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Room whitu, Term 3, 2018


Rippa Rugby at Maramarua School

Years 3-8 went to Maramarua School and played lots of games of Rugby.  Our training with Matua Kelvin payed off with Room 7 showing lots of smart skills on the pitch.  We also had a great day hanging with our friends and other children from other schools.

Did you Ever?
By Mollie

Play Rippa Rugby at Maramarua School?

Hair whacking your face while running fast.
Field once green now turning yuck dark brown.
Arms swinging across your muddy body.
Try it
Feet splashing through water and mud.
Hands ripping rips fast.
Ref blowing his whistle as hard as an angry monkey screaming.
Try it
Try line getting more and more exciting trys.
Rugby ball getting passed and caught by fantastic kids.
Face covered in goopy mud.
Try it!!

Did you Ever?
By Poppy

Play Rippa Rugby at Maramarua School?

Eyes scanning the white ball.
Legs running like lightning.
Whistle blowing from different directions.
Try it!
Green grass blowing like crazy.
Scoring a try while someone is trying to rip.
School cheering for you when you win the round.
Try it!
Having fun playing Rippa Rugby with your friends.
Hair in your face.
Feet getting very very muddy.
Try it!!

Did you ever?
By Brooke

Play Rippa Rugby at Maramarua School?

Hands swinging to rip
People cheering for your team.
Running like you've never before.
Try it!!
Passing the oval ball to your team mate.
Eyes watching the ball.
Mud all over your face
Try it!

Book Week 2018

We had a visit from the fabulous Sharon Holt who performed her Te Reo books to us. Zee Bong the Storyteller introduced us to his stories. We completed a Book Trail and enjoyed all the books on offer at the Book Fair.  Mrs Dawbin came by to read us stories. Our beautiful Grandparents came in to visit, we sat in the sun and ate Morning Tea with them.

One eye Blondie

We dressed as pirates and our favourite book characters

Captain Underpants flew in

Captain Sparrow

Grandparents MOrning Tea

Mrs Dawbin dropped by to read a story

Coming up in Term 4

World Famous in Pokeno
 Gala Day

Keep an eye for the new Gala Day booklet - Out Term 4

Prize Giving    

Cultural Day

Cultural Events including a Family Evening - Keep an eye on the newsletter for details

Term 2, 2018 Highlights

Term 2 has been a busy busy term for Room 7.  We have packed a lot of learning into our 10 weeks.  Here are some of our highlights:


We all got to choose an activity that we wanted to do.  We had lots of choice e.g. dancing, art, Kapa Haka, textiles, card making and crafts.  We all learnt lots of new skills and look forward to doing Electives again.

Sign Language with Harley!

Harley has been teaching Room 7 Sign Language.  We've loved learning this language and teaching our families.  We look forward to more lessons with Harley next term.

Year 3/4 Soccer Tournament

The year 3 and 4 Soccer Tournament in Pukekohe was a fantastic day where all students, no matter what their experience or skill level had a chance to have a go.  They played fair and were excellent sports people.  Our Mixed D team came in 3rd Overall.  An awesome result for kids who have had very little experience in playing Soccer.


We had a visit from Starlab.  We learnt lots of cool things about space and our solar system.  We also got to hold real meteorites. 

Junior School Poetry Recital

We all learnt a poem and recited it to our class.  These boys performed their poem in front of the Junior School and our parents.  They did an awesome job speaking in front of an audience and did Room 7 very proud.


We were lucky enough to get some gymnastics lessons from Franklin Gym Sports.  We learnt how to use the bars, the beam, jumping safely onto mats and over boxes.  

We have a Dr Seuss theme in our room this year, and we just love his inspiring quotes.

Two of our favourites:


Term one, 2018

We have had a fantastic start to 2018.  It has been a busy term, Setting up Learning to Learn.  

We have:

  • Set goals

  • Classroom Treaty

  • What learning looks, sounds and feels like to us

  • Learning about ourselves and each other

  • How we like to learn and how we best learn

  • Pepeha

  • Setting ourselves up for success for the year

  • Self portraits

Portraits inspired by Romero Britto

Term 1 highlights

  • Learning about the amazing artist Romero Britto

  • Doing fast words on Friday has improved our vocabulary

  • Assembly - getting certificates for awesome learning

  • Dr Seuss reading challenge had has all reading in a bath with no water

  • Listening to a Class reporter each day

  • Statistics was a part of our maths program which we enjoyed learning lots about each other and our families

  • Making lots of new friends

  • Getting Duffy books was very exciting

  • Birthday cakes

  • We loved creating found poems

  • Gymnastics

  • Whole school sport

  • Kapa Haka

  • Having Mrs Meacheam in our class, teaching us lots of interesting things

  • Whanau Evening

  • Dr Seuss week - crazy hair day, crazy hat day, moustache day, green eggs and ham day, mismatched socks day

  • Being able to swim in our school pool everyday

  • Completing the Writing Kit which involved writing metaphors about ourselves and sharing information about our community with a school in Christchurch

School Writing Kit

We finally finished


We look part in the School Writing Kit  this term.  We wrote metaphors about ourselves and wrote postcards.

Hurunui College

We swapped our Metaphors and poster with Hurunui College.  They sent us an awesome poster about their school and community.

We’re all different and we all fit together perfectly

Mismatched Sock Day

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