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Welcome to room three

Welcome everyone. We have started our online learning journey once again. Please feel free to email me any questions that you have in regards to this: c.senn@pokeno.school.nz

Please click here to find ALL resources for home learning

Home Learning Resources 

More phonics and High Frequency Sheets added- Click here

Other weekly Home learning tasks will be able to be found on our Ruru Whanau Presentation. Please remember that you can take it at your own pace and remember, be kind to yourselves.


I have assigned all of Room 3 Reading Eggs tasks and Reading books through Reading Express (found through reading eggs).  

The Ministry of Education has released some Ready to Read books with the text versions available. There are 22 books available to use. Please click the link below.  Ready To Read Books- With Text and Audio

EPIC Reading

We will be continuing our EPIC journey for reading also. I have been informed that it is still free and ready to use for reading.

Please use this code when logging onto EPIC


Pirate Themed Resources

We have been focusing on Pirates this term. Here are some resources to use at home. 

Pirate Resources

Learning Superstars Term 3

Max and his awesome bugs!

Maxwell made a cool lego creation! Jackson with his cute puppy!

Xavia made an amazing lego creation!

Luca turned 6! How exciting! That cake looks so yummy!!

Violet got some super cool glasses! 

Secret Spy Mission

Click on the link below to find some Spy related resources for you to do at home. 

Spy Resources

Well done Room 3! 

We have read more than 325 books on Epic. Yay!

Learning Superstars

Maxwell being a super secret agent!

Riley has been hard at work being a secret agent and cracking the codes. 

Mason has been having fun completing the Spy challenges and doing some fabulous writing! 

Luca R has been working on his Secret Spy tasks all dressed up as a Spy!

Violet has been working hard on some Mothers Day crafts. What an amazing job Violet!

Colouring Pages 

Sometimes we all need a little break. Here are a selection of colouring pages for you.

Colouring Pages


I have gathered some measurement activities and power points for you to download. 

Click this link- Measurement

Bubble Activity

It is good to talk about our 'Bubbles' at home and who is in them. Here is an activity for this-

Who is in my bubble?- Drawing activity

There are lots of people who we love and appreciate. Here are some cards and posters that we can make for them. 

Thank you and appreciation cards

Themed Packs 

I have put together some themed resources for you to try out if you want something different. :)


Three little pigs- text

Phonics Worksheets 

I have put together some new phonics worksheets. Please click the link below to print some of these off. 

Phonics Printables

Junior Journals

Amazing news! Junior journals has released text versions of their journals online. You can find them below.

Junior Journals

Writing and Handwriting Resources 

I have found some printable writing paper for those students who don't have any books at home. I have also found printable handwriting books to practice at home. Please click the links below.

Writing and Handwriting Resources 

Writing Challenges

Reading Resources

Here are some Reading books from Ready to read. I will add some more as they are released to text version.

Reading Books

Three little pigs- text

Mathematics Resources 

I have put together some Year 1-2 mathematics resources to use at home. Here you will find printouts to use and different activities you can do together. Please click the link below. 

Mathematics Resources

More Learning Superstars!

Luca and Nate have been working hard at home with their learning. Luca has done his bubble activity and Nate has been working on some mathematics equations.

Maxwell has been working hard on his Poetry response. 

Nate and his sister Ava have been working hard on their writing at home. 

Luke made a super cool marble run. He also created this amazing snake/lollipop cake. YUMMMMMMMM! Looks too good to eat. 

Luca made an AMAZING sponge cake. He measured out the ingredients and mixed them together. He went for a walk with his mum to get some cream. He found some leaves, birds and lady bugs. 

Luca spread the cream and some jam onto the sponge and put the top layer on. What a fabulous job he has done!

Mason did some writing with his sequencing board game. How clever!

Jackson R has been working hard on his Profile sheet. I'm sure your Ninja skills are top notch Jackson! 

Calissa has been working on her writing. She has written a story about the Penguins of Madagascar. 

Lost Teeth

Jackson lost his tooth last night and he also gained a baby brother! Congratulations Bowen Family. 

Ruby lost her first tooth! She is super proud of her tooth. I hope the Tooth Fairy has been kind to her. 

