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welcome to room 8

Kia Ora and welcome to Room 8.

My name is Miss Julia Delany and I am new to Pokeno School this year. I have been teaching for 18 years and am really excited to be teaching a wonderful group of Year 5 and 6 students. 

Check in to this page regularly to see what we've been learning.

Continue scrolling down for all Level 4 LOCKDOWN Home Learning Information and student's work.

Room 8's Virtual Classroom

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Room 8's Virtual Library

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I have included Picture Books as they're short but have great illustrations and often rhyming patterns.

Two of my favourites are "Taming the Taniwha" and "Where the Wild Things are". Notice how the illustrations change as the story progresses.

To login to http://getepic.com 

Students need to access by using the class code: zkl9449.

Then click on their avatar and use their 4 digit pin, which is their birthday - day + month, e.g., June 11 is 1106

Kea Whaanau Recipe Book

Prior to lockdown, we were all learning about Procedural Writing.

So, early in our lockdown journey Kea Whaanau Teachers asked our learners to share some of their favourite recipes.  

We had lots of awesome recipes and photos shared by students in all classes! 

Mrs Fraser has kindly put them all together as our very own Recipe Book.  

Click on the link, search through the slides, and give another classmate's recipe a go! Let us know how you go!

TERM 3, WEEK 9 & 10 E-Letter

Kia ora Whaanau, 

Please click on the E-Letter below or this link to access the learning grid for this week and next. This is learning from today Wednesday 22nd September until Friday 1st October the end of the term.    

We are always glad to hear from you and receive any photos of activities, inside or outside you have done.  This week we are also introducing our EXPLORE slide show which encourages our students with choice to explore around the world. 

Keep being creative and sending in your entry to the "Kea Whaanau Toy Photo Challenge". Further information can be found on the Kea Whanau Learning From Home page. 

Keep safe in your bubbles.

TERM 3, WEEK 8 E-Letter

This is our E-Letter for this week (Week 8 of Term 3). This is learning from today Wednesday 15th till next Wednesday 22nd September.  

We appreciate everyone’s situation during alert Level 4 looks different and have been pleased to hear whaanau prioritising health and wellbeing into their daily schedules. 

Thank you for sharing photos, we enjoy receiving these updates. Remember, these photos can be of learning and/or other things you are doing at home (e.g. baking, building, creating, learning life skills). 

Don't forget to read this weeks email as it had a link to the NZ Rugby World Kids Magazine to read and enter competitions. Below is the video completed by Mr Wiz of all the photos of you, the Kea Whanau students "Reading in Unusual Places".

Find the Kea Whanau teachers

Click on the image to make it bigger.

Mila found me!

Who do you think is the hardest to find?

I had fun making this so pleased you all enjoyed trying to find the teachers.

I am very impressed with Jack. He made up his own recipe, including the amount of ingredients, and check out the result. They cupcakes were a success. A chef in the making! Fabulous work. How did they taste?

Achievements for 

Online Platforms - Week 8

Mathletics Awards go to....drum roll please...


All award recipients earned over 1000 points.

Sehal earned the most points with 7,716.


Other participants who were on for less than an hour (and less than 1000 points): Angad, Jaspal, Ava, Mila, Aimee, Fletcher, MJ, Ronaldo, Ashton, Charlotte, Ricklynn


Reading Eggspress & Epic! Shout Outs to...

Reading Eggspress 

Fletcher, Mila, Aimee, Angad, Ashton, Charlee, Deni, MJ, Ngatoki, Oasis, Ricklynn, Sehal, Yehen

Epic! Online

Jack for reading 20 minutes for 4 days.

TERM 3, WEEK 7 E-Letter

Malo e lelei,
 Welcome to the fourth week of Kea Whaanau online learning during this Level 4 Lockdown. Please click the link for our E-Letter for this week (Week 7 of Term 3). This is learning from today, Wednesday 8th, till next Wednesday 15th September.     

 Teachers will be available from 10 am - 2 pm to respond to emails.     

 Thank you to all those who have sent in pictures of your learning. Thank you also to everyone who submitted an entry for the  'Reading in an Unusual Place' competition! They look great and the video will be fun to watch.    

 Remember we understand that everyone’s situation during alert level 4 looks different,  So we encourage you to do what is manageable for your whaanau.  A day outside with your family is just as valuable as time on a device - we are all putting our wellbeing first. 

 Kia kaha

Amrin has been baking and is becoming a "Pro Pool Player" playing with her dad. She's also been walking the dogs, and doing her school work.

Fletcher researched Japan and created the factual slideshow.

Great work Fletch! You really did a lot of research.

Deni looked into the Paralympics and found out some fun facts.


A short story by Yehen

Robert owned the only barbershop in Dranville. No one wanted to work for him because they all thought it was a waste of time. Since no one worked for him he had to cut his own hair and everyone knows cutting your hair is really hard.

Jack has been researching and putting together a slideshow about Stewart Island. Below is the final product.

He's also been solving Partition Puzzles in Mathletics.

Deni wrote a narrative story based on the 9/11 attacks.

Ngatoki researched about Australia.

Click HERE to read Ricklynn's story using the prompt below.

