Pokeno School


Science in a Van!


Road Safety Show!

Exploring measurement!

We measured the width of our classroom using our bodies using wooden blocks to help us. We had to work together in small groups to collect our information.

Measuring using Kaylee

Measuring using Brooklyn


Measuring using Gareth


Heavier or Lighter?

We are learning to compare objects by weight. We found items around our room and talked about what was heavier and what was lighter. 

"The chalk is light and the pencil sharpener in heavy", says Isaac

"This tray is heavier than the basket", says Logan

"These pompoms are lighter that the book", says Spencer.

We like to read our books to a buddy from Room 3!

We take turns reading our books.


Buudy Class Reading with Room 3!

We listen to each other read books and practice our reading skills. If we get stuck on a tricky word, our buddy can help us. We love to share our stories with Room 3.


We are learning how to show Kotahitanga on the playground


We line up and wait for a turn.

We play on the equipment we can reach.

We go down the slides.

We take care when climbing.

We are careful when we us the ladder.


We listen when someone says stop on the orex.

We are careful when passing people on the ladder bridge.

Making our wands

We made our wands from pipe cleaners. 

Using our wands

We dipped our wands into the bubble mixture. This is where are hands got slimy!

Blowing bubbles

We blew rainbow bubbles! Our wands worked!

Blowing Bubbles...

We are learning how to write recounts. We made bubble wands and blew bubbles. We wrote a recount about our experience.


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