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Room 13 Parents

If you have not received an email from me this year, please email me on the address below to ensure I have the correct contact email -  m.watson@pokeno.school.nz

Stats for Week 6

Thank you to the following children who have invested in themselves and their learning this week... 


  • Jamie Turton 
  • Georiga Holtham
  • Hunter Montgomery
  • Krishaan Narayan
  • LJ Whuinui
  • Annabelle Beeby
  • Catelyn Venter
  • Haylee-Jade McGrath
  • Ben Knock
  • Danielle Van Wyk


  • Kyuss McDowall 
  • Haylee-Jade McGrath
  • Keith Ndemera
  • Nathan Brown
  • Catelyn Venter
  • Krishaan Narayan


  • Haylee-Jade McGrath
  • Catelyn Venter
  • Kyuss McDowall
  • Nathan Brown
  • Jaime Hartley
  • Alli Godkin
  • Krishaan Narayan


This week we headed back into our 'new normal' and what we all know as School Life. As a teacher in Kea Whaanau (Senior School) we worked hard to provide a balanced approach to teaching and learning this week.  Acknowledging what has been, reflecting upon it, giving thanks for what we have and letting go some of our worries, while quietly moving forward and settling back into routines and expectations. Bubbles were used to express ourselves. Check out this experimentation with drawing bubbles. 

We dove into our Geometry learning about the concepts of tesselations, how to create our own tesselation patterns and about symmetry. How nature is a great example of symmetry in our everyday lives. We began looking at our Drama topic of 'Thistle Mountain' -  I am blown away by how well the students represented 'Thistle Mountain' through simple drawings created from a read description.

Stats for Week 6

This week is a little different - I am acknowledging the students who have put in the most time since last Friday - who have done this learning as part of their homework requirement and driven their own learning at home  for the week. 


  1. Helena Mana  - 4.63h
  2. Georiga Holtham - 1.53h
  3. Ben K & Ellie W - 47m
  4. Nathan Brown - 44m
  5. Jamie Turton - 43m


Catelyn Venter 
Krishaan Narayan 
Keith Ndermera


Krishaan Narayan

Learning at home

We are moving out of Learning to Learn and looking at Disasters and Climate Change under the umbrella of survival. Very timely given what we are facing at the moment with the country in a 4 Level system. Students will be looking at sports such as softball and soccer, they will begin to work on their on Pepeha and delivering these with confidence. We are beginning learning in The Arts in the area of Drama and looking at Digital Safety. This learning will also continue into Term 2 and you can find links here. 

Quick Reference Kea Whaanau E-letters

Week 5 Stats


  1. Nathan Brown: 14.7 h  
  2. Kyuss McDowall : 13.4 h    
  3. Phoenix Manning: 12.8h  
  4. 4. Keith Ndemera: 12.7h     
  5. Catelyn Venter: 12.7h


  1.   Catelyn Venter: 207 m  
  2.   Haylee McGrath: 202 m
  3. Keith Ndemera: 139m
  4. Ryan Sims: 128 m  
  5.  Jaime Hartley : 119m   


  1.  Danielle Van Wyk: 17h 48m
  2.  Diezel Sefton 17h 45m
  3. Leo Brooker: 17h 18m 
  4. Annabelle Beeby: 16h 32m 
  5. Catelyn Venter: 14h 24m

Kea Whaanau E-Letter 8

Good Morning Room 13 and Welcome to Week 5, Term 2.  You will have received the new format E-Letter this morning.  This weeks E-Letter contains New Zealand Sign Language Week activites.  You will find a list of suggested activities and can do activities.  You can find the E-Letter here if you need access.  Enjoy, and I cant wait to see your learning for this week.

Competition Time - Week 4 Stats!

Miss Lee and I love seeing the learning happening on these platforms.


  1. Phoenix Manning: 12.8h  
  2. Nathan Brown : 11.7 h     
  3. Catelyn Venter: 11.4h  
  4. Kyuss McDowall: 11.2 h     
  5. Keith Ndemera 10.6 h


  1.  Catelyn Venter: 164 m    
  2. Haylee McGrath: 139 m    
  3.  Ryan Sims: 115 m  
  4. Jaime Hartley : 97m  
  5. Keith Ndemera: 97m


  1. Annabelle Beeby: 16h 25m   
  2. Leo Brooker: 15h 44m  
  3. Danielle Van Wyk: 14h 50m
  4. Diezel Sefton: 14h 44m 
  5. Phoenix Manning: 13h 17m  

We are so proud of the effort 

Bubbles 1,2 and 3 went to this week.... 

it will be a lovely surprise on Sunday at the resthome. 

