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Room 3

Kids for Kids- Choir Songs

Cross country Term 3

We did our very best for Cross Country. Maxden won the Year 1 boys race! 

Room 3

We have been writing some fabulous stories! Here are some of our star writers. 

I can see a dog licking the man’s face. I can hear the dog licking. I can smell the dog’s breath. The dog feels hungry. 

By Temihaia

I can see the dog popping bubbles. I can hear barking.  I can smell the fur. I feel sick because I ate too many bubbles. I think the dog is sick because he ate them too. 

By Audrey

I can see the pretty, amazing dog eating bubbles. Her name is Hailey and she is one. I can hear bubbles popping. I can smell the wet bubble mix. I feel wet bubbles. I think it is cool.  By Tegan

I can see the cat eating. I can hear meow. I can smell the breath. I feel excited. 

By Hayden

I can see a cat. I can hear “Meow, meow, meow.” I can smell the cat’s breath. The cat feels comfortable. I think the cat likes wasting bread. I touch the cat’s tail. I can taste the toast. 

By Jordayne

I can see the flying pig. I can hear wings. I can smell the clouds. I feel scared. 

By Francesca

I can see the elephant. I can hear thumping. I can smell the fresh air.  

By Maxden

I can see the fat rat cat eating the bread even though it is in the toast. I can taste that fat cat. I am going to eat that fat cat. It looks yummy.

By Luka

Science In A Van

Helium and Bubbles




We have had visitors at our school this term! Science in a van came to visit us and taught us all about mixtures and reactions. 

We have been reading books from Storyline Online. If you would like to listen to these at home here is the link: 

We have been learning how to use our new playground! We are very excited to have wonderful new equipment to play with. 

              ' I can hang!' said Audrey

'Look at me!' said Tony

'I love swinging!' said Noah

' I feel happy. I am excited about the playground!' said Sammy.

'I feel good!' said Ashton



'Wow this is so fast!' said Vansh. 

'Faster!' said Jordayne. 

'I feel excited'said Tony 

'Look at me! I feel good!' said Audrey


'I look like a monkey!' said Temihaia


Week 1 & 2 Whole School Singing


Week 3 & 4 Whole School Singing

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