Are you looking for a little something different to do while you are at home?  Have you thought about practicing your French with the people inside your bubble?

Why don't you try out some of the basic words and phrases that you have been learning in class?   Bonjour, Je suis Sarah. Et toi? (Hello I’m Sarah. And you?)  You could teach this sentence to the people in your home.  Here are some of the words that you have been practicing.  Give them a go - and teach them to a family member!  Have Fun!

Ecoutez- Listen (Eh-Cue-teh)    Madame- Mrs  (Mahd-arhm)    Monsieur- Mr (Mon-szure)  Mademoiselle- Miss (Mahd-e-moz-elle)     Salut- Hi (Sah-lu)       Bonjour - Hello 
Bonsoir - Good day (Bon-swah)    Au Revior - Goodbye      Merci - Thank you (Mer-cee)    Oui - Yes    Non - No    D’accord - OK (dah-core)      Lundi - Monday (lun-dee)  
Mardi -Tuesday (marh-dee)       Mercredi - Wednesday (macroh-dee)    Jeudi - Thursday (jure-deeh)      Vendredi - Friday (vondra-dee) 
Samedi - Saturday (sam-oh-dee)      Dimanche - Sunday (de-monche-uh)   
Je suis - I am (Jez-wee)     Je m’appelle - My name is (Jehm-ah-pal) 

Congratulations - Mathletics

Congratulations to Shelley and Kahungunu for gaining bronze awards on their Mathletics!!  

Kahungunu with 1960 points 
and Shelley with 1727 points

Keep up the fantastic work guys!  It is great to see that a number of you have been regularly using your Mathletics!

Congratulations - Reading Eggspress

Congratulations to  Joseph and Jacob for gaining bronze awards on their reading eggspress!!  Keep up the fantastic work guys!  It is great to see that a number of you have been regularly using your reading eggspress!

Happy Easter Room 12

Hey Room 12, just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter.
Hope everyone in your whaanau is safe, well and you are all looking after each other.  This morning is the Fraser household we made bunny pancakes to celebrate it being easter, this is the first one we made but unfortunately the only one I took a photo of. They actually got much better the more we made - as they say practice makes perfect!

Liane - Learning from Home

Wow, Liane you look like you are having a great time and thoroughly enjoying your  Learning from Home.  A couple of neat pictures of Liane's home learning; busy doing her Weekly Quiz, challenging herself to some Mathletics and some of the other cool online activites that are available to you all through the website!  Great work Liane, its great to see so many people so enthusiastic about their learning.  
Keep it up Room 12, I am so proud of you all!

Kahungunu - Learning from Home

Kahungunu has been busy doing the online learning activites, his reading eggspress and his Mathletics.  He has also sent me some pictures of his completed homework from our ABC Homework template.  Its great to see that you have been keeping up with the Homework activities Kahungunu!  What a great effort you have been putting in.  I cant wait to read about the Christchurch Earthquake and the Wairarapa Shipwreck

Kinikini - Learning from Home


Lots of amazing learning happening in Kinikini's home. He has even completed the weekly quiz already, which he scored 100% on!  Keep up the great learning Kinikini.

Kinikini getting into some maths learning for the day.  He is practicing his addition and subraction strategies, using jumping the numberline.  If anyone elso would like a copy of this worksheet so you can practice this strategie that we were learning in class, just send me an email.

Lamees - Learning from Home

Lamees has been keeping busy in her whare with her online learning tasks.  She has also  been  learning about the earth and the solar system, keeping physically active and enjoying some arts and crafts.  Thanks for the photos Lamees, cant wait to see more.

Noah and Phoenix - Learning from Home

Noah has been working hard on his readings eggs and the weekly quiz!  Nice to see so many of you enjoying the weekly quiz. Great job Noah!  Quick break for lunch then Noah and Phoenix start working on their essential spelling lists, have some reading time, and then some well deserved free time.  Keep up the great work, boys!  Thanks for sharing your day with us.

Mollie - Learning from Home

Wow, check out Mollie's work! She has been working hard from home on her Maths and her Natural Disasters activities.  Thanks for sharing with us Mollie, and keep up the amazing learning that you are doing!  If you would like to share your learning with us just snap a picture and email it to me.  Beautifully presented work Mollie. 

 Mollie has been practicing her addition and subraction strategies, using jumping the numberline that we were learning in class.  I am more then happy to email these home to you if you would also like to practice these strategies.  Dont forget im always here to help if there is something you are unsure of.

Glamping in the
Fraser Whare 

School holiday fun! Tonight we are glamping (camping in comfort) in the lounge, watching our favourite DVD's, eating popcorn and sneaking in some yummy chocolate treats.  What is everyone up to in your whare? Don't forget to share your pictures with me so I can load them to our class website.  Hope you are all enjoying your first official week of school holidays.  Stay safe, Mrs Fraser.

Hey Room 12, how are you all?

Hey Room 12! Hope you and your whaanau are all well!  I would love to see what you have all been up to, feel free to send me some photos of classwork or activites that you have been doing at home with your 'bubble' and I can load them up on our page for everyone to see.  In the Fraser house this morning we have been busy making hot cross buns and focaccia bread, Yummy!  I look forward to sharing what you are all doing.  Stay Safe whaanau,  Mrs Fraser.

Hot Cross Buns and Focaccia Bread, Yummo!
Have you been baking at home? Or doing some Arts and Crafts?  I would love to see! Please share them with me via email - s.fraser@pokeno.school.nz


Homework:  A reminder 20 minutes of Mathletics and Reading Express alternative evening. The hours of these online learning will be written into homework books when they are handed in each fortnight.  Dont forget to do the homework that is on the ABC homework sheet in your homework books.  Please feel free to email your homework to me for marking.

David Walliams Audio Books

Hey Team, looking for something to do?  Enjoy a good David Walliams story?  Follow the link below and you can listen to a different David Walliams story daily.  Enjoy!

World of David Walliams

Time Capsule 


Celebrating Success

Earlier this year Mr J opened applications for student leadership positions to the Kea Whanau at Pokeno School.  The positions available were - Student Ambassador, House Captains and Student Rep Positions.  Students' were asked to apply directly to Mr J if they were interested in any of these positions.  The applications were well written and the students' in Room 12 that applied did a great job of pitching themselves for these roles. 

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Aibel, Jacob, Mollie, Isabella, Shelley, Poppy and Maycie on their successful applications to become Pokeno School Student Reps for 2020!  Room 12 is very proud of you, and we know you will do an amazing job representing our students.

Learning to Learn 

Room 12 hard at work on our Learning to Learn unit.  Our self portraits with views of camp activities reflected in their sunglasses starting to be hung around the room.

Genius Hour 

Genius Hour in the classroom is an approach to learning built around student curiosity, self-directed learning, and passion-based work.   THINKING SKILLS: Today we explored magnets.  Magnets teach “cause and effect” and other important problem solving skills.  We also built a fully functioning gumball machine which incorperated elements of reading, thinking and problem solving skills. Ka Pai Room 12, you are all amazing learners!

Technology Thursday's

Some of our year 7's have been busy doing wood work at Technology on Thursday's.  They have been making wooden puzzles. Some have already finished. 

Dont they look neat!  Can't wait to see the rest of them finished!

Challenge Camp 2020

Our tamariki had an amazing time away on camp.  They were faced with many challenges to put them out of their comfort zones and they all participated in team building exercises.  Thanks for an amazing camp Team!

Challenge Camp Photo's - Slideshow 


Here is the gear list for camp. Happy packing!

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