Pokeno School

What I've learned so far

Barely feels like a day has passed since I started here in Room 8, but 1 Term and 3 weeks later, this is what I've learned:

1. Room 8 kids are passionate about... everything!

2. In Room 8 we love a sense of humour.

3. Having our own opinions is important, but it doesn't mean we need everybody to know them.

4. Room 8 kids love to be challenged.

5. Room 8 kids are connected to their learning, school community and friends!

6. Room 8 is so full of talent... I have so much to learn from them in such a short time.

7. Room 8 parents are amazing and supportive of their children and education.

8. We love science!

9. Room 8 children are really fast learners!

10. I get so excited when they have a great day.

Keep watching, I'll post often now that I have this all worked out.

Inger Cuthbert


Kia Ora koutou Whanau, 

Welcome to Room 8 and 2019 at Pokeno School.  I'm Ms Paulette and I'm really excited to be teaching in Year 5/6 this year.  I look forward to getting to know the Room 8 children and their families in due course. Pop in to class sometime and check out the kids new learning environment.

Learn to Learn

We will be studying and using the characters and storyline from the Disney movie 'Moana' to learn about how to learn.


Swimming will start almost immediately in Term One.  Room 8 is timetabled for Tuesday and Friday 9am (come with togs under your clothes) and Thursday after morning break.

In Room 8 we are learning to identify what type of learners we are.  This will help the children choose tasks best related to their style of learning.

New environment

Room 8 has been finding their way around their new environment

New friends

Hanging out and exploring the class library with new friends.

Room 8 has been learning how the characters in Moana learn, what their barriers were and then looked at their own learning styles and barriers.  Now that they have thought about what the possible barriers are, we can start to look at how to overcome these to push on.

Multiple intelligences test.  Ask the students of Room 8 what type of learner they are... The children thought this activity was fun and in some cases surprizing. 


As part of our inquiry unit of Maori Myths and Legends, Room 8 started our Drama unit by acting out the story of Paikea.

Waiariki was our Narrator

Paikea and Whale

Zac B was acting as Paikea and was being saved by the Whale 'Mollie'.


Multiple students got themselves into the shape of a waka and even got capsized by a group of Room 8 'wild waves'

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