Pokeno School

Who we are?

Year 1 learners

What we're learning?
(in a nutshell)

Jolly Phonics, writing with high frequency words (capital letters, full stop), handwriting (forming our letters correctly and on the line), Mathematics (1-20 and beyond, forward and backwards, groupings to and within 10. Social studies, Science, Physical Education, Maori, Music, Oral and Visual Languages.

How you can help at home?

  • Listen to your child read their book each night
  • Read with them their high frequency words
  • Read to them



In Room 3 we are learning to be risktakers!  We are learning to be brave enough to make mistakes so that we can learn from them. 





We had 3 very brave 5 year olds participate in the Junior Poetry Recital this term.

Aahana, Logan and Sophia.  You did an awesome job!


Tru enjoying Room 3's Reading corner and hand chair

Sophia listening to nursery rhymes and storybooks.

Rylee being a 'shop-keeper' in Room 3's store.

Aahana was getting creative at Room 3's writing desk.

Jacob being creative with the drama/dress up box.

Jake building a tower out of our new blocks!

Renee working hard with her writing.

Dr Jake in the making.

Tony and Aahana working together to build a tower taller than them!

Sophia practicing her number writing and counting.  

Matariki celebrations

Room 3 read several big books on Matariki and we learnt traditional stories and how Maori celebrate this special time of year.

We made Matariki soup and shared it together.

We peeled and cut the carrots, we stirred the soup, we smelt the soup and we drank the soup.  It was yum!  With some children wanting 2 or 3 servings.  The next day we wrote about the soup.

Welcome to term 3 and room 3

Room 3 was very excited about returning in Term 3 and to welcome our newest members of our class Fatimah, Alexis, Oliver, Finn, Luka and Levi.    We're busy settling into new routines and making new friends.

In week 1 we thought really carefully about what apples looked like...

what they smelt like...

what they felt like...

and more importantly what they tasted like.

We had words like crunchy, sweet and wet.

We then had lots to write about.

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