Pokeno School

the pokeno way

Ma Te huruhuru, Ka rere te manu 

- Adorn the bird with feathers so it can fly

MANAAKITANGA - “We are respectful  of ourselves, others and our community”

KOTAHITANGA  -“We work together and celebrate our successes”

AKO - “We are all learners, we are all teachers”

WHAKAWHANAKAE -“We continually develop and grow with our community”


Pokeno School is a PB4L School (PB4L - stands for Positive Behaviour for Learning) and as such as we base our Behaviour Management Practices on our School Values. Our Values have been selected after consultation with our staff, students and local community and are - Manaakitanga, Kotahitanga, Ako and Whakawhanakae. Teachers and staff are teaching the behaviour we want to see students displaying (we do not assume children know how to behave).  Teachers and staff also strive to focus on recognising the positive behaviours over the negative to reinforce what we are wanting to see at Pokeno School.

For more information on PB4L please see the Ministry of Education Webpage - http://pb4l.tki.org.nz/


We currently reward positive behaviour with GOTCHAS.  Each class has a box where children will ‘post’ their gotchas. Classes decide together what reward they are working towards once their box gets full. We also currently do a lucky dip style draw at our school assemblies where one child per class gets called up to get a prize.  


We currently focus on a value every few weeks and have specific lesson plans to teach the skills that align with this value. The current value we focus on is highlighted on our School Newsletter.  Each fortnight at our school assembly, each class recognises one student who has consistently displayed the value focused on in class and in the playground and they are rewarded a certificate and a wristband.

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Perseverance brings success - Ma te pãuaua, ka whai hua