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Learning from Home         Take Two...

Monday 17 August 2020     I hope you’ve all enjoyed the fabulous weather the last few days and managed to get outside.  As of Tuesday 18 August, we will be Learning from Home.  The Ruru Whanau slides will be available to families on Tuesday morning on the Pokeno School Website.  

If you do not receive an email from Miss McVeigh today with information about where to find updated information about suggested activities and ideas of things to do at home, please email me t.mcveigh@pokeno.school.nz and I’ll update your email address. 

I would love to receive photos of you learning at home so we can post them on our page as a way of seeing what we have all been up to.  

Zara's Home Learning

Zara has been learning how to make Roti (Indian flat bread) with her mum.  What a fantastic skill to learn.  

Audrey's Home Learning

Audrey and her little brother Jacob have been busy creating, baking and making during Lockdown.          

Drawing fairies with different colours 

Buzz helping Audrey make her bead necklaces

Drawing fairies with different colours 

Flipping pancakes with mum.  Yum, everyone loves pancakes

Audrey came up with the idea of making rainbow cookies. She searched ‘how to make rainbow cookies’ on the internet and found the recipe.

Audrey and Jacob baking their rainbow cookies.

Maxden's Home Learning

Max has been learning all about bugs.  Your bug diagrams are fantastic.

Francesca's Home Learning

The very creative Francesca or "Chessy" as her mum calls her has created some stunning symmetrical butterflys

Aarohi's Lego Creation

Aarohi has been very busy with her learning this week.

WOW Lego Eden Park

Aarohi is very lucky to have a big brother to help her build amazing Lego creations

Jazzlyn's Fabulous Writing

Minibeast Hunter

Alexander has been exploring his environment

The mini beast hunter is pretty happy with what he has found

Getting creative with Lego

Our math wizz Aleksander, doing some sums

Taylor's Home Learning

Taylor has created a fabulous lego bug and house.  He even wore his awesome bug shirt for inspiration.

Taylor and his sister used books to help build their houses and bugs.  

A lot of concentration goes into making a bookmark for your new Harry Potter book!!

Our clever Taylor has created these amazing bugs.  Can you guess what they are?

Isaac's Home Learning

Beautiful Symmetrical Butterfly

Practicing his handwriting

Our gorgeous Isaac and his creative writing

Hand Print Art

Zara's beautiful memory of people in her bubble during lock down. Stunning Zara.

Thanking our Emergency Workers

Taylor's Fabulous Writing

Taylor's amazing story about jelly!!  

He first made jelly and then wrote a story

“The blue Jet ski splashed the jelly monster and made him back into a liquid, where he got sucked back into the sand”

What does your dream bedroom look like?

By Sammy

Aleksander's fantastic story about a visit to the beach.  Sounds like you had a fantastic time getting out and about with your family again.

Math with Max


Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s


Looking out the Window

Looking out Max's window.

What can he see?

Plastic Bottle Challenge

Aleksander's Bottle Challenge

What is Aleksander making?

WOW a bird feeder

Happy Birthday to Zara

Looks like Zara had a fab birthday in Lock down

 Happy birthday to you,                                                     Happy birthday to you,                                                     Happy birthday dear Zara,                                                 Happy birthday to you.

Chalk Obstacle Course

Taylor's Obstacle Course

Taylor designed an Obstacle Course on the footpath for all the kids in the neighbourhood.  It includes hoping (with a choice of easy or hard course),  jumping, leap frogs and balance beam. 

Audrey's Obstacle course

Obstacle Course at school

Fantastic writing Audrey

Play dough Making and Creating

Taylor and his sister made their own play dough

 Taylor's creation started out as a lion, it later turned into a rock, then a Pokémon and finally a castle with a cave.  Good job Taylor.

Caleb Home Learning

Baking with Caleb

Caleb's chocolate cake looks absolutely divine.  Check out that decorating.

