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Room 4 is a Y1-2 class at Pokeno School. Come here to get regular updates on what we get up to at school.

Phonics Video 

Check out our video for term 4, week 6 - we are looking at the 'u' long vowel sound.

Term 4, Week 5: A Bee that fLew to the zoo

Our class independently wrote a story about a bee that flew to the zoo today. We were trying to be very careful and use all the right 'phonemes' in the words we used that had the long 'u' and 'e' sound. Please find our stories below.


The bee went into the zoo to see the animals in the zoo.


A bee flew to the zoo. He wanted to eat ice cream. He gave every animal ice cream. He finished and he let all the animals out of their cages and they made friends. Then it was time to go home and the next day they saw his friends.


A bee that flew to the zoo went and he looked and looked.


Today I am going to write about a bee that flew to the zoo. Do you know why the bee went to the zoo? Because he wanted to talk to the animals. I love the zoo. We went to see the american black panther. 


The bee was my friend and it was raining and I had a camera to take pictures of the lion and in the cage was one lion and one bee and the grass was wet. We went home.


The bee went to the zoo. He saw a bear and he saw a elephant and a gorilla and he saw a crocodile and saw a lion. The end.


The bee went to the zoo to sting people and the people saw lions.


Today I going to write about a bee going to the zoo.


Once upon a time there was a bee that few to the zoo and saw a giraffe.


A bee that flew to the zoo and it went and he found friends and the man took the keys home.


The bee went with my brother.


I went to the zoo with my mum and my dad. It was fun but I jumped the fence.


A bee flew to a zoo to get honey with me.


The bee stung the crocodile but the zoo keeper was seeing it. The zoo keeper caught the bee and put it in jail but the bee made a promise with the zoo keeper so the zoo keeper let the bee out and went home and had honey.


If I was going to the zoo I would feed the animals and feed bees. If I fed the bees I would need a safety helmet, a safety jacket. I would need some safety shoes and safety pants.


Today a bee flew to the zoo. The bee was named Poison. Poison caught the zoo keepers and poisoned the lion and killed six fish and the golden panther. Poison had every flower in the zoo. Poison eats meat from dead people and animals. So Poison ate every dead animal that was dead in the zoo and the dead zoo keepers. 


Today a bee flew to the zoo. It's named Positive Butt Horn. The killers came but the evil bloody bee killed them with all of its positive bloody power and it killed all the golden animals including the golden lion and golden panther. 100000000000 years later it got extinct.


There was a bee at the zoo. It was helping the giraffe get some food. The bee did not string the giraffe. The giraffe is too tall to reach the leaves from the tree. The giraffe was so happy.


Once upon a time there was a boy named James. He went to the zoo and saw a bee that was very very nice. "Hi!" said the bee. "Hi!" said James. Then they became friends. "What are you looking at James?" said the bee. "A lion," says James. "Lions are really awesome!"


A bee flew to the zoo and it made a beehive and it went outside and collected nectar from the flowers. And it stung all of the animals. Then the bee went inside the house and made another beehive. Then the bee went outside and went to the outside beehive.


Today I am going to write about a bee who flew to the African Zoo. He flew to the African zoo because he made honey and when he was at the zoo he saw 4 keys that let all the animals out. Do you know why he took the animals out? Because one of the them had a bee in it. So to make sure there was no more in the cages he unlocked all of them.


I went to the zoo and I saw a bee and it stung the people and it stung the lions and it stung the tiger and it stung the gorilla and the bee went away and the lions hurt themselves and I went home.


I went to the zoo and I saw a giraffe in the zoo. The bee went to the zoo. He was going to the cage. He got a bee mum to play with. The bee was going to the flower to make honey for people and people will like it. You are the best bee.


In the afternoon a bee flew to the zoo and saw everything in the sky and he felt a smell and it felt like a tomato in a pot and someone making tomato soup which felt good so the bee went to the zoo.

When the bee went inside of the zoo with nobody looking at the bee he saw a lot of animals so he explored around the zoo.