Kea Whaanau E-Letter 7

Kia Ora Room 13, today our E-Letter looks a little different from previous E-Letters.  This E-Letter is to introduce the new format that we will be sending out as of next week.  Keep working on the activities set at the start of the week, and be sure to check out the Mother's Day activities attached.  You can find the heart pocket here and a Mother's Day card template here.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Artists at Work

What are you sketching there Nathan?

Miss W's attempt

Great Sketch Keith. You are really developing those skills

One of our Room 13 Talented 

Artists developing her skills. 

Yummy! Diezel that sponge cake looks delicious! These Feijoa muffins were yummy. You are going to be on the Tv Show  - The Great Kiwi Bake Off - after this. 

Competition Time - Week 3 Stats!

 Keep up the great learning!


  • 1. Phoenix Manning: 11.7 h
  •  2. Nathan Brown : 10.5 h    
  • 3. Kyuss McDowall: 9.7h 
  • 4. Keith Ndemera: 9 h    
  • 5. Leo Brooker: 7.8 h


  • 1. Catelyn Venter: 103 m   
  • 2. Haylee McGrath: 103 m  
  •  3. Jamie Hartley: 94 m 
  • 4. Ryan Sims: 81m 
  • 5.Danica and Danielle: 53 m


  • 1. Leo Brooker: 13h 27min  
  • 2. Annabelle Beeby: 13h 19min 
  •  3.Danielle Van Wyk: 12h 24m 
  •  4. Phoenix Manning: 11h 44m
  •   5. Diezel Sefton: 11h 21min

Invisible Ink - Kitchen Chemistry

Well done Kayla and Keith on your Inivisible Ink messages. 

Thanks for teaching us in Bubble 3 at School too. 

Preparing the Lemons

Writing the message

Using a heat source

And another

Messages revealed

Stay Safe

Something a little different... 

Haylee-Jade has been completing presentations as part of her home learning. Trying different programmes. Check out these 2 pieces of work completed in Microsoft Sway.

Kea Whaanau E-Letter 6

Good Morning Room 13 and Welcome to Week 4 of Term 2.  This week we are looking at Science: Kitchen Chemistry!  You can find the E-Letter in the tab below.  You can also access the Kitchen Sink Science Activities here if you need to.  Have a wonderful week, and I look forward to seeing all of your amazing learning this week around Kitchen Chemistry! 

Kea Whaanau E-Letter 5

BING! You have mail! E-Letter 5 should have found it's way to your inbox.  This newsletter has an environmental awareness focus and a number of great little tasks you can do from home.  You can access the plant journal here if you plan to do some of the growing activities.  Please find the link to E-Letter 5 in the quick reference links above.  Have a wonderful day!

Seriously Impressed with this Artemis Fowl Work!

Well Done Kyuss!

Impressive Krishaan!

Week 3 Learning: Artemis Fowl Activities

Good Morning Room 13, hope you have all had a wonderful weekend.  You should all by now have all recieved the E-Letter 4 that was sent out this morning.  The Artemis Fowl Activities can also be accessed in the below slide show.  Please feel free to share your learning with me again this week, I would love to see it.  If for some reason you have not recieved todays E-Letter update you will be able to find this in the quick reference links above.  The link for the full Artemis Fowl Text can be found here. Enjoy!

Competition Time!

Well done to all of Room 13 using our 3 digital platforms. I will be printing a lot of certificates shortly. Keep up the great learning!


  • 1. Phoenix Manning: 10.4 h
  • 2. Nathan Brown : 9.9 h  
  •  3. Kyuss McDowall: 8.9h
  • 4. Keith Ndemera: 7.7 h   
  • 5. Danielle Van Wyk: 7.4 h


  • 1. Catelyn Venter: 94 m 
  • 2. Haylee-Jade McGrath: 63 m 
  • 3. Ryan Sims:59 m 
  • 4=Kyuss McDowall: 56 m 
  • 4= Jamie Hartley: 56 m


  • 1. Annabelle Beeby: 12hr 7min 
  • 2. Leo Brooker: 10hrs 19min 
  • 3.Phoenix Manning: 9h 24m 
  • 4. Haylee McGrath: 8h 25m 
  • 5. Catelyn Venter: 7hrs 12min

Room 13 Hard at Work


Well done Krishaan on this informative poster about Covid19. If only we knew all of this before we went into Lockdown!