Washing the car

Much less work when there's two!!

marble run challenge

Vihaan's Marble Run

Taylor's Marble Run

Malan's  Marble  Run

Malan's Marble Run.

Malan used a cardboard box, cardboard roll (glad wrap inner) and a cereal box.

Some great engineering from our Malan.


Taylor's  Outstanding  Marble  Run

WOW, there's is a lot of building gone into this Marble Run.

Taylor has used everything and anything to create this incredible Marble Run.

Baking with Zara

WOW, Francesca's family are going to want an extra piece of this cake!

Sammy's Cake Challenge

Sammy has really taken this challenge seriously.

Her creation looks like something from Master Chef.

I bet it tastes as good as it looks.

Baking with Max

Max chose yellow because bananas and lemon are yellow (banana cake, lemon icing) and who can resist lots of sprinkles.  Mum said his cake was delicious.

Max couldn't wait to eat his delicious Banana Cake

Looks amazing Max

Profiles of people/animals in our bubbles 

Rosie the Cat

Sammy's cat sounds like the perfect pet for her bubble.

Max is writing about his favourite animal The Turkey.


We were all lucky enough to meet Max's turkey.

Zara's Mum sounds like a fabulous teacher and cook

Emilly's ANZAC creation

Emilly created a gorgeous poppy for ANZAC Day.

She had to cut out all the petals and used glue to make her poppy shape.

The end result is absolutely stunning.  Good job Emilly.

Hayden's ANZAC Art

Beautiful art with the silhouette of a soldier

Stunning poppy to celebrate ANZAC Day

Rocket Challenge



Superhero Challenge



Malan the "Kitchen Ninja"

Newspaper Challenge

Check out Aleksander's impressive bridge.  He has used newspaper and other construction items to make his creation.  He's also built a train track.

Taylor's very tall Tower

Maxden working on his Newspaper bridge 

The Final Result is fabulous

mazes and towers

Room 4 have been going crazy for construction during lock down!!  

We challenge you to build a Maze or a Tower

Sammy's HIGH Tower

Malan used pegs to make his amazing maze

Isaac's very cool Lego Maze

FavoUrite RecipE CHALLENGE

Find the recipe for your favourite lock down food.  

It may be something you have already made or would like to make.

Write your recipe, draw a picture and send it to me.


Scrambled eggs

By Max

 Taylor's Anzac Biscuits

Taylor's Anzac biscuits look delicious

Francesca teaches us how to make pretzels

Francesca used her measurement skills to make her pretzels.  She used the Little Red Hen book for inspiration.

How many cups of flour?

1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/4 cup and 1/3 cup

Rolling out her dough

Ready for the oven!

Room 4 Writers

Easter writing By Sammy


It's real serious business creating a superhero costume

Working on his mask

Finishing touches

Adding numbers to 10

Gardening with Dad

Celebrating our ANZAC's


Building a Lego rocket

The end result - fantastic

Check out these Scavenger hunts

Send me a photo of what you found

Taylor's Home Learning

Taylor has been working out with his Mum and Dad.

Do you think we'll recognise him when he comes back to school with his big muscles?

Taylor's bottle challenge

Check out this challenge that Taylor attempted.  How many tries will it take you to be successful?


Taylor has been exploring Google Earth. He found mum's old house in Canada and famous buildings around the world. 


Taylor and his sister love star gazing from the spa.  

Taylor and his sister celebrating our ANZAC's.  Fantastic drawing.

Investigating the Pond

Our clever Scientist has taken samples of  pond water on the reserve and used www.landcareresearch.

co.nz to investigate the creatures he found in it. 

He found caddisflies (in a smooth case), mayflies, snails and  some other teeny tiny wiggly things he can’t identify.  Maybe someone could help Taylor to identify the little wiggly things.


Aleksander's Home Learning

Fantastic way to practise your spelling

Beautiful handwriting Aleksander

Parachute Making with Aleksander

First you focus very hard and make your parachute

Then you find somewhere high to launch your parachute.  Fantastic.