Once upon a time there was a bee who lived right beside the zoo. One day he heard a hippopotamus crying. Then he went over to the hippopotamus' cage. He saw the that the hippopotamus hurt its leg. So he went inside the cage and he tried to help the hippopotamus. but the bee sadly stung the hippopotamus. So the hippopotamus started crying again.

Then the zoo keeper heard the hippopotamus crying so he went to the hippopotamus cage. Then he saw the bee that was in the hippopotamus cage. The bee tried to tell the zoo keeper what had happened to the hippopotamus but the zoo keeper couldn't talk bee.

Then the zoo keeper noticed that the hippopotamus had a sore foot. Then he knew that the bee was trying to help the hippopotamus. He then became best friends with the bee. The zoo keeper thanked the bee and the hippopotamus thanked the bee too. All three of them became BFFs (best friends forever).

Then they helped the hippopotamus with his sore paw. The hippopotamus said than you when they helped his foot. The zoo keeper can understand animals because he learned how to. The animals taught him to.

The zoo keeper and the bee and the hippopotamus all went to play a game. The game was called try to find the bee. They made it up themselves! They lived happily ever after.

Term 4, Week 1: Class Shop

Term 4 begins with play! Over the holidays Miss Unger (with the help of whanau's recycling) turned our family corner into a class shop. The children are very interested in money at the moment so it seemed like a natural progression and it looks like they think so too!

Term 4, Week 1: Learning Through Play - Class Shop

Term 3, Week 7: Sharon Holt

This week we had a special visitor come in for book week: Sharon Holt!
She knows the 3 official New Zealand languages: English, Maori and NZ Sign Language. Her and her husband (Alan Holt) put on a hilarious performance for our school. They performed a number of her books and taught us to keep reading.

Term 3, Week 7: Sharon Holt

Term 3, Week 6: How to make a sandwich

Today we started using some of our yummy vegetables from room 4's garden. We all got to make sandwich were the only thing 'compulsory' was trying a bit of the silverbeet.
Lots of us also decided to take some of the beet home to eat with our families!

We had to be patient waiting in line to make our own sandwich. :)

And had our sandwiches outside in the sunshine with our friends.

Week 6: independent writing

We all wrote these stories independently without Miss Unger's help. Some of us even choose to spend our lunchtime finishing off our stories. 


I made a sandwich and my ingredients were lettuce, cheese and silverbeet and ham and it was cool. And the silverbeet is crunchy and tasty and I feel happy.


I made a sandwich with carrot and cheese and ham. It was delicious and sweet and yummy and I had some more of some of the ham and I had a little piece of some carrot and little bit of some cheese and a little bit of some cauliflower. 


To make a sandwich you have to shop the ingredients and then you put the ingredients on the sandwich. Then you put the other slice of bread on top of the ingredients and then you can eat it. And it will taste yummy. It might taste crunchy. The lettuce will taste a bit crunchy and soft cheese is soft.


I make a sandwich with ham, silverbeet, cheese, butter, carrot.
Wash your hands. Don't wash your hands in the toilet, there's poos in there.


How to Make a Sandwich
I made a sandwich with some bread and carrots with cheese and ham and silverbeet. Last ingredient is butter and we used a knife to spread the butter and then we ate it and it was delicious. I liked it because of the ham.


I made a sandwich with carrot and cheese and it was delicious and I loved the sandwich and I want another one and I went on the mat. Then I had a piece of ham and the ham was yum too and I love the ham too - the ham and the sandwich was delicious and good and the was good. The end.


How to make a sandwich: Toast bread and silverbeet and cheese and ham and butter it.


How to make a sandwich: toast it, butter on it, cheese, ham and grate carrot.


How to make a sandwich: taste it, put butter on, put cheese on and ham and silverbeet.


Miss Unger went to the ship and got some food. Not that much food, only the bread and butter. The silverbeet is the healthiest. It was so yummy I wanted to cry so much that I closed my eyes.


