Pokeno School


Room 1 is a New Entrant class and in this Room, we say that we can do anything, maybe not yet but with lots of trying and doing our best, we will!

We are very busy learning our sounds, numbers and beginning to read and write. Look out for some fabulous stories on this page.



But we are also learning through play.  It is well documented that children need lots of opportunities to play. By playing, children learn to share, how to be kind, they use their imagination, problem solve and become curious about their world.

Tony made toast and wrote a super story about it..

Aahana liked her marshmallow and wrote a story describing what it tasted like.

Look! Alexus can make and read I 


Rylee is using her imagination and creativity to squeeze, roll, cut and mould the dough. Imagination and creativity are a cornerstone in problem solving, self-esteem and self-confidence. 


Look at the boat that Jacob made! Wow, great problem solving, Jacob!

Construction Corner

Logan and Jake had lots of fun building and playing with the Pirate ship.

P for Pancakes

We joined with Room 2 to make lovely pancakes.

Family Corner

This is where the children “try out” being a grown up . They can dress up and pretend to be a mum, dad, cook a meal or go shopping. The play is quite complex as they play with the other children. This area helps the children develop their oral language and many important social skills such as negotiating, sharing, collaborating, turn taking, and more. 


franklin Gym sport comes to pokeno school

On Friday 6th April, two coaches visited our school. Here are some photos of Room 1 children. I was so proud of their 'can do' attitude and they had lots of fun!

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