Pokeno School

Nau mai ki ruma 7

Term 2

Red cross training

The Kea Whanau participated in a First Aid course that is run by Red Cross. Rob taught us how and who to phone in an emergency and what to do if someone is choking. 

Here are a few snippets from our day: 

How to put a patient into a Stable Side position.  

Rob demonstrating how what to do in an emergency. 

What to say on the phone to emergency services. 

Practicing calling emergency services on our the new Iphone 11.  

Dance across the decades

We have been learning a range of dances from different decades. See if you can spot what the dances are... 

Term 1

To start the term off we built marble runs out of materials we found around the class. 

Whaea Honey set challenges that we had to overcome as a team.

Some of the things we found challenging were:

  • The marble was not round
  • We had limited materials
  • We had a time limit
  • We couldn't use hot glue to put it together. 

Things we learnt as a class:

Working together.          Sharing.         Improvising    Problem Solving.     

Team work.          Finishing it.          Persevering.    

Marble runs.

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