How to make a sandwich. You would like it and you would like it.


I made a sandwich and my sandwich and it was so good!


This is how to make a sandwich.
1) You need some bread 2) You need some peas
3) You need some cheese
4) You made the sandwich and I like it because it has cheese and it had peas and it was good.


My sandwich was good. So how to make my yummy sandwich: you get butter, then get cheese. 'Mmmm, tasty. Ham + cheese guys. It's really good and healthy guys!!!' My sandwich was good so I ate it all cause I did really well! And it was cold!!! And when i took a bite it was soft!


How to make a sandwich. You have to get butter and then get bread and then you begin to make your sandwich. First you have to put on the butter and then get ham.


Today I made a sandwich. I made it with ham and cheese and silverbeet. It tasted like ham and cheese. It was yum. You need to shop the ingredients. I like my sandwich. It was so yummy.


How to make a sandwich. You have to get bread, then you have to eat it.


We put in the sandwich cheese and ham and then we get to eat the sandwich. It was yummy and delicious and then they were finished.


How to make a sandwich. Some butter. You need carrot and you like it.


You have to put butter on your sandwich first.


Today in room 4 we made sandwiches. I put silverbeet, carrot, cheese and butter on my sandwich.


When we make a sandwich we need to wash our hands because if you don't wash your hands you would get sick but if you do wash your hands you won't get sick. Don't wash your hands in the pond because you will still die because ponds have poop and mud in it. If you want a sandwich you can make your own sandwich. It will be nice and clean. If you want a sandwich you can get the recipe to put in your sandwich and you can eat it. The first recipe is a knife of butter to spread on your sandwich. The next recipe is a piece of cheese to put on your sandwich. The second recipe is a big piece of ham to put on your bread and the last recipe is a punch of carrot to put on your bread. The last recipe is the top off the bread. So now we have made our recipe now we can eat it. When we have finished our recipe we can wash our hands and go back in the classroom.


I had a sandwich and it was yummy and it had carrot and I had cheese and I had silverbeet and I had butter and I had bread. I liked it and I had some carrot. It was yummy.

Term 3, Week 5: cook island musicians

Cook Island musicians came in today and played us some awesome beats! The choir joined in at some point.
Noah even got the opportunity to join in and dance in front of the whole school!

Term 3, Week 5: Cook Island Musicians


Term 3, Week 5: Learning through play

We could have a little exploration of 'what we wanted to be when we grow up' today during learning through play. Check us out!

Term 3, Week 5: Maxwell Getting a Comb-over from some hairdressers

Term 3, Week 4: Vet Day

A veterinarian and a vet nurse came in today. They told us all about how to look after animals and how to become a vet. We even won some spot prizes!

Animals need shelter, food and love!

You need to go to university to become a vet!

Learning what to do about fleas.

Term 3, Week 3: PET DAY

Originally we were going to have a vet come in, but it seems this Friday has become 'pet day' instead of 'vet day' as our vet could not make it until next week.
Emma brought in her bunny Lopsy and Seren brought in her bunny Bonnie. Miss Unger brought in her axolotl Princess Kowhai.
Lots of us brought in our very own stuffed animals too!

Bonnie was quite curious to see what on earth was going on and who all these people where!
Apparently Bonnie doesn't eat when other people are present so she waited until everyone had left before she had a carrot for morning tea.

Lopsy was a bit shy and very fast! She even managed to escape our porowhita! Emma gave her a snack of celery for morning tea which she gobbled up!
Emma cleans Lopsy's cage every week and feeds her pellets every night, alongside some other vegetables. She treats her very gently.

Princess Kowhai is Miss Unger's pet axolotl. She is 9 years old and lives in a fresh water aquarium. Miss Unger feeds her pellets every 3 days and sometimes gives her bloodworms as a treat. She also changes the water in her tank every week.

Seren and her drawing of Princess Kowhai.

Faith drew lots of axolotls.
Here is the story she wrote today:
I wish I had a axoltol but the one I have is black. I love it. It is so, so, so lovable. It was a girl. Her name is Priscilla.