Making Lolly Cake

A bowl of cut Eskimos on the kitchen bench. I believe that Izzy and Ashton are making Lolly cake. Yummy!

Artemis Fowl

Well done Ryan. Already starting on this weeks tasks. Reading Artemis Fowl and completing some of the activities that go with it. 

Danielle's Muffin Mania

Following a recipe and creating yummy muffins is all about learning! Great work Danielle. 

Diezel's Homemade Donuts

All of this food looks delicious and how about these. I know someone in our class who loooveees donuts!

An Orginal

Nice work Jamie. An orginal piece of artwork. The cats eyes are fantastic and really highlight the emotion your are going for. 

Boys only montage

What I really love about the pictures that are being sent through, is being able to see all the different things everyone is doing during this time. 


Here is a glimpse of what I get in Writing Legends

Anzac Day - 25th April

Room 13 is already busy preparing. No Anzac Bitmoji so this one is the next best thing. Anzac is about honouring those who fought for the freedoms we enjoy.

Miss W's Poppy Project


The start of my Anzac Project


Cutting and Sanding for smooth edges


Undercoat done, ready for red

Coming Together

Found all the paints I needed


Attached to the Post on the driveway


We will remember them...


Lest we Forget What a fantastic effort Room 13.  Keep them coming in. 

Kyuss's Other Anzac Art

Krishaan's Anzac Poster

Kyuss's Anzac Sunrise

Catelyn's Anzac Sunrise

Izzy's Rememberance Art

Jamie's Anzac Art

Georgia's Solider and Poppy

These are fantastic Room 13. 

Keep them coming in. 

 Ryan's wreath

Diezel's solider

Haylee-Jade's Solider Silhouette

E-Letter Three has just lifted off

Howdy Room 13. Today's E-letter should have reached inboxes by now. This E-letter has the theme of survival and you know what. You are already doing that at the moment. A good job of it too. This E-letter is designed to challenge your thinking. Looking forward to having some of you share your ideas.

Miss W

Girls montage

Well done Girls of Room 13. (Plus the guest apperance of Savan).               A montage of a few of the photos you have sent through to me. I love seeing all the great learning you are doing. Keep up the great work. 

Happy Monday Room 13   

Good Morning Room 13 and Welcome to Week 2 of Term 2.  Your E-letter number 2 should have arrived in your inboxes, this outlines this weeks learning tasks and additional activities that may be of interest to you.  If for some reason you have not been able to access this E-letter please click on the link below to access this correspondence.  I would love to see your finished work and provide you with some feedback, so please feel free to share with me, or just drop me an email to say Hi!  Hope you are all safe and well!  

Thinking of you all. Miss W

Our Friends at Eeny Meeny have a great Competition Running...


Create an Eeny Meeny monster of your choice out of anything you like. You might paint it, draw it, sculpt it or even build it from Lego. The more creative the better! Be sure to choose from one of the Eeny Meeny monsters above. Enter as many times as you like.

This competition opens 16 April 2020 and expires at midnight 27 April 2020.

Welome back to term 2

 Welcome back to Week 1 of Term 2!  I look forward to being able to connect with you all on our online learning platforms that we set up to use during this raahui period.  On Wednesday morning the Kea teachers sent out a 'Kea Whanau Term 2 E-Letter to all of your whaanau (or as we are calling it an "E-Letter" email/newsletter ...bit of quirky humour for you all).  If for some reason you have missed this communication from myself or a member of the Kea Whaanau then please click the link below to access.  I miss all of your smiling faces and I can't wait to see you all  soon.  Until then, stay home, stay safe and take care of yourselves. 

Aroha nui, Miss W

Thank you Krishaan for handing in your homework. 

Looks like you have put a lot of effort into this!

Poetry Corner

Term 2s first Learning Task is to be a Poetry Detective and analyse a poem written by a Kea Whanau teacher, find it's features language and structure. How to do this was taught in term one, writing poetry is important but analysing it, is important too. 

Find the poem and activities here

Below is some other poetry students have shared with me. I wonder if any more can feature on our page? 

Another great example of 

Writing Legend inspiration...