Ava has written a biography about Paralympian, Sophie Pascoe.

MJ also researched and create a factual slideshow about Sophie Pascoe.

Deni is very interested in nuclear war at the moment and over the weeks in Lockdown has continued to base his writing and research on topics connected to his passion. 

Nicole conducted the "Raisin' Raisins" experiment.

She concluded that "as the gas forms in the glass by adding the baking soda, the gas penetrates the raisins, causing the  raisins to raise to the surface of the liquid".

Mathletics Awards for Week 7



And a shout out to:

Who did <1000 points

Reading Eggspress & Epic Shout Outs to...

Reading Eggspress assignments completed by:

Aimee, Ashton, Austin, Ava, Chelsea, Mase, Mila, MJ, Oasis, Ricklynn, Yehen, Amrin, Angad, Charlee, Deni, Ethan, Fletcher, Nicole


Aimee, Chelsea, Jack and Ngatoki who've read for 3 out of 5 days for more than 20 minutes each day.

Ryder and Nicole have been doing Sunshine Classics.

TERM 3, WEEK 6 E-Letter

Kia Ora whanau and welcome to Week 3 of learning from home. 

Please take some time to read over the new activities in the Term 3, Week 6 e-Letter. Remember these activities are today Wednesday 1st through to next Wednesday 8th September.  

It is Tongan Language Week next week, so we’re starting early. There are some fun website links to click and check out! I hope you’ve enjoyed using the Virtual Library. This week we’ve added a Writing Virtual Classroom (which is on the Kea Home Learning page).    

Thank you to all those who have sent in pictures of your learning. I will try to put it up on our webpage for everyone to see.     

Don't forget the 'Reading in an Unusual Place' competition! This will be the last week for photos! Send your photos to me to add to the class competition and the Kea Whaanau video. We have had a lot of really neat entries already, and there may be a teacher entry or 2 also!

Week 6 Learning at Home

Chernobyl Disaster by Deni

Yuri was inside his house when Chernobly was on fire.Just then the news flickered on his TV "plant 0.4 has caught on fire and may explode. The explosion will be 100x more powerful than the little boy atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima by the americans".

The Trampoline - A Moment in Time by Ava

I see a bird that is as blue as the sky 

I hear people who are laughing nearby 

I taste salt in the cold, windy air I feel puffed cause 

I'm jumping here and there  

I smell a BBQ - yum here comes a feast 

We feel the grass cause we are running fast to eat

Jack has been busy outside learning and has done some great research and reading too.

MJ has been busy this week.

He has researched Chris Wood and created this slideshow.

MJ has also conducted the science experiment about Water Wicking.

Check out his Alphabet Workout he did with his mum too!

Even though Cross Country has been cancelled, Charlotte has still be keeping up her fitness.

She's also been playing outside, doing some art and science.

Ngatoki has had a busy week.

He's been outside, baked, written, done some art, as well as his online activities.

Mathletics Awards for Week 6


with 8,419 points this week is Sehal.


A shout out also to:


Reading Eggspress & Epic! Shout Outs to...


Aimee, Ashton, Austin, MJ, Oasis and Yehen for completing all 3 tasks.

Ngatoki for completing 1 task.


Aimee, Angad, Chelsea, Fletcher, Jack, Ngatoki, Oasis and Sehal

Keep Reading Room 8


Kia ora Whaanau, 

 We all hope you're doing well in your "bubbles". We've really enjoyed seeing all your efforts during learning at home, including unusual places to read! Stay tuned next week when Mr Wiz's video will reveal all our weird and wonderful reading places. 

 Click on the image below or click here to link to the PDF. From there you'll be able to access a range of other links to help you with your online learning this week. 

 Don't forget to check back in on our class page and see what your classmates have also been up to! Keep emailing me your work so I can add it.

Students Learning From Home 

Week 5

Mathletics & Reading Eggs

Students of the Week

Well done everyone on your participation this week.

Student of the Week 
goes to NGATOKI for 4603 points.

Congratulations to:


Well done on all these students for completing some or all of their READING EGGS activities.

Aimee, Amrin, Angad, Ashton, Ava, Charlee, Chelsea, Deni, Fletcher, Jaspal, Oasis, Nicole, Ricklynn, Ronaldo, Ryder, Yehen.

Ryder's Lambs

Watchwood Forest by Yehen

The Watchwood Forest was very enchanted. Legend says all the most mythical and mystical creatures lived there. Fairies, Talking trees, Talking mushrooms, and the glowing deer.  Phillip always wanted to see the glowing deer. People say if you see the glowing deer you’ll be stuck in the  Watchwood Forest forever.

Deni has made this slideshow about Nuclear Energy as it is something he is very interested in. Keep in mind, it has not been proof read or edited, yet. Great work.

Here is Nicole's research on Olympian, Lisa Carrington.


Peaceful creatures  

 Always loving bamboo 

 Nice animals 

 Deni likes pandas 

 Always munching up bamboo 

 Such cute animals

Mila did some baking.

Ryder utilised his mum's workspace to do some Mathletics.

Please click the image of Ricklynn's slide to view it.