Stencil Writing

Love the wall of Learning

Poppy Art

Aarohi Home Learning

Baking cookies

Building a house

Fantastic house Aarohi

Baking with Dad

Playing Chess

Francesca's Home Learning


Awesome story writing



Maxden has been working hard on his handwriting 

Max has been writing lots of stories in Lock Down.  I love your finger spaces Max and your awesome spelling.

Fantastic way to learn your sight words Max.  Fun with your water gun.

Snakes and ladders on the driveway.

Playing Skip Bo.  Max will have to teach Room 4 when we get back to school.

Fabulous Gruffalo writing


Sight Words Practice

Cooking with Max 

  Max created “Octopuses” with a little help from Mum.  Max focussed hard and counted in twos as he added each piece of pasta to the sausages. Max is having the best time at home learning new skills he can use again and again.

Boil your water

Make your creation

Cook your pasta

The final result

A yummy dinner for the whole family.

Maxden is lucky to live so close to the duck pond

Exploring the pond

Wow Max, you're a fantastic speller

Sammy Home Learning

Sammy has been teaching Millie to sit.  Clever Millie.

Spelling expert



Working on her math

Counting in 5's

Sammy has something to tell everyone... can you guess what it is?

Read Sammy's story, what is she talking about?

Reading a book about what?

Introducing Millie

Sammy's new puppy Millie.

The gorgeous Millie has made herself at home already.

Sammy the expert speller

The clever artist

Very cute Sammy

OH NO... what is Millie chewing?

Our very creative Sammy making the streets of pokeno beautiful.  Romero Britto would be very impressed with your artwork.

Sammy has read 16 books in lock down!!

Unicorn Princesses: Flash's Dash.  Sammy made little figurines to go with her story

Sammy's friend has been emailing her math problems to solve

Sammy designing her Superhero costume

Getting creative with Poppy art

 Sammy will never get lost with this map

Creative Writing

Malan Home Learning

I love the idea of putting your words on the wall to learn!  

After all this learning I think we would all need a little nap.

Malan has been doing reading about tigers and lions, cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs. 

Adding numbers to 10

Reading Eggs expert.

Malan even found time in his busy schedule to help with the vacuuming.  Mum and Dad must be loving having you around.


Best way to learn your sight words - cuddling on the couch with Dad.


Getting creative with some drawing

Spelling words and Math

Vihaan's Home Learning

Measuring body parts

Easter Egg Hunt

Zara's Home Learning

Happy Mother's Day to Zara's Mum

Zara has been busy getting creative.

She collected leaves and other nature finds to create a gorgeous picture.  Good job Zara.

Zara in her office working hard

Our fabulous story writer

Keep up the good work Zara

Zara looking very professional in her office.

Aryaana's Home Learning

Aryaana looks very happy working from home.  She'll be an expert on Reading Eggs by the time we get back to school.  Keep it up Aryaana

Hayden's Home Learning

Hayden has set up his Home Learning on the kitchen table.

He is keeping himself busy learning his Early Words.

Good job Hayden

Hayden is very lucky to have a clever big brother to help him with his story writing.

Hayden is busy in the kitchen making Lolly Cake.  I think we all need this recipe Hayden.


Room 4 have had a fantastic time swimming in our school pool.  We've been training hard for our Swimming Sports.

Our Inquiry topic for Term 1 and 2 is Challenge  

In room 4 we have started learning about farming

We decided to design our own farms.  We drew farms including all the things a farmer needs.  We put in a milking shed, animals, fences and lots more.  We then built our farms using Lego, blocks, sticks and anything else we could find.  By the time we had finished, our little farms became a giant farm covering our classroom floor.


Maxden and his turkey.

Max and Zac hand raised their Turkey.

This little fulla loves crickets but only live ones.


We've had a fantastic time ripping open our tiles.  These are going to be used a lot in our classroom.  It's taking us quite some time to sort them out!!

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