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2021 Ruru Learning from home

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

On this page you will find all the information and resources you need to support your child at home during this Lockdown period. Please feel free to email your child's classroom teacher during school hours (10am-2pm) if you need anymore information or clarification. Please feel free to share your child's learning with their teacher.

Kia kaha,

Ruru Whaanau 


Room 2         Miss Faleafaga     r.faleafaga@pokeno.school.nz 

Room 3         Miss Senn             c.senn@pokeno.school.nz

Room 4         Miss Methven       j.methven@pokeno.school.nz

Room 5         Miss Foord            k.foord@pokeno.school.nz

Room 6         Miss O'Brien          l.obrien@pokeno.school.nz

Room 7         Miss McVeigh        t.mcveigh@pokeno.school.nz

Room 11       Mrs Turton            l.turton@pokeno.school.nz

Ruru Learning from home 

The slideshow below has all the information that you need for "Learning from Home". If you click on the three dots which is by the arrow,  select "Enter full screen" the slide show will expand to full screen which will make it easier for you to use and to see. The slideshow also contains links to worksheets that you can print. If you have any difficulties accessing the information please email the teacher of your child.  

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Learning from home week 6

Ruru Reading Challenge

Ruru Whanau has a Reading Challenge for you. Thank you to Miss O'Brien for creating our Reading Challenge - we think that you are awesome! See the details below.

Week 5 learning from Home

Rooms 4,5 and 11s Phonics Workshop

Room's 3, 6 and 7s Phonics Workshop

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