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Term 3 week 5

Distance Learning

Welcome to Week 5! You can find the Tui Whanau Distance Learning here. This will be updated twice a week. Remember, as you do your learning at home, you can add pictures or videos of your learning to our padlet page.

Term 3 Class Certificates

Have a look who has earned themselves a certificate on Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress, Mathletics and Mathseeds this term!

Distance Learning

Welcome to the start of Term 2. We will be starting our term with Distance Learning. You can find the Tui Whanau Distance Learning here. This will be updated at the start of every week. As you do your learning at home, please send me some pictures, I would love to see what everyone has been up to. As I receive pictures, I will be posting them on our Room 7 Distance Learning Updates page. You can find it by clicking here.

I look forward to seeing some of your fabulous learning!

Some quick links you might need:



Reading Eggs

Reading Eggspress


Epic- class code bwq3880

Click here to view the Pokeno School Term 2 Week 1 Newsletter.

Week five

Weekly challenge

Family activity

Create a simple board game that can be played as a family. Use the below image as a  starting point then add instructions to each square.

Week four

Weekly Challenge

Family Activity

Go for a family walk and complete a 'sound safari'. Tick off everything you hear from the sheet. See if you can add any sounds to the sheet.

Week three

Weekly challenge

Goldilocks and the Three Bear

Watch or read the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Then complete one or both of the challenges. Remember to share your learning by putting the photos on our Room 7 padlet!

Challenge One

In the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears Goldilocks eats the three bears’ bowls of porridge. Can you make yourself and your family some porridge for breakfast? See how creative you can get with your toppings!

Challenge Two

Ordering objects

Goldilocks was having problems with trying to find what item was the right size for her in the story. Go on a hunt in and around your house to find items and order them from smallest to biggest? This could be spoons, chairs, clothes etc. don’t forget to snap some photos of what you find and share them to your class padlet or your teacher.

Family Mindfulness activities

Week one and week two

Weekly challenge

The Gingerbread Man

Watch or read the story of The Gingerbread Man. Then complete one or both of the challenges. Remember to share your learning by putting the photos on our Room 7 padlet!

Challenge One

Make your very own Gingerbread People! You can use this recipe if you like.

Challenge Two

Retell the story of the gingerbread man by creating a puppet show. You could draw the characters and put them on sticks or make sock puppets.

Family mindfulness activities

Getting outside for some exercise is great for our minds and our bodies. See if you can find some of these things on your family walk! 

If you would like the printable scavenger hunt, click here for the colour version as well as the black and white version.

Once you get home, use the things you found on your walk to create a nature masterpiece! This beautiful example is from Elle. 

Remember to share the photos with me.

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