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The Year 7 & 8s stand at the top of the North Island where the two seas meet. 

Then a bit of fun, sand duning. What a thrill this was, speed, wipe outs and fast stops. So much fun!




Tongan and Samoan Dance

A special thanks to the students from Pakuranga Intermediate School who taught us a Samoan and Tongan Dance t to perform at our Noho. 


Careers: Vet

Thank you matt avery: the Care vet centre vet for  inspiring us!

Today Matt Avery: The Care Vet Centre - Farm Vet, came and spoke to use about the pathway to becoming a vet, the pros and cons of the job and how he loves his job. He shared and explained some of the tools he uses for the job, so of the more gruesome parts and the important reason of why to him this is not a job but his passion. He made us laugh and was truly inspiring!

Dances From Around the World

As part of our Social Science and Arts learning we are investigating dances from around the world. Below the Room 10 students show you some of the moves they are learning. 

Can you guess where in the world these dances are from?

Thank you to all the families that supported our Bake Sale by sending in baking with their Year 7 & 8s. 

It was very successful! Thank you Pokeno school and community for supporting us in our fundraising efforts. 

Writing Achievement

Congratulations to Armani Tohaia, for achieving 1st place for the Franklin Writing Competition. Students had to produce a Narrative piece of writing, ensuring they met the strict criteria. It was my pleasure being able to award Armani with her certificate at assembly. 


Here is another sneak peek at our Art for Gala Day. Children have set the criteria for their Art


They are now onto the final product. They have their stories and symbols. 


The tough part is having the focus to ensure our dots follow the shapes of our symbols. We hope you will come and see our Art on Gala Day

welcome to Term 4

Just like that, it's term 4 and the countdown to the end of the year is here. Our focus this term is Te Tatou Ao - Our world. We also have a lot going on this term, fundraising for camp, CAMP, Year 8 lunch, reports, gala day - 24th November, athletics and prizegiving. Make sure you read your newsletter. 

Aboriginal Art

A sneak peak of what we have been up to in preparationg for gala day.

Gala Day

This was just a practice run before we start the real thing ready for judging. 

Year 7 & 8 
Bay of islands camp

Parents of Year 7 & 8s you should have recieved the initial newsletter about Year 7 & 8 camp. I would really appreciate the permission forms in. So we have an idea on which families are keen to help fundraise. This will be an amazing opportunity to visit some historical areas of New Zealand. If your child has not given you the newsletter yet. Please let me know and I can organise another one for you.

Make it Healthier

We read a school journal story recently about Kumera Treats. Students have been talking about making recipes healthier. So using an Airfryer we made delicious Kumera Chips. These smelt so good cooking in our classroom. 


Congratulations to the 8 students who went and represented Pokeno School at the Bluelight Fear Factor Challenge at the Pukekohe Rec Centre. They had a day full of challenges! Special Thanks to Mr J and Miss Lee who made this possible for our students. 


Manaakitanga, Kotahitanga, Ako, Whakawhanake

One of the interesting things about teaching Year 7 & 8s is that you can have real conversations. As part of Room 10s current events learning, there was a question about the strike day.(there are many questions everyday, but this one lead to a beautiful conversation) One of my students asked me if the strike was just about getting more money, as to which I replied no it was not just about more money. (however that would be nice). I explained the teacher shortage, we talked about why there is a teacher shortage, about smaller class size and what that would mean for learners and about having a SENCO in every school. We discussed what the Special Education Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) does in each school. My students then asked me if we have any special needs students in our school. I said to them 'you tell me'. After some thought one of my students said yes I think so. ______ is special needs isn't she. I simply replied yes. Another student then responded with but we don't think of her like that, she is just one of us. Another said part of our Pokeno Whanau. Many of the class nodded their heads in agreement. At that moment it was confirmed to me again how amazing out students are, it also reminded me why I do this job. 


Well done to Room 10 for giving Franklin Netball a go! Congratulations to the A Team who won their division and the perseverence of the B Team was outstanding! 


This term we are learning about Procedural Writing. To help us do this, we read a story called Chewy Bananas, in a School Journal. 


Last term we learnt about how they have dehydrated food in space. So we used a dehyrator to dehydrate bananas, just like the story instructed us to do. 


After a 6 hour wait, we finally got to try our dehyrated bananas and they were Chewy not like the chips you buy at the supermarket. 

