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Week 3 has seen the start of our Digital Technology rotations in mixed Year 5-8 groups. 

The BITS groups were in Room 10 learning about End-users, Programmers, Code, Testers, Bugs and Debugging

We finished our 3 sessions trying to programme and test Beebots and Beemice. We failed and we learnt. 

2020 Challenge camp

The first newsletter for camp has gone home already to this years, Year 6s and 7s. Camp is in Week 2 of 2020, this is a great opportunity for us to start the year, team build and gel our classes and allow the children to challenge themselves by choice.

X-man Visits

Xman visits us biannually, he travels from Raglan and promotes Zero Waste. He came to us for 4 sessions about Resource Sustainability. Resources being the 'stuff'. We learnt that all of what we have in our world is made from fossil fuels - trees, oil, white silica sand, black iron sand and can you guess? There is only one of these that are sustainable. Thank you X-man for helping us to think about a better future. 

Measuring Chance (Probability)

During week one of this term, we explored probability with a Dice Toss and Coin Toss. Working out what the possible outcomes would be, whether an outcome would be certain, likely, unlikely or impossible. This involved plenty of coin tosses and dice rolls. Fantastic practical learning. 

Term 4

It's already the end of Week 3 as I write this, where has the time gone? This term sees us exploring chance and probability, preparing for athletics, investigating inventors and inventions, revisiting our school improvement projects and being introduced to Digital Technology through a Kea Whanau rotation. 

What an opportunity.

Our Kea Whanau were very spoilt last week to be able spend the night under the sharks at Kelly Tarltons, take in the view at Sky Tower and explore Wynyard Quarter in Auckland City. Special thanks to Karen Kanon (Mrs K) for all her organisation and to the amazing parents who came with us to support!!!

Feeding the fish at the top of the tunnel

Being brave enough to stand on the glass.

Found one of the eggs. Baby penguins soon. 

Estimating - How many Room 10 students can you get into a 1m by 1m sqaure?

More than we thought!!! Ask us how many of us we got in the square, we will tell you after you estimate how many are in there :)

A Hint

Room 10 have been working on their Gala Day Art already!! 

At Gala

Learning the techniques they need to be able to paint on their canvas. 

Day Art

These photos are a hint at what we may be doing. 

Science in a Van

Kea Whanau were able to enjoy this experience early in Term 3. The presenters were awesome, making Science fun and exciting through the use of experiments and learning of the periodic table. Thank you to Mrs Kanon for organising and the support of the PTA who made this opportunity possible. 

Dancing through 

the decades.

Well done Room 10 on a outstanding performance at the Week 2 assembly, showcasing your learning from Term 2


On Wednesday Pokeno School attended the Year 7 & 8 Franklin Netball Competition. We had an All Boys Team and 2 Girls Teams. The weather held off for us ensuring we got to play and keep reasonably warm. 

Year 7 & 8

The improvement of the students and teams throughout the day was very noticable. While we didn't win every game, the students found winning combinations and game plays.


Special Thanks to Mrs Littlewood, Mrs Monk (Miss Lee's friend) for umpiring and the parent transport and managers. I couldn't do it without your support. Especially when I ended umpiring the whole day as well.

Miss W

Our amazing Pokeno Senior Students 

giving back to the Pokeno Community

It truly was a busy day for the students of Rooms 9 & 10


Term 3 Newsletter

Word Mania

Room 10 are taking part in a competition called Word Mania

Using letters on a grid put infront of them, children have to make words to earn points. 

The bigger the word the more points they earn. We have practice rounds till the 12th of August. Then it is all on.


This term we are learning about explanations and procedures through Kitchen Chemistry, learning what makes a chemical reaction and why. Using every items you could find in your kitchen. We are discussing how to Keep Ourselves Safe with the help of the NZ Police. We are beginning to work on our Gala Day Art projects. Watch this space for a sneak peak later on in the term. 

Repainting the Lines outside Rooms 1 & 2

Jorja has chosen to bring back to life the painted lines on the ground outside Rooms 1 & 2. By doing this we will be encouraging the space to be used again (and preserving some history). We believe the whale outline has been at Pokeno School well over 20 years. 

Mural for the Tanks

Before the group of girls can even begin to start this project they have the daunting task of cleaning our two large tanks with warm water and sugar soap. The tanks have years of build up on them so it is really important that we scrub this off before starting the murals. 