Toreigh even made a book about the bunnies and axolotl that came to visit room 4!

Cross Country

We had cross country on Thursday. We trained very hard for it these last few weeks!
 Jordayne and Gracie even came in first place!

Term 3, Week 3: Chef Visit

Thursday morning a chef came and visited room 4. He taught us all about what a chef does in the kitchen, what kind of meals he makes and how a restaurant works. We even learnt how to make pancakes!

We learnt how to tell the difference between wet and dry ingredients. 

Combined the wet and dry ingredients separately.

Cracking Eggs

We learnt eggs were a wet ingredient, even though they had a hard shell! We even had a go at cracking them.

Term 3, Week 3: Cracking Eggs

Here are the pancakes we made!
We weren't sure at first about adding lemon to the pancakes but ended up agreeing that they tasted delicious! 
We were left with a great message: don't be afraid to try new food!


Lots of us think being a chef would be a neat job! Check out all of room 4s writing below!


If I was a chef I will make some egg and fruit. And I will make some carrot cake and I will add some apples.


If I was a chef I will work with Riley. We are going to make pancakes.


If I was a chef I would let everybody into my restaurant when it is closed. I would never let Seren cook her own desert herself. I would cook her myself. I live in a restaurant but only if I was a chef I would do that if I was a chef. If I was a chef I could cook everybody their meals so that means nobody can make their meal. Me and Seren are the only ones that live at the restaurant. Me and Seren are the only people that work in the restaurant. If I was a chef I would give little people some toys to make them happy.


If I was a chef I would make lovely food and I will make lovely desert too and I will make chicken breast curry and pancakes and chicken stir fry and at 3 o'clock we close.


If I was a chef I would cook kumara and get the kumara and banana and you would like it.


If I was a chef I would make pancakes.


If I was a chef I would cook good food and I would cook broccoli pudding and cupcakes.


If I was a chef I would make cupcakes with my robot friend who makes icing for the cupcakes and I will make the base and we have 200 chairs for each family and we have drinks.


If I was a chef I will cook pancakes, sandwiches, dinner and desert. I will work with Mila. For desert I will bake cupcakes. After when the restaurant closes I will go home. It has been a busy day. I can have a day off. If the people will not go. I will tell the boss what is no go. The boss will say the restaurant is closed. 


When I'm a parent I would do a restaurant for Pokeno and I would give them meatballs for dinner and I would make pancakes for desert and I would make ice cream and cupcakes for desert too. I would let my friends come in my new restaurant because I wanted people to come to my new restaurant.


If I was a chef I would cook cupcakes.


I had pancakes.


Me and Denith would be chefs.


If I was a chef I will make lots of food and vegetables in New Zealand. I was with Emma and we cooked pancakes and ice cream.


If I was a chef I would open a store with Maxwell and there would be lots of delicious meals and there would also have ice cream with gummy worms and there would be fanta donuts and cola cola donuts and there would be some fish and chips and there would be some burgers and there would be some fanta coca cola and sprite.


If I was a chef I would open a store with Caelan and there would be lots of delicious meals and me and Caelan would have fun in our restaurant. There is a vending machine there and gummy worms and ice cream and ice cream cones. My favourite food at the restaurant is a doughnut. 


If I was a chef I would make cakes and pizzas. I would work with Faith and we would have fun.


If I was a chef I would give people cupcakes, pizza, fudge bars, cakes and ice cream cookies and fudge pizza. So this is how you make fudge pizza: you make the fudge, then you make the cookie,then you chop it up into triangles.


I'm going to write about me being a chef. My shop is going to be a home in the water. When the shop closes we go home and have dinner and have a bath. In the morning I go to work. I set two tables up. When I'm finished setting the table up the store is open. The people go in the store. They will look at the paper and they will order it and I will make it. Do you know what the thing I'm making? It is pancakes!


