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Ruru Whanau:  Learning from Home

Welcome to Learning from Home

Here you will find all the information and resources you need to support your child at home. We will post weekly schedules for you to follow. These will include recommended learning and some extra learning activities. Please feel free to email your child's classroom teacher during school hours (9am-4pm) if you need anymore information or clarification. 

Ruru Whanau 

Laura Turton          l.turton@pokeno.school.nz 

Liz O'Brien              l.obrien@pokeno.school.nz

Tracey McVeigh     t.mcveigh@pokeno.school.nz

Courtney Senn       c.senn@pokeno.school.nz

Learning from Home support term 2 week 5

Learning from home support term 2 Week 4

Learning From home support Term 2 week 3

Learning From Home support Term 2 week 2

Learning From Home Support - Term 2 Week 1

Learning From Home support 

Phonics Workshop

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