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last day of term - pj party

Today we celebrated the last day of term with a Pyjama Party.  The tamariki wore their pyjama's, ate popcorn and watched 'Paddington' - lots of great things that start with the letter P, our letter of the week.

belonging to pokeno school

As part of this terms' unit on Belonging the tamariki have been learning that they belong to a family, they belong to a community and that they belong to a school.  As part of our investigations, Room 4 learnt all about Mr J's job at our school and who can help us at school - including the lovely Mrs Smith and Mrs Twist in the office.

investigating shapes

We have been studying geometry here in Room 4 and have been learning all about 2D shapes.  Today we went on a 'shape hunt' all around our school environment to see which shapes we could find!

Look at this hexagon the tamariki found!

Jack found a large circle in the playground.

Carlie also found some circles in the playground.

Peyton noticed a rectangle in the vegetable garden.

Rayan climbed up high to find a triangle in the playground.

Casey also found a triangle in the playground.

Quinn discovered a square.

Arnish noticed that classroom doors are rectangles.

Ollie noticed this bicycle wheel was a circle.

Shapes really are all around us!

the world's largest skateboard

Pokeno School was very lucky to have a visit from the Olympic Committee and a couple of very talented skateboarders.  With them they brought along the largest skateboard in the world - and it really works!  The tamariki of Room 4 were very excited to take a closer look at it.

a fire truck comes to pokeno school!

The tamariki were enthralled as the officer's explained how their equipment worked and how to keep safe in a fire.  They also got to have a turn holding the fire hose and sit inside the fire truck!  What an amazing experience - this has led to some wonderful writing recounts which are on display in our classroom, come and check them out.

PTA dress up day

The tamariki sure enjoyed dressing up for the PTA Dress Up Day.

a shared story

In week 3 it was National Simultaneous Storytime - every child around the country, at schools and early child centre's enjoyed the story 'Give Me Some Space' at the exact same time!  Here is Mrs Turton reading the book to the Ruru Whaanau at lunchtime.

term 1 

week 8 learning

We spent some time with our buddy class room 16 this week.  They are year 3's and 4's and they were being great role models and mentors, helping the room 4 students with a fun activity!  We created an Easter bunny pot plant - take care of the bulb all winter and come spring you will have beautiful flowers to admire!

week 6 learning

Quinn knows the letters that make up her name.  Ka pai Quinn!

Rayan has finished his self-portrait.

Mantra has worked hard on his self-portrait.

Arnish has finished his self-portrait.  Tino pai everyone - our self-portraits are looking amazing!


Jack has been practicing writing his name on the whiteboards - well done Jack!

Ollie has created an aeroplane out of Mobilo using the planning card to help him.  Ka rawe Ollie!

Room 4 and Room 11 are sitting on the mat, about to begin their morning Phonics.  Look how beautifully these tamariki are sitting, demonstrating that they are ready to learn!

Arnish has begun his self-portrait.

Caleb has worked hard on his self-portrait.

Learning during Lockdown

MARCH 2021

We find ourselves in Lockdown Level 3 again.  Please reuse the Phonics workshop below and utilise the Learning from Home slides that we are sending out, should you want to.  Please also get in touch with me if you have any questions at all about your child's learning.  I'd love to receive a message from you to let me know how you're going, and any photos you might have to share about your Learning from Home activities.  We're in this together!


It is wonderful to see Mantra engaged in his learning at home - keep it up Mantra, ka pai!  Reading Eggs is a great at-home activity!

Mantra is practicing his letter writing - great job with letter 'M' Mantra!


For the children in Room 4, it is essential that they focus on learning their alphabet letter names and sounds. Below is the workshop that I use with my children in my class. Please take the opportunity to view this workshop with your child as it will support the development of their letter and sound knowledge.

If you have any questions please email me at; 


Take a look at what our learners have been up to so far in Room 4!

Last week in room 4 we have begun working on our self-portraits.  Using a photo of our faces, it was then cut in half so that we could draw in the other half ourselves.  This was a great exercise in symmetry and the children have been learning about shading, pencil strokes and pencil pressure to create dark and light.  

So far, Parker and Cleveland have completed theirs - aren't they fantastic? I can't wait to upload the others once we are back at school!

Parker and Lennox are practicing their scissor skills.

Caleb is working with the magnetic letters - ka pai Caleb!

Arnish knows the letters that make up his name!

Casey and Caleb are demonstrating super-hero concentration!

Rayan and Carlie are showing such super teamwork and Ako - they are determined to finish the puzzle together.

Play and exploration are an important part of learning here in Room 4.  Mantra, Caleb and Casey (below) are busy investigating and developing ideas.

Cooperation is a big part of being a super-learner - just look at Rayan, Mantra and Ikwansh sharing their ideas!

Imaginative play and role play are great ways to make connections with others and build relationships.

Tino pai Ollie!  What a super learner you are!  

Ollie and Lennox are enjoying a bit of quiet in our 'Book Nook' and exploring all the wonderful books we have available.  I wonder if they have found a favourite yet?

Cleveland is exploring letters and the idea of being a 'writer'.  She is also honing her pencil grip technique.  Well done Cleveland!

Family and dramatic role play is beneficial for learning problem-solving, learning to communicate and helping to express feelings. 

After all that busy learning, it's time to replenish and re-energise with some healthy kai and enjoy the company of our friends.

Check back soon to see what other amazing learning we get up to!

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