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Welcome to Room 4's blog. Here we will share what your child has been getting up to at school.

Learning through Play
We do a learning through play along side our more formal sessions of learning. There is much to learn through play. 

Weekly videos
These will be updated every week
Letters for week 11: Pp, Nn, Cc

Weekly videos
These will be updated every week.
Letters for week 10: Ll, Tt


homework term 1 week 11

On Friday 6th April we were lucky enough to learn some gymnastics.

Franklin Gymnastics

Franklin gymnastics were kind enough to come visit and teach us some basic techniques such as forward rolls and handstands.
We had to really concentrate and learn to slow down and use our balance.
For our homework this week we are going to practice our forward rolls, handstands, and cartwheels. Watch the video to the right to get a better idea of the progressions involved in learning to do a cartwheel/handstand. Only do what you feel comfortable/safe doing though please! :)

Term 1: Fort Building

Room 4's tamariki have been very busy building all manner of forts during learning through play this term. Fort making supports the urge of enveloping which is an extension of the urge of enclosing. 
Fort building allows for creativity, collaboration with others, planning, problem solving, perseverance and much much more. 

To support the children’s urge of enveloping we really appreciate it when parents bring in blankets, sheets, and boxes, large and small. 

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Perseverance brings success - Ma te pãuaua, ka whai hua