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The Super room 2's page

Room 2 is a Year 1 class and we are SUPER learners! Check out what we have been up to!


We are learning through play in Room 2 this year.  Students get to choose different "Action Stations" to work at when not doing specific learning tasks with Mrs Houghton.  Here is an amazing creation Lucas made - what excellent problem solving and pattern skills!

Learning the Alphabet

In Room 2, we are learning the alphabet and our sounds through singing about them.  Click on the photo to hear our song and sing along!

Jolly Phonics - Week 2-4 Term 1

We have been busy learning our letters and sounds this term.  We already have been learning;  Ss, Aa, Tt, Ii, Pp, Nn, Cc/Kk, Ee and Hh.  Click on the photo to hear the songs we have been learning for each letter

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