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"Ma Te huruhuru, Ka rere te manu"

- adorn the bird with feathers so it can fly.


LEarning to learn

Learning about learning


We have started our year learning about learning.  We watched this movie about Piper and talked about how he learnt to find food for himself then compared it to our own learning journey.  Click on the image to watch the movie too!  After watching the movie, we talked about what Piper did to learn and how this is the same as us.

Then we created our own little "Learning Journey" flowchart to show how Piper learns and how this is the same for us.  Click on "Read more" below to see what we did!


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here are some snapshots of 'moments in time'

Mothers Day Presents - Term 2, Week 2.

This week we wrote letters to our mothers to tell them why we loved them so much.  The children really used their learning around adding detail to their writing when they wrote them and yes some of them made their teacher cry!

We also made lovely hearts with words for our mothers. Here are some photos of some of them and some extracts from letters.

STEAM - (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts Maths) LEARNING

In Term 2, we are looking at our School Community and any problems we might be able to find a solution to.  We talked about designing a solution to our problem using STEAM learning.

In Week 1, we had an introduction to STEAM by doing a technology challenge with Room 6.  Each team was given 6 sheets of newspaper, some sellotape and one pair of scissors to design a Marble run.  The challenge was to make something a marble could roll down and see how far it would roll.

There was lots of interesting learning that happened during our challenge.  The children had to work together and compromise as they decided on their solution.  Some groups, managed to have time to trial their runs and then were able to modify it before the final run.  Some groups did not and learnt during the final run that without a test run their marble runs might not work.  This was an important part of the learning process.

Overall, it was amazing to see the different solutions and styles of runs the students created.  And the fun they all had was clear to see also.

Team work as they create their run.

Checking to see if it can stand on its own.

Working together and discussing their creation.

The children called this the 'pillow' ramp because it looked like a big pillow the marble could run down.

This run had a special landing space too.

This group discovered their tube was too narrow when the marble got stuck.

Another one of our designs.

This simple design turned out to be one of the best which led to some great discussions.

Week 1, Term 2 - Busy Mathematicians!

We have been very busy this week practicing our Skip counting in 2s.  Click on the photo and you will be taken to one of the youtube clips we have been singing.  We have also had fun working with each other doing Maths games.  Look how busy we were all today!

Week 3, Term 1 - swimming

We swim Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday every week this term.  But this week we had a special instructor - Hene from Swimming New Zealand.  We focused on a perfect glide in the water and adding kicking. Here are some photos.

Week One, Term 1 - getting to know each other

This week, we did a great activity.  We had to throw the string from person to person, saying the person's name we threw the string to.  We had to work as a team and hold the string so we ended up with a big spider web.  It was lots of fun!

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