If I was a chef I would make a hot food like pancakes or like brownies. Some yummy food. It will be yummy food. It would be really yummy food. It would be really yummy pancakes. I will save some yummy food. All of my food at the restaurant and I will cook food for another person and they will like my food. It was fun cooking at my restaurant and it will be really fun.


If I was a chef I would bake for people.


If I was a chef I would cook pancakes in my restaurant.


If I was a chef I would make deserts. The pancakes are delicious and the customers like the pancakes.Then we will close the restaurant. The restaurant is open again. It was fun. When the restaurant was open again the next day.


If I was a chef I would bake cakes and after I would have a break and had meat balls. It made me happy.


If I was a chef I will cook food for people. I will cook pancakes.


If I was a chef I would make cakes for my mum and dad. I like baking because it is fun.


If I was a chef I would cook food for Chelsie when she's hungry. I would let Chelsie in the restuarant even when it's closed and I wouldn't let anyone else in. I would only let Chelsie because if I let anyone else in when it's closed I would have to cook lots and lots of food. My restaurant would be really big and it would have three floors. The three floors would be ginormous. The floors need to be ginormous because they aren't big enough then not much people would be able to fit in my restaurant. When Chelsie comes into my restaurant I would cook everything people might want, something I don't have. I would even cook people's desert. I would cook people's desert too because after people have their other food they might want some yummy desert. I would have lots of people go help me cook. My day off would be on a Saturday. So every Saturday the restaurant won't be open. The restaurant will be closed. But I would stay at the restaurant all morning so Chelsie can come get some food and some desert. Me and Chelsie would be the only people in the restaurant. The restaurant would be very quiet. I would even stay at the restaurant all afternoon. I will stay at the restaurant all afternoon because Chelsie might even want to have some food and some desert in the afternoon too. One Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and Sunday I would be very busy making food and desert for lost of people in the restaurant. Chelsie would even be able to come to the restaurant, even when it is a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Sunday because probably she doesn't just want to have food and desert made on a Saturday. She would even be able to get into the restaurant for free because she is one of my friends. She would even be able to invite her friends into the restaurant for free too. If Chelsie has a restaurant when she's older then if I can come to it I would come to it on a Saturday if some who I work with lets me have a day off on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Sunday then I might go to Chelsie's restaurant on one of those days. But first I would have to tell Chelsie I am coming to her restaurant because if I don't she might be confused. She might be confused because I am meant to be at work. So I will have to tell her about me going to the restaurant.

Seren read her story to her brother's class.

Term 3, Week 3: Trash Collectors

This Tuesday we learnt about trash collectors and why they were important in our community.

We started off by watching the old fashioned sesame street video about garbage and had a think about what all the different things that garbage collectors do and need know to do their job.

Noah gave us a heartfelt speech about what he knew about rubbish collectors and why he wanted to be one. (He was too quick and I wasn't fast enough to get it on camera sadly!)

We then all went on to write about what we would do if we were rubbish collectors.


If I was a rubbish collector I would collect the rubbish. I would go to people's houses and get the rubbish and put it in a rubbish truck.


If I was a rubbish collector I would save the planet by picking up rubbish. If I was a rubbish collector I would need to know how to drive a dump truck. If one of the pieces was too heavy then a person would push a grabby thing so they would not have to pick it up.

We also got the chance to name the different parts of a rubbish collector's uniform.

A great opportunity to use our robot to read the words at the bottom and match them to the corresponding part of the picture.

Term 3, Week 3: Physiotherapist VIsit

This morning we had another visitor come in with her friend 'Boney'. She told us about how she helps people move and walk after they become injured, the names of bones in the body and how our muscles help us move. 

We all had lots of questions about the human body!

We learnt that there are 206 bones in the human body! Wow! That's a lot!

We got to have a feel of some bones and try to figure out where they go in our body. We even got to touch Boney's brain!