Term 3, Week 4 


Kia Ora Whaanau, Hope you are all safe and well in Level 4.  Please find the Term 3, Week 4, E-Letter for the Year 5 and 6 Kea Whaanau students attached here.   You can access the worksheet for the science investigation attached here, and the slide on making your own musical instrument using recycled items here.  

 Please remember to share your pictures and work with your teacher so that they can post them on your class webpages.  We look forward to seeing your amazing learning from home.  Stay Safe - Kea Whaanau Teachers.

What have Room 8 students been doing for Home Learning - Week 4?

Mathletics & Reading Eggs - Week 4

Jack (below) working on his Mathletics. No wonder he was awarded TWO awards this week. Well done.





Congratulations to all students who signed in this week and completed one or more tasks.

Congratulations to: 

Oasis, Angad, Fletcher, Nicole, Yehen, Ashton, Jarred, Austin and Ava 

who completed some assigned Reading Eggspress activities.

Ava got creative and used recycled items to make a boat. It even floats!

Mila made this cute mini guitar. She has decorated it well. I am very impressed. Are those rubber bands? Does it make a sound? Ka pai!!

Ava has been busy at work completing a Kahoot and writing these fantastic descriptive acrostic poems. She also been baking!

Giant's Cup

Have you ever heard of the Giant’s Cup? Well, I know all about it.  Legend says that the Giant’s Cup was placed in NZ, hundreds, no, thousands of years ago, there was a giant named Norman. Norman was the only and last giant in the world. He feared humans because humans were the ones that killed his kind. Norman knew hiding won’t work since he was 100x bigger than humans. So Norman built an invisible force field in the Death Forest because he knew NOBODY would go there.                                                      

Norman LOVED coffee. He would drink it 50 times a day. I know what you’re thinking “That’s a lot of caffeine”, but giants can handle it. This is where Grivlen comes in. Grivlen is the most horrible, dirty-minded person in town. He also had dirty-minded friends too. 

One day Grivlen and his dirty-minded crew set off to the Death Forest to catch some deer. Yep, you guessed right. Grivlen walked straight into the giant's hiding spot. Grivlen saw the giant and his giant cup of coffee in shock. “Looks like we’re having a giant for breakfast,” Grivlen announced, with a half-smile on his face. Norman didn’t know what to do. The bullets broke out as they dug into the poor giant’s body. Norman’s cup of coffee he was drinking, before the invasion of Grivlen, fell on the floor, THUD. 

At that moment the giants ceased to exist. And that’s how The Giant’s Cup came to be. Until it got replaced by the famous Sky Tower. That’s why you probably haven’t heard of the Giant’s Cup.  

By Yehen

How to make Chocolate Brownies

By Ngatoki

Fletcher read a book on Epic! Then he wrote 5 facts from what he learned and created this beautiful presentation.

Fletcher has also been baking with some cleaning too!

He's really got the hang of creating a slideshow!

Oasis wrote "The Tomb" below. What a great story starter. I wish you'd written more rather than leaving the reader in suspense.

Ryder has been baking up a storm in the kitchen. Here he is making lemon pancakes for the family. He also made Lemon Pudding for dessert. Can't wait to get your recipes!

Check out Austin's procedural writing about how he made his musical instrument out of recycled items.

Deni has written a short story with chapters. 

To read it click here.

Solar Power 

by Ngatoki

What's happening in Term 3

Kia ora Whānau,

We are excited to be working with the students on some new topics. We will be exploring ‘The World as a Powerhouse', investigating sources of energy. In The Arts we will be focused on Music, Dance and Drama. The students had so much fun last term with our Arts Unit. You can see some of our Drama below.

We have interschool cross country coming up so this term our focus for PE is fitness and long distance running. From Week 6 onwards, Kea Whānau sport will be on Tuesday afternoons, weather permitting, with a range of large ball strategy games.

In Maths, we continue to learn about Measurement: capacity, temperature and angles. Our number focus begins with addition and subtraction, alongside developing student's number knowledge. Students are encouraged to complete Mathletics assignments and use Live Mathletics as part of their homework.

Our Writing is integrated into our Inquiry topic, therefore we are learning how to write a report, explain and write up a scientific experiment (procedure). In Reading, we will also be reading a range of non-fiction text looking at their features, e.g., sub-headings, diagrams, photographs, graphs, vocabulary etc. 

Please email me directly if you have any questions or concerns.

Miss Delany


EKE TAHI - Giant Skateboard Visit

Matt Markland and Bowman Hansen visited our school and arrived with a giant skateboard called Eke Tahi. They have travelled around New Zealand reminding us about the Olympic Games and encouraging students all over to follow their dreams like they have. Watch this video to see a little about their journey.

Some of our Arts in Term 2 - Dance & Drama

For Drama we worked in small groups to create famous landmarks around the world. We had a lot of fun and worked collaboratively to successfully represent each landmark. Can you work out which landmark each group created? Use the slideshow below if you're stuck.

Here is a few photos of Room 8 following a simple Sasa we learned by watching a video. We had to perform particular claps, pāti and pō in a 4 beat rhythm and create different combinations. We even added in other actions.

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