We'd been walking for hours, with no sign of any other people around, when we came across the cabin. All the windows were open and a sweet aroma wafted in the air. I frowned, "I don't know about this guys" I said to my twin brother Liam and my best friend, Kris. " Relax, Katherine" my brother replied. I studied him. No one can ever tell that we are related. While me and mum are tan, dark haired, with high cheekbones and tall, my brother is fair, blonde haired and average height. The only thing we really have in common are our eyes. They are both a startling green, like the ocean after a storm, or a leaf covered in dew. "Guys?" Kris asks. She frowns, which makes her freckles ripple like the ocean. Kris is Irish, she has bright red hair, freckles and blue eyes. When she speaks you can hear a faint Irish intonation. She rolls her eyes. "Come on, let's go check it out, maybe they are nice." I sigh and follow her as she treks up the rough path. My brother follows us from behind. We walk up to front door and I raise my hand to knock.

Kyuss McDowall

Disaster Learning

A quick glimpse into some of the fantastic learning Helena has been doing about to of NZs disasters. 

Helena also learnt that family members were meant to be on the train but missed it and other family members help during the disaster.

Well done Helena. Thanks for sharing.

The competition continues - Reading Eggspress

Congratulations to the following learners who have gained Bronze Medal of recognition for their hard work.

Danielle (x2), Phoenix, Alli, Kyuss, Ben, Leo, Keith (x2), Nathan (x2)

The competition continues - Mathletics

Congratulations to the folloing learners who have gained themselves certificates in recognition of the hard work they have been doing. 

Silver Certificates
Annabelle, Alli, Kyuss, LJ
Bronze Certificates
Carey-Ann, Leo, Annebelle, Alli, Phoenix, Kyuss, Haylee-Jade, Keith, Zeeshan, Jamie, Danielle, LJ

Upstart magazine opportunity

Thank you to Miss Lee and Mrs Flint for making this opportunity possible for our Kea Whanau Learners. Click the link here to explore the April/May edition of the magazine, read what other children around NZ have written, enter the competitions to win prizes!

So what does your teacher do during this time...

A few of you have been asking what I have been up too during this Raahui. Lots of jobs are getting done around our house, baking, games, a bit of fun, relaxation and work of course! 

Week 10 homework

Thank you to Kyuss for handing in Week 10 homework... a Natural Disaster before 2005

Writing lEGENDS

Hey Room 13 Whanau, I have emailed everyone with a very cool link, login and passwords to a website that I have signed us up for; Writing Legends. This website is designed to encourage writing with Live Writes, Free Writes, and Vocabulary building. I promise, you will love it!

A great example of writing legend inspiration...

Emma is a young American girl who had a big shocking secret. She can move things with her mind! It all started when she was watching a movie,  a scene came on about a girl her age who moved a cup with only her mind. Emma was shocked, she wanted to try it out for herself, so she grabbed a cup and focused hard on it, It didnt quite work but Emma was determined to do it! She went to bed and was going to try it out in the morning. The sun shined through her curtains, she knew it was the morning. She got out a cup and tried her best to focus on it. ''OH MY GOD'', said Emma excitedly. She looked at the cup, moved it in her mind and and the cup flew off the table.  CRASHHHH, went the cup as it flew of the table, it shattered into pieces as it hit the floor. 'Oh no' thought Emma, a lot of things were going through her mind. She grabbed a broom and cleaned her mess but Emma didnt know what to do. "Should i tell anyone''?

Annabelle Beeby

Seems there is a little competition going on in Rm 13


LJ Whuinui - 6 hrs 16 mins

Haylee-Jade McGrath - 5 hrs 2 mins

Kieth Ndemera - 4 hrs 43 mins

Reading Eggspress

Kyuss McDowall - 5.4 hrs

Haylee-Jade McGrath - 2.8 hrs

Alli Godkin and Krishaan Narayan - 2.3 hrs


Who else has had the opportunity to cook or bake for their family? I would love to see your pics and add them here to Diezels. 

Week 8 homework

Check out this awesome piece of homework done by Haylee-Jade of Room 13. Completed via email during this time of Distance Learning 


A reminder 20 minutes of Mathletics and Reading Express alternative evening. The hours of these online learning will be written into homework books when they are handed in each fortnight. 


Our first piece of art is nearly ready for the wall. Inside the glasses show what we may have done while we were at camp overlaid on a basic self potrait outlined with black sharpee and zentangle patterns within our hair. Our t-shirts are created using dye.

Here is the process below... 

Looking at 2020

We are learning to be a hard working role models for our school, striving to be independent learners. We have already been to camp and taken on challenges, been able to get to know our teachers and peers a whole lot better. 

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