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Homework: Due 7th April

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Thanks Room 18 Cotswold School

Our Get NZ Writing courier turned up this week and the students of Room 18 at Cotswold school have done a great job with their poster and postcards. We really enjoyed being able to read the metaphors children wrote about themselves. Thanks heaps! We hope you enjoy ours just as much!

Homework: Due 24th March

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During our Learning to Learn unit, the children asked me if food has an affect on our learning. 


Miss W use to be an Energizer so she was able to tell us about GO, GLOW and GROW foods that help our bodies


She was impressed with some of our lunch boxes. We were surprised that potato chips are a treat.

Water Safety Week

This week is water safety week for our room. We have created a wave in our school pool which saw water gush over each end the pool. Children were challenged to float on their backs while the waves went back and forth to feel what it would be like if we were stuck in the ocean. Yesterday was deep diving day where children were challenged to head to the bottom of the pool for many of the activities. We have made a lot of noise and had a lot of fun!

Homework: Due 10th mARCH

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Riddle: What has a face and hands, but no arms and legs?
Answer: ??

We are

Aren't these birds amazing! Each child in Room 8 has their own bird they have designed.

Adorning our

The white feathers behind our birds have our Term one goals on them.


Once we achieve this goals the white feather will change to a coloured feather. 

Look at what has Arrived!

Thanks to School Kit was have been partnered up with Cotswold School in Christchurch, we will be writing postcards to the children in Room 18 and Mrs MacDonald. We are excited to get started. 

Making us Proud

Water confidence and swimming is so important when we live in a country that is  surrounded by water. Last week we were so proud of two of our classmates that made a new learning pathway in their brain. Maycie and Zach took their feet off the bottom of the pool and kicked across the pool with the help of a learning buddy. We are so proud of you. Special thanks to Brody and Jorja for helping Maycie and Zach make that pathway. 

Homework: Due 24th February

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Riddle: Brothers and sisters I have none, but this man's father is my fathers son?
Answer: ??

Welcome to 2017!

Room 8 is coming together nicely. I am busy thinking about the year ahead. 

Many parents ask me how they can help their child at home. Below are some ideas pages of how can support your child's foundation learning at home. 
How to help my child Succeed at school
Encouraging your child to read
Ideas for learning spelling at home

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