Term 3, Week 2: car maker and fire fighter visit

On Friday a person with two jobs came to visit.
One of his jobs was being a volunteer fire fighter. He taught us about his fire fighter gear how it keeps him safe, what number to call in an emergency, what to do when your clothes catch on fire and how to evacuate a building if there's a fire.
His other job was in the car industry. He told us about his passion about cars and why he decided to pursue his career, how cars are made and told us about how he visits China to make sure the cars are safe.

Jordayne got to try on a fire fighter's jacket, boots and helmet! He looked funny with his big jacket and boots.

Term 3, Week 2: Jordayne putting on fire fighter's gear

Fire Safety Videos

Check out our videos about where demonstrate how to:

Term 3, Week 2: Stop Drop and Roll

Term 3, Week 2: Fire Evacuation

Writing: Fire Fighting

Here's Eva's simile for explaining how a fire fighting jacket works:


A book bag is like a fire jacket. It is rubber so if your drink bottle leaks your book will be dry. Because if you don't get your book bag your book will get wet and you can't replace it with a new book and it could rip so get your book bag every day.

We also shown how cars were made in China.

Term 3, Week 2: Caelan's Car Factory

Writing: Car Maker

Here Vincent told about what he would do if he was a car maker and Seren told us about both fire fighting and car making.


I am writing about a car maker. If the robot runs out of battery I would fix it! When we come home I will have dinner and then go to bed.


Today a fire fighter came in to Pokeno School. He talked to us about fire so we know what to do in a fire. He told us about how he goes into a house when there is a fire. He taught us to stop, drop and roll too. Stop drop and roll is something we do in a fire when the smoke alarm goes off. We practiced stop drop and roll too. He even told us that there are sometimes spiders on his jacket because he has to go on the roof to put the fire out! I asked him how we can ring the fire people if our phone got burned in the fire. He said we should use our neighbour's phone. Jordayne got to put on the fire fighter's jacket. The fire jacket was really big. The fire fighter told us that his phone rings every time there is a fire so he has to go to the fire station.
He even told us that he was a car maker. He told us he had to go all the way to China to help make cars. He told us that the cars only take seventeen minutes to make. Everyone thought that it didn't take a long time to be made. He showed us some photos of cars being made. In one of the photos there was a picture of a car being made. When the car was being made it only had metal on it! We saw cars that had just been made and those cars were lots of different colours. I wonder if they painted the car when they finished making it? If they did paint the car when they finished making it they probably didn't paint the ones that were going to be silver because when they were making the cars they already looked quite silvery. He also told us....

Term 3, Week 2: Pokeno Maps

Here are some of our completed maps of Pokeno. What's your favourite place in the community?

Term 3, Week 2: Buddy reading in room 4

We do often do buddy reading in room 4.
We know that we need to show our manaakitanga to our buddy, be kind and sit EK next to each other - that is 'elbow to elbow' and 'knee to knee' so we can see what our buddy is reading.
Check our Video Gallery to see a video of our whole class doing buddy reading.

Term 3, Week 2: Room 4 Buddy Reading

Term 3, Week 2: Hospital

A lot of children had fun this week practicing being doctors and patients during learning through play.
Check out our video of our Hospital in the video gallery!

Term 3, Week 2: Frances, Eva, Koby, Mila, Chelsea, Yash, Gracie, Deni & Seth working at the Hospital

Term 3, Week 2: Police visit

On Monday our local Pokeno police officers came to visit.
They taught us about stranger danger, how they catch speeders, stop baddies from running away, who to call when someone's in trouble and what kinds of tools police officers use in their jobs. 

We learnt about 'Stranger Danger'.

We got recruited by the police and got to try on their uniforms!

Learnt about how the police stop bad guys from running away...

By putting spikes on the road that pop their tires!

We tried to see if we could fit 25 children into one police car!

Afterwards we got to label the important parts of a police officer's uniform.

Write about what we would do if we were police officers...

And many of us spent our time practicing being police officers during 'Learning Through Play'.

Term 3, Week 1: Map of Pokeno

This term the children are learning about the Pokeno and the wider community of Aotearoa New Zealand.
The children had to work together with a buddy to create a labeled map of Pokeno making it detailed enough that Wiggle's cousin (who comes from Wellington) could follow it.