This term we are spending some time to learn about Procedure Writing. To give us an understanding of Procdural Writing we tried to make cranes. 

Some were successful and some not so much. We learnt about the instructions given and if they were easy to follow and what made them difficult to follow. 

We are looking forward to writing our own instructions, directions, recipes using what we have learnt. 


We are focusing on New Zealand and some of the problems we face NZ, including nutrition and health. Room 10 is entered into Franklin Netball and Mathex teams will be representing Pokeno at the Franklin competition. Watch this space as we update regularly. 


During Term 3, Room 10 posed questions for inquiry. These questions were based around 'The Moon, The Stars and being an Astronaut'. The students posed their own questions and followed a Science Inquiry model to be able to be specific in answering the question that they had, rather than using loads of information that they had researched. We discussed how to put information in their own words and how to display information appropriately on a Science Board. The results were amazing!!



Our awesome Leaders, leading our whole school for Jump Jam on a Friday morning. 

Great to see our whole school participating on these cold winter mornings. 


Thank you Year 8s for the invitation to Technology. 

I got to enjoy Italian - spaghetti and meatballs. 

It is wonderful to see the results of your hard work. 


Term 2 Electives Coming to an End

After 6 weeks of working with this small group of students, we are coming to an end. Water colour pictures are nearly complete and our sharing assembly is Monday of Week 9. Here is a sneak peak picture of our nearly finished products. 



Congratulations to Riley and Jorja for not only winning a prize but for also having their writing Publishing in the June/July edition of Upstart Magazine


Jorja's published piece of work is on 

My Place Pokeno.
Riley piece of writing is on His Pet Sev. 
Check out their work in the


On Wednesday 13th of June a lady named Cheryl came and shared some of her knowledge about sign language with us. 

Cheryl is deaf and has been doing sign language all her whole life and is on of the best people to learn from. Cheryl taught us many more phrases and signs. 

We really enjoyed Cheryl coming to teach us more sign language so we could be part of NZSL week. It was a great learning experience. 

Jasmine Clark, Room 10

our student teacher - 
mrs meacheam

Room 10 has two Teachers

For weeks 5-8 of this term, Room 10 are lucky enough to have two teachers. Mrs Meacheam has joined us for fours weeks whole she is training to be a teacher. 

start of science inquiry

Science Inquiry

Term 3 sees us delving into Outer Space, posing our own questions for research and investigation. We will be presenting Science Fair Boards that shows what we have been up to. 


Congratulations to all Year 5-8s who have presented their speeches over the last few weeks. Speeches were presented on a range of topics and students were keen to persuade us to their points of view. 

Congratulations to the winners of our School Finals - Jamie Turton - whose speech was on Animal Ownership and Armani Tohaia - whose speec was about Recycling. They will be representing us in the next 2 weeks at the Franklin Speech Competition. 


  • Friday of Odd Weeks (Week 3 - Friday 18th May ,5 - 1st June, 7- 15th June and 9 - 29th June)
  • Wear sturdy/covered shoes
  • Take a hat and water bottle
  • Bus leaves school at 8:30, please be at school before 8:25
  • Take your pencil case, including glue stick

the start of electives

Term 2 'The Arts' electives

I (Miss W) worked with a group of students on a Visual Art elective. We are exploring perspective, learning keys words like parallel lines, vanishing point and depth. Here is a taste of what we achieved yesterday. I am looking forward to seeing these in paint.


This term we are focused on writing persuasive speeches to be presented in class in Week 4. We are developing our understanding of whanau and learning about Planet Earth and Beyond (Space & Matariki). We look forward to sharing our journey with you. 


Buddy Sharing Activity 

We had shared buddy time with our Room 5 buddies. We did paper folding and creation with Room 5

Room 5 shared information with us about ANZAC and together we made ANZAC wreaths. 

postive technology feedback

Technology Feedback

Check out our school Facebook page (link below) to read all the wonderful feedback about the Year 7s & 8s at Technology. 


Buddy Reading with
Room 5

Such a great time to be Leaders and Mentors

To be read to, read with and listen to reading. 


  • Friday of Even Weeks, 9 Feb, 23 Feb, 9 March, 23 March, 6 April
  • Wear sturdy/covered shoes
  • Take a hat and water bottle
  • Bus leaves school at 8:30, please be at school before 8:20
  • Take your pencil case, including glue stick

welcome to Room 10


Miss W - Years 6, 7 & 8


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