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Room 2 is a Year 1 class and we are SUPER learners! Check out what we have been up to!


We learnt about how some families celebrate Matariki with breakfast.  So this week we are making Reewena bread and a traditional loaf as part of our Matariki Celebration.

On Monday we peeled our potatoes, cooked them and added some flour and sugar  Now we need to leave the mixture to  grow and change.

winter poems

check out some of the amazing poems we wrote below

In winter
I smell marshmellows
I see leaves falling
I feel cold
I love winter

by Rose

In winter
I see dirty mud puddles
My skin feels cold
I smell puddles
I hear rain
I love Winter

by Elle

In winter
I smell fallen leaves
I see the icy slide
I feel snow
I hear rain
I like winter

by Argison

In winter
I see the leaves falling
I feel the wind
I smell dead flowers
I hear the leaves blowing
I love winter

by Brooklyn

In winter
I smell leaves
I see grey sky
I feel green muddy grass
I hear rain on the roof

by Lincoln

In winter
I smell fresh air
I see the slide
I feel my skin getting cold
I hear leaves blowing
I love winter

by Jack

MAy - Mothers' day art.

The children created some FANTASTIC mosaic inspired Hearts for their mothers.  They had to rip the tissue paper and make a pattern then glue it on.  They also wrote a really special card to their Mums telling them why they loved them so much.  Mrs Blakie and the children also did a very cute story and piece of art in a photo frame for our Mummies too.  We hope ALL the mothers who read our page had a fabulous day and felt very loved!

All our Mosaic Hearts - don't they look FAB!

One of our finished Mothers' day presents.

Another finished present for a much loved Mum


We are learning through play in Room 2 this year.  Students get to choose different "Action Stations" to work at when not doing specific learning tasks with Mrs Houghton.  Here is an amazing creation Lucas made - what excellent problem solving and pattern skills!

Learning the Alphabet

In Room 2, we are learning the alphabet and our sounds through singing about them.  Click on the photo to hear our song and sing along!

Jolly Phonics - Week 2-4 Term 1

We have been busy learning our letters and sounds this term.  We already have been learning;  Ss, Aa, Tt, Ii, Pp, Nn, Cc/Kk, Ee and Hh.  Click on the photo to hear the songs we have been learning for each letter

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