Making our Sign Stand Proud 

Rebekah noticed that the garden around our school sign looked nice and neat but our school sign was lacking that same look. She has decided that it's time the sign had a small makeover and has already scrubbed it with sugar soap in preparation for painting. 

Southern Light and Matariki Art

Using chalk pastels to create the light effect.

A toothbrush and paint to make the stars. 

Proud Teacher Moment

As a teacher, you have moments where you are very proud of your students. For me one of those moments was when our DP let me know that the 'Big Kid' had thought about the safety of the smaller students on the Orix of our new playground, this was before school. The 'Big Kids' asked the little ones to sit on the inside while they had the outside and did the pushing. 

Proud Teacher Moment...

Convince me you can do it

As part of our Inquiry - students have done a scan of our school, identified an area that needs some attention and have been set the task to persuade us that their project is something that needs to be done. Below are two of the persuasive letters completed so far. I am seriously impressed with the passion and problem solving these learning are have and are using!

Term 2... giving back

This term our focus for learning is health and safety, giving back to our school and wider community under the topic of 'Our Community needs us'. We will also be Dancing through the Decades. Watch this space for what we get up to. 


The first ones on the new pokeno bridge!

Helping out at hynds

Time for lunch and a break after working hard!

The Learner

This maths group has been on a learning journey all of their own for fractions.

 is the

They have made use of me (the teacher), a video and each other to be able to add and subtract fractions with different denominators


Here they are teaching each other the strategies they need to be able to do this effectively!

Get Writing NZ

During the last month, Room 10 have been involved in the School Get Writing Project, we have been preparing our writing to send to Greytown School in Masterton. Room 10 has crafted a Colour Poem, this was an incredible experience for all of us, each child crafted a line about our particular colour, then we worked collaberatively to organise these lines into a poem, we recrafted, changing words and tenses to help our poem have flow, rythme and create imagery. 

A small box of treasure came as part of our writing kit, children have built word bank of 'sticky words' - adjectives, descriptive words, looked up facts and statistics about their objects, crafted a secret the object has and written about where it was 2 weeks ago. These thoughts, ideas, learning were then sculpted into a poem, scribed onto a postcard which is going to be sent to our buddy class in Greytown. We are looking forward to receiving the poetry that our buddy class has prepared for us. 


A fantastic classroom of Year 7 & 8s, ready to take on the year, be inspired and inspiring. Watch this space to see our journey.


Shhhh Don't tell Mr J, but we may have caused the water level in the pool to drop!  


However, the only way to understand what to do to keep ourselves safe in the ocean is to replicate waves, right!


It's much harder to stay afloat with waves rolling back and forth along the pool. Good thing we can practice. (And make Miss W very wet!)

One thing about having a Year 7 and 8 classroom is that 'I' as the teacher have to let go at times and let my students have control of their own learning. 

I am so impressed with the way the students are learning and teaching each other. 

Here we are working together to teach and learn about how to use a protractor to draw a pie graph. We have also learnt to make these in excel. 

One of the hardest strokes to learn - Breaststroke!

Room 10 is currently working hard on putting this stoke together (there is lots to think about!)

We started on a towel with leg and arm action and have put it all together in the pool 

Congratulations Myah

Here is one of our Year 8 Ambassadors proudly sharing her success in motorcoss. 

Myah competed in the Auckland Champs at the Harrisville Track taking out a 3rd placing!

Way to go Myah!! Girls can do anything!

              Thinking            Day One: Miss W challenges us to create a holiday decoration using only a picture, no instructions, steps or video. Now we have to think about our learning too!

                About                  She did warn us that we would get frustrated and it might not work but we all managed to make something. Little bit Trial and Error, Observations, some use of Prior Knowledge, lots of Discussion!

            Learning             Then in the afternoon we were given the video, with step by step instructions. So much easier!  and our deorations look much more like the picture. What a task, really making us think and on Day One!


Technology for year 7/8

First technology day is this Friday (8th November), then Week 3, 5, 7 and 9

Please remember

  • The bus will leave at 8:30am so be at school before this time
  • Children must wear shoes/sneaker
  • Take a hat and full drink bottle
  • Take their pencil cases including a glue stick

Happy Birthday Jessie and Nathan

How spoilt were Room 10 today. Thanks for sharing your birthday and amazing cake with us. Delicious!

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