All the children practiced their teamwork and communication skills as they negotiated who would do what tasks and what details were to be added.
What I found especially wonderful was that a lot of children chose to make a map together with someone they normally wouldn't work and play with. So proud of them!
Next week we'll show you our completed maps!

Term 2, week 10: Teddy Bears picnic

On Friday we decided to celebrate the last year of term and bring along our special toys.
In the morning we wrote some stories about our special toys. After morning tea we learnt some songs like The Teddy Bear's Picnic; Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear; and Rock-A-Bye Your Bear. Then we went outside and had a picnic outside under the trees with our special toys. Afterwards we got to read the book 'Old Bear' together and watched the show

TERM 2: Construction

The children in room 4 love the construction corner. No matter if it's the duplo, lego or blocks they just love making creations. See some of them below.

Term 2: Chalk Drawings

This term the children have been busy using chalk to experiment with colour, texture and form. 

Noah drew a rocket ship to match the one he painted earlier that week.
Chelsea wrote out part of her poem she learnt for her poetry performance.

Isaac drawing his pond filled with crocodiles. 
Chelsea, Chelsie and Gracie drawing their toadstool. 
Check out our 'Video Gallery' on the drop down menu for further explanation from the children themselves.

The children decided to experiment with chalk and water. They noticed something in particular happened when they added water to chalk - it turned to paint and then disappeared!

Check out our 'Video Gallery' on the drop down menu for further explanation from the children themselves.

Term 2: Family Corner

Welcome to room 4's restaurant. We have been busy making all sorts of meals.

Term 2: puzzles

The children in room 4 have become very good 'puzzlers'. All the children know that the better you get at puzzles, the better you get at maths.  The following puzzles are between 60 and 100 pieces.
I've been advised to find some 200 piece puzzles for next term. They've become so fast at them they are able to finish a 100 piece puzzle together in 15 minutes - now that's teamwork!

At first we started off with some 60 piece puzzles.

'We did it Miss Unger! Come take a look!'

As they gained confidence, more and more children gave 'puzzling' a go.

The completed 100 piece rain forest puzzle.

The children eventually learned that if they worked together they could accomplish the task much faster.

Here's only part of the 'team' that constructed this 100 piece puzzle of the African plains.

TERM 2, WEEK 6: Kind's Beans

We read the book 'Sally's Beans' together in reading today. We then planted our very own beans.

We planted some dwarf beans into pots and talked about what they needed to grow: sunlight, water and soil.

The next week we were delighted to find out that our bean seeds had turned into seedlings!

term 2, Week 5: Small worlds

Room 4 are curious about the living world. The children often return from lunchtime armed with flowers, rocks, seeds or tiny little insects they have found outside. Therefore I suggested they might want to make a home with what they've collected. The children have created a range of cosy habitats for their faeries/animals using natural materials.

term 2, Week 1: 
A-Tisket, A-tasket

Some children chose to make a basket friday Afternoon. 

homework term 1 week 11

On Friday 6th April we were lucky enough to learn some gymnastics.

Franklin Gymnastics

Franklin gymnastics were kind enough to come visit and teach us some basic techniques such as forward rolls and handstands.
We had to really concentrate and learn to slow down and use our balance.
For our homework this week we are going to practice our forward rolls, handstands, and cartwheels. Watch the video to the right to get a better idea of the progressions involved in learning to do a cartwheel/handstand. Only do what you feel comfortable/safe doing though please! :)

Term 1: Fort Building

Room 4's tamariki have been very busy building all manner of forts during learning through play this term. Fort making supports the urge of enveloping which is an extension of the urge of enclosing. 
Fort building allows for creativity, collaboration with others, planning, problem solving, perseverance and much much more. 

To support the children’s urge of enveloping we really appreciate it when parents bring in blankets, sheets, and boxes, large and small. 

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Perseverance brings success - Ma te pãuaua, ka whai hua