Pokeno School

Room 2

WE are going to be super learners this year!

A little bit about ROOM 2......

Room 2 is one of two Year One classes at Pokeno School this year (the other is Room1).  We have started the year with 6 students but we know we are going to get bigger quickly.  Our teacher is Mrs Houghton.  She is really excited to join us in our learning journey.  We hope you enjoy looking at our page and finding out all the fun things we are learning about in our class.

our recycling creations

We collected lots of items that other people were recycling.  We know that recycling means you use something that is old in a NEW way. We had fun creating with our recycled items.

Eva's awesome creation

Here we are busy creating at our Art Table.

Micah is proud of his dragon.

TOPIC "SUSTAINABILITY" - reduce, reuse, recycle

We are learning about REDUCING & RECYCLING & REUSING this year

We are RECYCLING during DISCOVERY TIME.  Here we are busy at work with Room 1.

I wonder what we will get to create!  We all look very busy as we begin EXPLORING how to recycle things!

Term 1 - Learning to Learn

Room 2 is starting the year by learning about being SUPER learners.  We are going to be talking about what SUPER learners do so we can be super learning HEROES this year.

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