Anzac Learning


Please click this link to find some different ideas to do for reading. 

Reading Ideas

Reading Response- The Zoo Vet


If you would like to try out some science experiments at home there are some fun activities to try. Please click the link below. 

Science Resources

NZ Home Learning Channel

The Ministry of Education have provided NZ children with a Home Learning channel airing on channel 2+1 and TVNZ on Demand, as well as Sky channel 502. The programme schedule can be found here- 

Home Learning Channel Information

Amazing Home Learning Superstars

Mason found things around his house and sorted them from heaviest to lightest. He then wrote a story about them. 

What has Miss Senn been up to?

Daisy has been a super helper while I have been working. Lots of snuggles. 


Cat in a bag! Bubo was being a very naughty kitty and jumped in a bag while I was trying to do some work. Cheeky kitty cat. 

I have been hanging out with my dog Daisy and my cat Bubo. Daisy was cheeky and tried to eat my Easter eggs. Naughty Daisy!

Art Ideas

One of our Room 3 superstars has suggested that we share the Art Kids Hub page for our students to use. These are step by step drawing tutorials. Please click the link below. 

Art For Kids Hub

Cosmic Yoga- Mindfulness 

I have found a video from Cosmic Yoga that links with our them On the Farm. If you would like to join in the fun please click the link below. 

On The Farm Cosmic Yoga

Cosmic Kids Yoga Channel

Learning Superstars

We have had some awesome learning going on during this lock down period. Here are some photos of our fabulous learners! If you have any photos to share, please feel free to send them to me via email.

Luca R has been doing memory games!

Calissa has drawn a picture to go with the story Monster's Lunch. 

Calissa is Wonder Woman and can use sonic boom! 

    Luke found a HUGE mushroom on his walk. Ruby is a superhero who shoots out bubbles!

Luke made a fabulous tower! Angel doing some Easter activities. 

Nate has been working hard on his reading and his reading eggs. 

Luke made a Lego maze             Mason made his own lunch!

Violet made a rocket ship!          Mason made a Lego creation.

Mason has made a rain catcher and has been working on his baking with his Nana over Facetime. 

Sean made a marshmallow creation out of skewers and marshmallows.

Luca R has done some wonderful learning around bears. Sean has been reading lots with his brother

Jackson R has been working on his cosmic yoga skills! 

Nate has been practicing his numbers and his reading. 

Ruby has made a Lego creation. Violet has been working on her Maths.

Luca B has been doing some wonderful learning with his family. 

Jackson R has made a Lego creation and leaf art. 

Maxwell has been working on his maths and his art. 

Nate has been busy making his Lego creation.

Sight Words- Magenta-Orange

If you would like to print of your child's sight words please click the link- 

Sight Word Lists- Printable 

Writing Prompts

Click on the link below to for some cool ideas to write about.

Writing Picture Prompts Presentation

Don't forget to use your sound card to sound out your words! 

Mathematics Songs

Click on the link below to sing along with some mathematics songs.

Mathematics Presentation

Online Math games

If you would like to try something a little bit different give these online mathematics games a go. 

Math Playground

Kids Math Games Online

NZ Education- Mathematics

ITC Games Maths

Fun Brain

Online English Games

ITC Games


Fun Brain

BBC Bitesize

PBS Kids Games

Mathematics Worksheets

Ordering Numbers to 20

One more, one less

Superhero Missing Number

Addition to 20

Number Line Subtraction

Exciting Sites To Visit Together

National Geographic Kids- Science

Crayola- Art

Music Games- Music

Encyclopedia of NZ

Play dough

Making play dough is an excellent activity to measure ingredients and to strengthen children's fine motor skills. Here is a basic video on how to make play dough. 

Fabulous Writers in Room 3

During our lockdown I have seen some fabulous work from Room 3 students. Keep up the hard work guys!

Reading Stories Online

Awnie's House

Storyline Online

Reading together books- Magic Keys

Free Children's Stories Online

Fun Brain

Fun Dancing Activities

Room 3's Swimming

We have been having a blast in our school pool. We have been learning how to float on our backs with a pool noodle. 

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